The Fundamental Truths

  • You are fundamentally a soul, made from the same source, which has become all-that-is-there. Therefore, you and the Creator and everything that is there in the creation are the same.
  • Your basic state is the eternal bliss and joy of ultra-high-energy-consciousness vibration of the Unmanifested-Absolute. You will live eternally in the form of a non-physical-body or as energy-consciousness-field, made of ultra-subtle energy-consciousness vibration, in the highest dimension with all your dearest ones, and thrive in the freedom of infinite potential.
  • You are in the Soul-Journey and presently engaged in learning your lessons from the circumstances chosen by you–circumstances created by your past and present actions.
  • You are also a part of the bigger script where each individual–known or unknown to you–is helping each other to work out their objectives on planet Earth.
  • But the main reason for your coming to Earth is to participate in the spiritual make-over of the entire creation–the process of evolution.
  • Everything in the universe is on its evolutionary path towards higher energy-consciousness vibration. Planet Earth will provide one of the main hubs for the souls’ evolutionary journeys.
  • And you, as an individual, will have to raise your energy-consciousness vibration to participate in this process of evolution because planet Earth is now being flooded with higher energy-consciousness waves.
  • The flow of higher energy-consciousness vibration will churn out everything on Earth. Everything, which is conducive to spiritual growth, will flourish and anything, which is detrimental to spiritual growth, will collapse.
  • Living in the higher energy-consciousness vibration can begin with the fundamental knowledge that we all are one. Therefore, start seeing with the eyes of love and compassion for one and all.
  • There are no esoteric rules for living in higher energy-consciousness vibration except that all your thoughts, words, and actions must resonate with spiritual living alone. Therefore, to begin with, practice simplicity and humility in all your actions and become patient and silent in all your reactions. And, as you progress in your Soul-Journeys, you will know how to model your spiritual life through your inner-awakening. There is no need for any external help.
  • You are made of energy-consciousness vibration and therefore, you just need to resonate with the higher energy-consciousness vibration that is flooding the Earth right now. All you need to do is to tap the higher energy-consciousness vibration by just being where you are.
  • Practice simple breathing exercises and meditation to resonate with the higher vibrations and let your Higher-Self guide you. We all are suffused in our God-Self and in the moment of your silence, you will be intuitively guided by your Higher-Self.
  • The sound is vibration and exercising with high-resonating sound is very effective to tap the higher energy-consciousness vibration. In this context, meditation with the sound AUM- pronounced as AAOOUUMM- is a very powerful and scientific exercise to tap the higher energy-consciousness vibration.
  • Meditation is your intimate equation with the Infinite. You will have your personal roadmap and experiences in your journey to your eternal home. So do not compare yourself to anybody else regarding your progress or evolution. Each one of you is unique and at the center of the Infinite. So be humble and simple in your outward behavior. Always remember that EGO is the greatest barrier-of-all in your spiritual progress. And, love should be the basis of your guidance to your fellow travelers.
  • Your success in the material world, in terms of status, wealth, name, etc. has got no correlation with your spiritual growth and each one of you is at a different level of spiritual progress. Therefore, your progress in meditation will be at a different pace; remain silent and patient in your journey and have determination and courage to move on.
  • Always remember that devotion to God–in any name or form–is like a magnet that pulls you up from your ego-driven gravity and any form of prayer will strengthen your devotion.

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