Messages from Shiva

Youths are the Prime Creators of the Universe
(These are the most important messages from Shiva Consciousness for the youths)
Everything in the universe is based on the frequency of energy-consciousness vibration: higher the frequency, subtler is the plane of existence and lower the frequency, denser is your existence.
You must understand that you are living in a dense world on planet Earth. And the reason you are living on Earth is that you are in the lower level of evolution. You have misused your past lives and never cared to move up in the ladder of evolution; otherwise, you should have been living in the higher planes now.
Having said this, let me give you a perspective on the importance of youth.
 Youth is the eternal spring of a soul’s existence that is beyond all time and space dimensions.
All the individuals who evolve to the highest level will live as a youth for eternity; there is no decay or aging for your souls. And, you will exist in the ultra-subtle planes of high energy-consciousness vibration of immeasurable natural beauty, joy, and bliss, in absolute harmony with the divine decree of the creation.
As a youth, you are the makers and shakers of history. Your vision of life and mission on Earth will determine the pace of Earth’s evolution or fall.
All the ascended masters and liberated souls like Jesus, Krishna and others retain their youth for eternity as a testimony to the grand vision that I want to share with you.
There is no difference between Jesus, Krishna and you except that you are lost in the wilderness of the material prison; you have not even evolved to become a permanent citizen of the higher dimensions. On the other hand, Jesus, Krishna, other ascended masters and all the liberated souls have evolved to the highest level possible to become one with the Creator. It is from this perspective you have to evaluate yourself!
However, I would like to share my observation about the affairs of today’s youth on planet Earth:
1) You have moved miles away from your true identity: you are divine and an embodiment of the Creator.
2) You have no understanding of the main purpose of your lives.
3) You have totally lost interest in living a spiritual life.
4) You have no correct knowledge about your future after your physical death.
5) You have lost all your traditional family and spiritual values.
6) You are totally drunk in the affairs of mass entertainment and do not realize that movies, TV, Internet, entertainment magazines and popular sports have chained you in the kingdom of the devils.
7) You have taken the relationship between man and woman to such a level of sacrilege that the divinity of man and woman is lost in the playhouse of your partnerships.
8) In the name of earning your livelihood, you have created a career path that is making you more and more materialistic and fanning your desires for mere trinkets in the physical world.
9) You have filled your life with so much noise that you cannot hear the divine voice anymore; there is no peace and tranquility in you to listen to your Higher Self.
10) Because of your false pride and ego, you have caused yourself to be trapped for many lives in the lower dimensions and again in your present incarnation, you are repeating the same cycle.
11) You have allowed the negative forces present on Earth to feed you with all the wrong information about life and afterlife which is holding your evolution to the higher worlds and instead, taking you down the pit.
12) You have forgotten that you are on Earth to work out your past karma and to speed up your spiritual growth to come closer to your eternal lover: the Creator.
Nothing is more important to you than saving yourself from getting stuck in your evolution. But, all most all of you are deeply engrossed in your Earthly material life and therefore, missing the opportunity to evolve into the higher dimensions of extreme natural beauty, joyous and blissful existence.
You are not aware of the fact that the whole creation, including planet Earth, is passing through the cusp of higher energy-consciousness vibration. At this point in time, Earth is being flooded with higher energy-consciousness vibration and therefore, everything that does not correspond with the divine laws will simply cease to exist.
Only those individuals, occupations, and cultures will survive that resonate with the higher vibrations. Do not be shocked to find the ground shifting under your feet because planet Earth is not a place for the evil energies to exist anymore.
It is no time for warning any more. All the negative forces will have to quit planet Earth now!
Understand that, you and God are one. Therefore, you have to carry out your divine responsibilities  with all the focus and determination.

God bless you all !

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