Message 9: There is no peace and tranquility in you to listen to your Higher Self

You have filled your life with so much noise that you cannot hear the divine voice anymore; there is no peace and tranquility in you to listen to your Higher Self.
Q) What is the mystery of the Inner Voice? Who speaks to us?
Shiva) The Inner Voice is your Higher Self communicating with you all the time. This communication takes place without any voice/sound transmission but sent as thought waves from your Higher Self. You will be able to hear the soundless voice distinctly only when you are in absolute peace or able to rise to your higher energy-consciousness field.
 Q) Who is this Higher Self and why does He communicate with us?
 Shiva) The Higher Self is your core identity that is one with the Creator. From your Higher Self, you have individuated into small energy-consciousness bubbles in the Causal dimension, the Astral dimension and the physical dimension in your causal body, astral body, and physical body respectively. From the causal body down to the physical body, is a step-down from the higher energy-consciousness vibration to the lower energy-consciousness vibration.
 All the four layers – Higher Self, Causal Self, Astral Self and Physical Self- are energy-consciousness fields and inter-connected; everything in the creation is a part of the Integrated Wholeness and one with Infinite God.
 Your Higher Self, which is above the Astral and Causal dimensions, is the pure energy-consciousness field that is communicating with you all the time through thought waves. However, you can receive it occasionally and you call this as intuition.
 Your Higher Self communicates with you because He is your guide in your evolution; this evolution is your journey through various dimensions to awaken to your Higher Self.
 Q) Can you elaborate further on the communication mode between our mind and our Higher Self?
 Shiva) The Higher Self is in a state of intuitive awareness without any dimensions of time and distance; there is no past and future; everything is happening now. However, human-mind has to function in the constraints of time and distance which creates a limitation to what it can receive from the highest dimension.
Nevertheless, you do experience the intuitive flashes in your physical lives. These intuitive flashes and premonitions are information that you receive from the higher fields in your distress or your Eureka moments. 
These intuitive modes of communication are normal and regular with those mortal beings who are more tuned to their higher fields; it is about matching your energy-consciousness vibration with the vibration of the higher fields.
 Q) How can we experience the higher dimensions or the higher fields?
 You experience the higher fields every day during your sleep; however, this experience is involuntary. During your sleep, your physical body is at rest. However, your consciousness is active in the astral dimensions, causal dimensions and beyond; you call your experiences as dreams.
 Depending on your quality of sleep, when you touch the higher dimensions, you feel energized and refreshed after you wake up. In your deep sleep, you experience Absolute Nothingness, which is the core nature of Infinite, and feel greatly refreshed. This is the reason why you need to have quality sleep every day; get the bliss and energy from the higher energy-consciousness fields. But, sometimes you may experience the lower astral dimensions in your sleep as nightmares.
 However, you can experience the higher fields voluntarily and permanently when you advance in your meditation or simply by the grace of Infinite.
 Q) So, how do we tune in to the higher fields for better communication and guidance from our Higher Selves?
 Shiva) You can connect with the higher fields in the chambers of your silence and absolute peace. Besides, by practicing proper mediation you can always connect with your Higher Self.
 However, there is too much noise and activities in your lives; you have overstressed your mind. In fact, in urban life, finding peace and noise-free environment is a luxury. In the over-engaged mind, you can never connect with your Higher Self. This is a very unfortunate and dangerous situation for you.
 Q) Why is this dangerous?
 Shiva) With your overactive mind you are perpetually tagged to the lower vibration. Moreover, like a lost ship in the wilderness of the mighty ocean, the over engaged mind is constantly struggling in the mental ocean; never finding peace and tranquility to connect with the higher energy-consciousness field.
 Unless you connect with the higher fields, you cannot evolve in the desired direction; you need a peaceful mind and stress-free life to receive guidance from your Higher Self.
 This is dangerous because, unless you have a stable and peaceful mind, your Higher Self cannot help you much in your spiritual growth. Therefore, you stand alone in your long journey of evolution.
 Q) Can you be more specific on how can we stop the cacophony in our lives?
 Shiva) Cut down your usage of media and mass entertainment. All the talks, debates, news and mass entertainment are filling your mindshare with garbage that will never help you in finding peace and joy. Unless you stabilize your mind, you cannot enter the higher energy-consciousness filed.
You are trapped in the tapestry of your successful and busy life. Come out of it now and save your soul; a great journey to the higher dimension is awaiting you if you care to hear the voice of your silence.
Fill your mind with the names and thoughts of the Divine; eternal joy, bliss, and wisdom are available in the divine chambers of Silence and Peace alone. This will connect you with your Higher Self to help you in your evolution to the higher dimensions.
 Know this for sure that you are trapped in the mind of your creation. Unless you strive to come out of it, you cannot enter your eternal home; until that time, you are going to suffer in the waves of illusion created by mindless information and entertainment.
Like a wise ant, learn to pick the sugar from the dust and stay focused on your divine journey; you will experience your Higher Self to accelerate your evolution to the eternal home.
( Message 9)

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