Message 8: Your career path is increasing your karmic load; this is a very dangerous situation for you.

Q) The present economy and career options are forcing the young minds to enter into professions that are hindering their spiritual growth. How good or bad is this?
Shiva) This is very unfortunate. In sixteen hours of your waking time, neglecting your spiritual growth, you are mainly focused on your material growth and entertainment. You should understand that your main goal in life should be to evolve to the higher dimensions so that you do not fall or remain stuck in your evolution; engaging in a successful career helps you to evolve intellectually and materially but not to the higher dimensions.
Presently, earth is rising in higher energy-consciousness vibration when you can move into the higher evolutionary path by making meditation and spiritual development your main agendas in life. However, your priorities are different!
Q) How are our professions and lifestyle affecting our spiritual growth?
Shiva) All professions, where you can practice the higher values like love, compassion, sacrifice, simplicity, humility, patience, honesty, joy, happiness, so on and so forth, are conducive for your spiritual growth. There are many activities and professions where you can practice these values.
However, your economy is based on market competition and exploitation that fuel greed and material desires; you compromise on your moral values to sustain growth and get entangled in bad karma. Therefore, your professions, lifestyle and material growth do not help you in your spiritual growth at all.
Q) There is a very large gap between the haves and the have-nots. More and more youths are joining the employable age without any gainful employment. Can this large chunk of the have-nots and the underemployed youths find any employment that is meaningful and at the same time spiritually rewarding?
Shiva) Of course! All can find meaningful and spiritually rewarding employment on earth. There are enough resources on earth to find employment for all provided your greedy and selfish leaders understand the true meaning and purpose of life.
Meanwhile, the youths should look for jobs where they can practice selfless service, love, and sacrifice. There are many areas of business activities and professions where you can find employment that do not create bad karma for yourself; you can practice your professions or business activities in tandem with your spiritual growth.
It is also very important to remember that you do not need any prestigious and high salaried jobs; look for the jobs where you can practice the spiritual values. Have patience and silence in your endeavors, maintain simplicity and humility in your life, and above all, keep God at the center of your life and you will find a meaningful and spiritually rewarding employment or profession.
Learn how to ask the right kind of job from your Creator and you will get it; put all your spiritual values on the action and pray that you want the right job for your spiritual evolution.
Q) Can a simple job give us spiritual growth?
Shiva) Your opportunities will come from the smallest things in life if you know how to look at the big picture. When you are focussed on spiritual growth, your position, power, and rank will fall in place to support you. If your agenda is material growth then things will take you in the opposite direction. The choice is yours.
Q) Most of the jobs do not support spiritual growth. How do we grow in this scenario?
Shiva) You should move away from those jobs that require you to sacrifice or compromise your spiritual values. If you desire, you can take some other low paid jobs or switch to different profile altogether. Maintain your professional values and give maximum focus to your spiritual growth.
Q) Technology is pushing the boundaries of the human-machine interface. How should we earn our living and prepare for the worst?
Shiva) Earth is moving into the higher energy-consciousness field and not anything, that does not match with the higher frequency, will be able to survive in the higher field. Let me explain this:
All activities that relate to the material competition, exploitation of nature and consumerist living belong to the old energy-blocks; they are part of the lower energy-consciousness field or vibration.


On the other hand, human activities that involve the traditional family and spiritual values will thrive peacefully; human life will evolve only on the Divine path. This is the nature of the new energy-blocks or higher energy-consciousness vibration.
Therefore, you have to decide what is in your interest; evolving in the higher energy-consciousness field/dimensions or falling in the lower energy-consciousness field/dimensions.
Be warned that the lower energy-consciousness vibration on planet Earth is rising to  higher energy-consciousness vibration and if you have have forsaken the divine path then  be prepared to leave planet Earth for your future evolution.
( Message 8)

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