Message 7: The Divine relationship between man and woman has fallen to the lowest level of sacrilege.

Q) There are many relationships between man and woman: husband and wife, mother and son, father and daughter, brother and sister. Which is the most important relationship and why?

Shiva) The relationship between husband and wife is the most important because this relationship is the basis for creation.

As husband and wife, you procreate new life and civilization continues. You create families with your love and care and your children blossoms into beautiful flowers on Earth. You give knowledge and wisdom and your children become the pillars of your society. You sacrifice and withstand all kinds of pains and your children grow as young adults to move in their lives. The list of parental care, sacrifice, duties, and responsibilities are very long and invaluable.

Therefore, you have to take the relationship between husband and wife with utmost care and responsibility.

Q) Today’s youths have taken this relationship to a different level. They call this a partnership to fulfill their individual needs and desire. How does this relate to the ideal?

Shiva) First, you should understand the fundamentals.

I am Infinite Void; Absolute Nothingness. This Infinite Void is an energy-consciousness field.

It is with the power of this infinite energy-consciousness filed that I project creation as an idea alone and based on this, all the souls who are separated from me experience the creation as a reality. When these separated souls merge with me, they will experience the entire creation as an idea alone.

On this Website, I have already explained the mechanism of the creation: how the various dimensions exist as energy-consciousness fields of different frequencies. Everything in the creation, including your thoughts, intelligence, and ideas, are made of energy-consciousness vibration of different frequencies. 

Do read the details about creation in other sections on this Website. It is from this perspective that you have to understand the creation and relationship of man and woman.

Based on my idea, I have divided into male-female principles. The male-female principles, symbolically represented as “Ardhanareeswarar” (male and female concept of God), is very popular in the Indian scriptures. The eternal attraction between Kali (popularly known as Parvati) and I, hold the romantic and sexual attraction between all males and females in the entire creation.

At the fundamental level, Shiva-Kali is the primordial field that causes attraction between all males and females and you, as an indicated male or female soul, will hold this attraction for the opposite sex as long as you desire.

However, when you evolve to the highest level, you may want to remain as a part of this male-female dualism or you may state outside as a soul without any sex distinction.

In the final analysis, you must understand that love and sex are Divine. Therefore, you must not use marriage or relationship only to satisfy your carnal desires but as a Divine responsibility to procreate beautiful lives and families on Earth. This will be your highest contribution to the creation.

Q) You are saying that sex is Divine. However, are all sexual practices Divine?

Shiva) There is nothing that can exist outside the energy-consciousness field: everything happens by the power of the creator. However, you have to decide what to do with the gift from God. You can use fire to get warmth or you can use it to burn humans alive.

If you are a good observer, you will realize that love and sex happen as a normal process in a human’s life: sexual attractions and love are natural and healthy instincts that start in your life after a certain age. The adults of the family should educate the matter of sex with due care and responsibility. Do not treat the matter with harshness to embarrass or cause mental agony to the growing children.

All citizens should know for sure that Sex and Love are Divine and they should never hesitate to express their true feelings to the opposite sex with due responsibility and honesty.

However, in the case of children and adults, who practiced perversions and unhealthy sexual practices in their previous lives, will find abnormalities in their sexual and romantic desires in their present lives. Moreover, these individuals will continue their unhealthy sexual activities driven by their instincts carried from their past lives.

Q) Today’s youths have taken love and sex very casually. What is the reason for this and how is it going to affect their lives?

Shiva) The absence of God and spirituality in your lives is the basic reason why you have taken love and sex to a shallow level. In any casual relationships, where there is no spiritual and moral foundation, you will have fleeting moments of happiness and pleasure in your romantic and sexual engagements.

Any relationship has to stand on the foundations of strong spiritual values. These values will give you the strengths to face all difficulties and tribulations that are inevitable in all lower dimensions. Moreover, this principle applies the most in your married life. If your spiritual values are weak and your understanding of the purpose of being married is not correct, then you should not be surprised to find your marriage collapsing.

Therefore, be prepared to face pain and miseries if you do not have the Divine purpose in your relationships.

On the other hand, when you are living a highly moral and spiritual life; when you keep God at the center of everything thing, then your understanding and feelings of love touches the Divine scale: you take the role of Divine Father-Mother on Earth. Your relationship moves around the Divine purpose of union between man and woman and you will find bliss and joy in your married life. In such married life, sex and romance will find its natural flow in the rhythm of Divine vibrations.

Q) The entertainment industry has taken the meaning and purpose of love and marriage to the lowest level. Love and sex are distorted to the lowest level to entertain young minds. How is this affecting the youths?

Shiva) Your media constantly projects the lowest qualities of man and woman in the guise of glamour and glitter. Just ask this simple question: do the lifestyle and acts, as projected by the entertainment industry, match with the Divine purpose of creation?

The human mind cannot comprehend the fact that the fallen spirits populate the entertainment industry and they control your lives.

Glamorous, casual and violent image of love and sex has erased the innocence and joy of spiritual relationships; the entertainment industry keeps you glued to a false life while you keep slipping in your hell.

Q) What should be the image of a man and woman and what is the purpose of a married life?

Shiva) The personality of a woman should be such that when a man looks at her, his head should bow in respect. A man should build his character and carry himself in such a manner that when a woman looks at him, she should find peace and dignity in his presence.

Understand that before taking birth on Earth, you have planned everything; you have already selected the person who will become your spiritual partner to become your husband or wife. You will find your lover at the right time as decreed by the Divine plans.

The highly evolved souls are willing to take birth on Earth but unable to do so because there are no good parents and families on Earth who can provide the required platform. The youths must take the responsibilities to inculcate the highest spiritual values so that they can start a family that fulfills its Divine purpose.

Today’s youths must understand that the Divine purpose for the union of man and woman is to create a happy married life for the growth of spiritually evolved souls on Earth. Therefore, you must fulfill that purpose for the propagation of healthy and spiritually developed souls on Earth.

Instead of wasting time in casual relationships, you should focus on your spiritual growth. You should prepare your childhood and youth in developing spiritual values that will become the foundation for your romance, sex, and bliss in your married life.

Q) Finally, what is the secret of having a very fulfilled, blessed and romantic married life?

Shiva) Always remember the operating background of all relationships and romance: the eternal Union of Shiva and Kali. Therefore, all relationships are sacred and divine. You must carry this divinity in your thoughts, words, and deeds to create an eternal romance with your lover and establish a Divine purpose of your married life.

When you practice divinity in your relationships and build a family based on spiritual values to fulfill the divine purpose of married life, then, and only then, you will approach a fulfilled, blessed and romantic married life.

( Message 7)


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