Message 6: You are drunk with mass entertainment that has chained you in the kingdom of the devils.

Q) Why is modern entertainment bad for us?
Shiva) First, the youths need to understand the fundamentals.
Everything is energy-consciousness vibration. When you listen or watch anything that is of lower energy-consciousness vibration, you get trapped in that vibration. Therefore, every time you are entertaining with low-quality programs from TV, movies, music, Internet, mass sports, magazines, and others, you are falling.
Just, keep a simple benchmark for yourself: if you cannot watch or listen to those things with your Heavenly Father, you are falling.
Q) But, there seems to be no harm when we are into gross entertainment; everything seems to be fine and healthy with our lives. How are we falling?
Shiva) You are missing the big picture. What do you think are the reasons for all the natural calamities, diseases, and miseries in your lives?
When you are involved in gross entertainment, you pull down your energy-consciousness vibration. When you lower your energy fields, you allow the negative forces of the lower Astral worlds to feed on your lower energy-consciousness fields.
Therefore, do not be surprised when you attract all kinds of diseases and miseries in your lives. And, when this lower energy-consciousness vibration grows into a massive energy-consciousness field, which is negative, you face many disasters and natural calamities.
Q) Can you be more specific about the mass entertainment programs that are harmful to us?
Shiva) I do not have to be more specific about any particular kind of entertainment. Today’s youths are intelligent and sensible to differentiate between good and bad. However, you may have a benchmark: is the program taking you to God?
All your entertainment programs are bad and taking you down. They are made to excite your gross mind and senses. They fuel your passions for more violence, vulgar sex, and cheap entertainment. They debase your morality and, above all, take you away from your Divine path.
Q) But, surely, the youths need some kind of entertainment for relaxation. Could you please help us on this?
Shiva) Many good movies and songs will lift your spirit: especially the old movies. There are songs and music that help you to find peace and joy. I am sure that in all the cultures and geographies, there are plenty of soothing devotional music, songs, and programs. Seek and you will find them. Just keep the Golden Rule: will you be able to watch and hear them with God?
Q) There is enough technology to take all kinds of entertainment to your rooms: right into your mobile phone. How do we safeguard our youths from watching negative things?
Shiva) You must start with the basics: get spirituality back to your life. Fill every moment of yours with the thoughts of God and God alone; get God-intoxicated. When your mind is filled with pure energy, there will be no place for any invasions from the lower kinds.
Q) Will the youths do this? Temptations are larking from all the sides.
Shiva) They have to! Otherwise, you all are going down the pit.
You are living at a very low level of evolution. There are many higher worlds that you have to cross before you can evolve to your highest level: your Higher Self. However, you have wasted all your past lives in the trinkets of illusions. And, again you are doing the same. You refuse to evolve.
Therefore, in your present lifetime, you need to make up for the loss and misuse of your past lives. Do not falter this time to get back to your proper evolution.
Technologies will come and go: it is a part of world cycles. But do not get lost in technologies to miss the bus again.
Q) Innocent youths are the markets for all kinds of products and services. And, entertainment is an industry in our world. Are the youths not victims of cheap entertainment for the industrialists to fill their coffers?
Shiva) The answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’.
Yes, because the business class and the industrialists are making and selling cheap entertainment programs to earn money. This is an exploitation of the highest kind. The czars of the entertainment industry are devoid of all moral and spiritual values and they do not mind in exploiting the gross desires of the youths. They have found a deep vacuum in the minds of the youths and the entertainment industry is filling it up with garbage of the worst kinds.
No: the youths do not have any higher thoughts and proper visions for their precious lives. This vacuum in the minds of the youths is exploited by the clever ploys of the business class. The Devils have become your role models and you are foolishly sinking yourself into the endless pit; you are falling in your evolution. And you are responsible for your situation because you never cared enough to know your Divine Self.
Q) You have any final message to the youths?
Do not lower your energy-consciousness field by engaging in any gross entertainments. Fill your life with Divine thoughts alone and make God the center of all your thoughts, words and deeds: become God-intoxicated. Once your mind is filled with the Divine thoughts, your minds will not be empty to be engaged by the cheap entertainments.
The youths should know that Creation is so grand and beautiful that it is beyond your comprehension. On this Website, I have already mentioned about the different worlds in the higher dimensions. Words cannot describe life in the higher worlds. However, if you care to evolve to the higher worlds, immeasurable natural beauty, joy, and bliss are waiting for you.
Youths are the prime creators. You should use your resources and energies to help to build your nation on the right path. Mass technology and entertainment have hijacked your intelligence and spiritual lives.
Remain steady in your spiritual growth and use your Divine Self for community building to use the spiritual energies of the fellow youths and help your neighborhood and your nation to evolve spiritually. This and only this will save you and your civilization.
( Message 6)

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