Message 5: To save lives, you must get back to your Family Values and Spiritual Values

Q) Material success and gross pleasure drive the youths of today. They do not understand the importance of family and spiritual values and neither do they practice them. Where are they going?
Shiva) The material desires, driven by gross sense gratification, are ruling the youths. There is a head-on collision between the traditional family values and material success. The youths are going down the pit to suffer extreme difficulties in their lives.
Q) What family and spiritual values are important for the youths?
Shiva) All the traditional family values are important as they are based on the spiritual values. All these values are time-tested and sanctioned by the wise men of the yore. These values are spiritual and help you to develop a healthy family bond to knit a better society for all-round development.
Q) Your guidance on spiritual values are mentioned in other sections on this Website. Therefore, can you be more specific about the important family values?
Shiva) Values are culture and time-specific. However, the perennial family values should transcend time and geographies.
Respect, love, and obedience to your parents and elders should be your backbone. Sacrifice, care, love, and compassion for all the family members should be your limbs. Honesty, ethics, truth, and purity should be your bread and butter. Simplicity and humility should be the two eyes of your family and, above all, love for God should be the center of all your family endeavors.
These values are your family treasures that you need to inculcate in your daily lives and practice them not only with your family members but also with your neighbors and the whole society at large.
In the eyes of God, a family that practices these values contributes more to the country than the highest taxpayers of the land.
Q) These values are mentioned in all the religious texts and scriptures. They are universal and transcend all religions and cultures. However, the present generation has lost these values and do not understand the immensity of the loss. Why is this so?
Shiva) This is because of the pressure of material growth and modern lifestyle. The youths are driven by material success and carnal pleasures alone and they have closed their eyes to the higher realities of life.
Q) What is the cost of sacrificing the family and spiritual values?
Shiva) Traditional family values are based on spiritual values that will help you to evolve spiritually. Unless you practice the good family values, you will not find peace and joy in your family life.
Without the family values, you get deviated from your moral life and get entangled into bad karma. This, in turn, will pull you down in your karmic burden over many lifetimes. The results are the sufferings of the individuals, broken families, corrupt society and finally, the fall of civilization.
Q) Practicing good family values do not account for the country’s growth in terms of wealth or resources creation. Then why do you say that the values-based families are richer than the highest taxpayers in the country?
Shiva) Everything is energy-consciousness vibration. When your family practices the highest spiritual and moral values you cause the energy-consciousness field to rise in vibration. This, in turn, helps the physical Earth to counter the fall in the vibration caused by the corrupt and immoral materialist life of the wealthy and successful people.
You may be a poor or rich person, your contribution is not measured by your bank balance and tax return but by the quality of your family and spiritual life that contributes to the rise in the energy-consciousness vibration of the land.
Let me give a simple example to show how this works:
Family ‘A’ practices the highest family and spiritual values. This family does not have anything or anybody that relates to the success stories of the well-settled families. This family keeps God in the center of all their words, thoughts and deeds. They are very humble and simple and, because their priority is to be with God, they are happy with their minimum basics. With their simple and humble lifestyle, they do not corrupt anything and neither their life lifestyle puts a burden on the resources of the land. They are the light-bearers of God who constantly try to balance the falling vibration of the surrounding energy-consciousness field of the corrupt society.
Family ‘B’ does not practice any good family and spiritual values. All the members of the family are running after material success and live the modern lifestyle in their words, thoughts, and deeds. Beneath their success stories, they are immoral and greedy to the core. They do not understand their relationship with God and worship only material success. They do not have inner peace and try to find temporary happiness in the cacophony of party, movies, mass sports, media and, gross entertainment. Their lifestyle has created a broken home in their well-decorated house. They are the dark energies whose material lifestyle is causing a gigantic fall in the energy-consciousness vibration of the land.
However, please do remember that all the families can be either family A, family B or in between A and B. This has nothing to do with being materially rich or poor. A rich family can be a very spiritually evolved family and a poor family can be a very corrupt family and vice versa.
Richness and poverty have to be measured not in terms of material wealth but in terms of spiritual wealth. Therefore, in the eyes of God, families that are practicing the highest spiritual values are richer than the spiritually poor families.
Q) What should the youths do to practice family values?
Shiva) Youths must follow the family values that are mentioned at the beginning of this article. Some families are supportive of good values and some families will have a lot of resistance.
The youths must discuss the importance of good family values with their parents and other family members. No parents will deny the importance of good values in their families. But, if you do not find any encouragement from your family members then you should walk alone. You set the examples for the others to follow. With your actions, you rise or fall; in your soul journey, you always move alone.
Stay away from bad company; do not smoke or take alcohol and drugs. Stay away from mass entertainment, mass media, and mass sport. Never listen and watch bad music, movies and videos. Do not waste time in the madness of political news and debates. Do not resort to any immoral and corrupt practices in earning your livelihood and never practice any mindless rituals in your life.
Seek God in the sanctum of your heart by prayer and meditation and above all, keep God at the center of all your words, thoughts and deeds; you will never be shaken in your goals.
Remember that you are the prime creators of the universe. You are the energy points that can move the mountains. You have to start the revolution where it matters the most: within you.
You have to save your family by setting examples for the other members to follow. As you save your family from the fall, you will rise as the unsung hero and God will give His grace for your contribution to His creation.
( Message 5)

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