Message 4: You must have the correct knowledge about life beyond physical death

Q) What is life after death?
Shiva) You are a soul and immortal. From the beginning of the creation, you have lived in different dimensions but, as your memory has a limitation, you do not remember anything from your past lives.
You have incarnated on Earth, in the physical dimension, to learn your lessons and evolve to the higher dimensions. Therefore, life after death is nothing but your journey through different dimensions after you leave your physical body.
Q) This means that in our final reality, we are a soul. However, in our mortal life, we do not experience ourselves as a soul; why is this so?
Shiva) When you grow in Self Awareness through mediation, you can experience yourself as a soul. Through advanced meditation techniques, you can leave your physical body and, as a soul, witness your physical reality.
However, when you leave your body after your physical death, you will realize your real identity as a soul. This experience, as a soul, will be short-lived because you will again take another body to continue your journey in different realities.
Q) What are these realities?
Shiva) The entire creation is made of energy-consciousness vibration of different frequencies. In the bandwidth of lower frequency, you have the physical universe. In the higher frequency zone, you have the Astral Universe and in the highest frequency zones, you have the Causal Universe. The different layers of the creation never get mixed up because of the difference in their frequency of vibration.
Now, the individual soul experiences these different dimensions through different bodies in different time zones. When the soul quits the physical dimensions, you leave your physical body: through physical death. Depending on your level of evolution, you may reach a higher level of frequency zones and take birth in the higher dimensions.
Therefore, through a series of multiple lifetimes, you experience different realities of life to evolve higher and finally you become one with your Higher Self who is one with the Creator.
Q) Therefore, there is no real death but only the change of the body. But, why this information is not existing in the mass consciousness?
Shiva) As you evolve from the matter-paradigm and enter the energy-consciousness paradigm, the old energy blocks will fade away. The old energy blocks, represented by the gross mass entertainment, consumerist lifestyle and market economy, are the main barriers of the higher truths entering the mass consciousness.
Therefore, to discover the higher truths, which are there in all the religious texts and scriptures, you need to make individual efforts. However, the old energy blocks have taken the truth out of your lives: you are the victims of the lower energy-consciousness vibration.
Q) Can you further elaborate on how these old energy blocks are working against our evolution?
Shiva) Generally, you associate evolution with the advancement in science and technology. However, development without spiritual knowledge is the main cause of destruction and the present civilization on Earth is in the middle of destruction. This destruction is more from within than outside. You have moved far away from your Higher Self and completely ignorant about life after your physical death: you have destroyed your path and knowledge to your Higher Self.
Technology marvels, consumerist lifestyle and mass entertainment, the trinkets of the old energy blocks, have created the greatest paradox of all times: at your peak of development, you stand next to the abyss of your greatest fall.
Let us take a simple example to see how the old energy blocks are working against your evolution to the higher dimensions.
A 25-year-old youth has completed his education and after much effort is starting his career. He has spent all his formative years in education and in preparing himself for employment. Whatever time he had beside education, he had spent mostly on entertainment: movies, mass sports, TV, gossips, and Internet, music, etc.
Now that he is in a job, he is very hard-pressed to find any personal time for leisure. Most of the free time will be spent in the same manner that he is used to watching movies, TV, the Internet, mass sports, etc.
In time, he will get married and his family life will be an ever-growing struggle between his job and personal life. He will become very busy in life and whatever personal time and space he finds, that will be occupied by the mirage of technological marvels, consumerist lifestyle and gross entertainment: the trinkets of life offered by material success.
This youth, who has now become a fully grown-up person and has lot-of responsibilities, will hardly ever find an interest and devote any time to any spiritual inquiry; leave alone any spiritual practice.
The old energy blocks have destroyed all the opportunities and gifts to make the higher enquirers of life. This youth is on his path to the greatest fall of all times: He will be lost with the old energies in the abyss of the lower energy-consciousness field.
Moreover, this is the fate of more than 90 percent of the Earth’s population.
Q) How does one break free from the old energy blocks and start discovering the higher realities?
Shiva) You know that people are dying and taking birth every moment. Yet, you do not make any inquiry about the mystery of life and death. This is because your life has been hijacked by the old energy blocks: material success, entertainment, physical pleasures, consumerist lifestyle, market competition, and the list goes on.
Entertainment of your senses does not give you any scope to find silence in your life. Moreover, where there is no silence, there is no higher inquiry.
Therefore, I will give you very simple guidelines to find silence and make higher enquirers, to begin with:
Get up early in the morning and after finishing your basic needs sit down for meditation. You must find time for yourself to meditate for 30 minutes, to begin with, and make it to one hour as you advance. After finishing your meditation, start your physical exercise for 30 minutes to one hour.
Depending on your schedule, you may do your physical exercises in the morning or the evening hours; but you must do some form of strenuous exercise every day.
After your morning meditation, you will feel the higher energy-consciousness vibration and carry that vibration throughout the day. Keep the love and bliss of God in all your thoughts, words and deeds. Do not allow any pollution in your higher vibration by any gross entertainment. Have control and patience.
After you finish your studies, finish your kitchen works or come back home from the office, spend time with your family by talking, playing or simply by sitting together and sharing your feelings and thoughts. However, do not watch TV or the Internet.
If you have the opportunity, occasionally, you may watch good family movies that have spiritual qualities or good values. Watch something that strengthens your spiritual journey.
Have your dinner together; fill the home with joy, love, and peace. Now, retire to bed and pray to God like a small child to seek His blessings, love, and courage. Now you may have a very peaceful and joyous sleep.
Remember to make God the center of all your thoughts, words and deeds. Fall in love with God like a mad lover and never allow any failure or defeat to have the slightest crack in your love for God.
Now you are prepared to begin your spiritual journey with the most fundamental queries of all times:
1) Where have I come from?
2) Where am I going after physical death?
3) What is the purpose of my life?
4) What is my relationship with the universe?
5) What is my relationship with the creator?
6) Who am I?
Find time to be alone and make the deeper enquirers as mentioned above. There are good spiritual books in all religions: read them and seek the answers in your silence.
Now you are moving away from the old energy blocks and ready to enter a spiritual living. Your journey has just begun!
Q) The final question: what happens if the youths continue to live their regular life as they are living now?
Shiva) All those who do not walk on the Divine Path will simply cease to exist because planet Earth is now evolving into the higher energy-consciousness vibration; and those, who will live on Earth without any spiritual values, will live a very difficult life.
It is not a warning anymore; you evolve or you fall.
( Message 4)

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