Message 3: To save yourself, live a spiritual life

Q) What is a spiritual life?
Shiva) When you live your life according to the divine laws and principles then it is called a spiritual life. In spiritual life, an individual is aware that he is a soul, working out the karma and duties through a physical body that is temporary and takes all the measures to return to his Higher Self, which is eternal.
Q) Why do we forget our real identity as a soul, which is eternal, and focus all our attention to the physical or Earthly success neglecting our prime goal: to evolve from the physical to the spiritual.
Shiva) That is the power of attachment. In your long journey, which is a succession of many lives in different worlds, you have reinforced this attachment by focusing more and more on the physical and moving further away from your Higher Self. Therefore, you feel more comfortable in the physical and not in the spiritual.
Q) Citizens of earth are very attached to their physical lives and they cannot imagine life beyond the physical. However, why do we need to move beyond the physical?
Shiva) First, you need to know the ‘why’ and then the ‘how’.
There is a multitude of dimensions where many civilizations thrive in different levels of evolution. When you evolve from the physical to the higher dimensions, you live a better life that is beyond your imagination. Therefore, people on Earth must evolve to the higher dimensions that are non-physical.
When you live an intense spiritual life, your attachment to the physical world diminishes and you condition yourself to graduate to the higher dimensions of the non-physical. This is the whole point around which you make your journey called life: evolving from the physical to the non-physical, from the lower dimensions to the higher dimensions, to awaken to your Higher Self, which is eternal.
Through this Website, I am providing all the lessons and guidelines necessary for your spiritual growth: the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of spiritual living on Earth. All those who will follow the instructions sincerely and practice them in their lives will surely evolve to the higher dimensions.
Q) Educated youths are mainly engaged in making a successful career and various media and entertainment heavily influence them. They have a lot of information and skills but misusing them for gross pleasure and temporary happiness. What should the educated youths do to save themselves?
Shiva) First, the youths have to understand that they are living in extreme danger. Let me enlighten you on this:
Presently, planet Earth is evolving to higher energy-consciousness vibration owing to the movement of the cosmic cycles. Earth, along with all the planets and galaxies, is evolving to the higher dimension where everything will vibrate in higher frequency to correspond with the Divine laws and principles. Nothing, that does not match the Divine principles, will simply exist.
Planet Earth will support the growth of a civilization where the population will practice spiritual life and therefore, everything has to be in tune with the Divine laws and principles. Having said this, let me assure you that this phase of evolution is not in the future anymore but you are presently living in it.
Therefore, you are now witnessing all the big changes on Earth to clean up the environment for spiritual life to start in a big way. Anything that does not fit in the higher energy-consciousness vibration will fall apart.
The higher energy-consciousness vibration is changing the way you live on Earth. The old model of life is changing from matter-paradigm to energy-consciousness paradigm and that is why the youths are in great danger.
In the matter-paradigm, physical life is the only reality where man competes with nature and fellow humans for his survival; there is only one life to live to the hilt and human nature is debased to fulfill all his lower desires because the things that match the frequency of your lower energy-consciousness vibration easily control you.
Therefore, as the gross entertainment industries feed on your lower energy-consciousness vibration, you are completely under their control.
However, your life has now gradually moved into the energy-consciousness paradigm where life will be more in tune with the Divine laws and principles. Your civilization will now find more peace and joy in spiritual living because your main goal in life will be to evolve to your Higher Self.
Planet Earth will have massive changes on all fronts to support the growth of energy-consciousness paradigm for your higher spiritual growth. No professions and engagements, that do not support spiritual living, will exist.
Therefore, the youths must be prepared to change themselves for the new paradigm and adopt spiritual life and for those who cannot change themselves should be prepared to face extreme hardships. Be prepared for the changes now!
Q) Why the youths should practice spirituality?
Shiva) First understand the truth: your core reality is the blissful state of energy-consciousness vibration that is eternal and infinite. From this core, you have individuated as souls living in the highest realms of creation that has the highest frequency of energy-consciousness vibration. This is the highest dimension that is ultra subtle and beyond space and time.
As a soul, you exist in this highest dimension in a state of eternal joy and bliss of the highest energy-consciousness vibration. There is no pain, sorrow, decay, aging, death or any difficulties of any kind in this dimension. The only thing that you can experience is extreme bliss, happiness, and joy that you can never experience in the lower dimensions. You literally live as an energy-consciousness field in complete sync with the creator. This sate of your existence is your Higher Self.
From this Higher Self, you have further descended into various layers of existence and experience different realities in different space-time dimensions across the creation.
However, you are never disconnected from your core reality: your Higher Self in the ultra-subtle dimension. Remember that Quantum Physics on Earth has already discovered that the creation is an energy-consciousness field of Unbroken Wholeness: everything in the universe is a part of the same energy-consciousness field and you always remain connected to your Higher Self.
The lowering of the energy-consciousness vibration from the highest frequency to the lowest is the creation of the physical universe. This is INVOLUTION.
Moving up from the lowest to the highest frequency of energy-consciousness vibration is EVOLUTION.
INVOLUTION and EVOLUTION move in cycles in the ascending-descending arc of time.
As an Earth citizen, you have to evolve to the highest level of creation to become one with your Higher Self. Your evolution will take you through various space-time dimensions of the creation and your constant guide in your very long journey will be your Higher Self.
If you are clear of all the bad energies in your Earthly life, your Higher Self will be able to guide you properly to bring you safely back to your eternal home. If you are filled with the lower energies in our Earthly life, you will not be able to hear the call of your Higher Self: this will delay your evolution and entail a very long and difficult journey of evolution.
When you are living a spiritual life, you are not only clearing all your bad energies accumulated from your past lives but also guarding against all the bad energies entering your present life. This will pave the way for a smooth connection with your Higher Self who will guide you in your journey to the eternal home.
Q) You have already talked in detail about how to live a spiritual life in different sections of this Website. However, could you mention the main ideas again?
Shiva) As you have understood that everything is energy-consciousness vibration. Therefore, if your activities are associated with the lower vibrations then you are delaying your evolution. However, if you are associated with the higher vibrations, then you are accelerating your evolution.
In this context, you should work on the following fundamentals:
1) Practice spirituality and not rituals. Any kind of ritual is an application of the lower energies that feed the lower forces. Spirituality, on the other hand, will purify your energy-consciousness field so that you can hear the call of your Higher Self.
2) You must fall in love with God. He is the closest that you can ever think of. God understands only the language of love: make Him your beloved.
You should never have any intermediary or practice any rituals to seek God: You can find God only in your prayer and meditation. When you have a direct communication with God in your heart, you will gradually learn His language of Silence. There is no difference in your Higher Self and God because you and God are one.
3) Spiritual living is a life of Simplicity and Humility. Practice Patience and Silence in your success and failure. Have the courage of a lion to remain steadfast in your spiritual path and shower love in all your interaction with nature and fellow beings.

Compassion, forgiveness, sacrifice, kindness, hardworking, generosity, truth and all the good values are inherent in human nature. Bring them out in your daily practice. Do not feel shy or afraid to practice good values in life. There will be one person who will encourage you but ten people who will discourage you.

Do not be utterly foolish to become a successful person in your graveyard: values and your good deeds are the only jewels that you will carry after your physical death.

4) Your education and studies should liberate you from the old energies: the energies of the matter-paradigm. However, the present education system is there to reinforce the matter-paradigm. There is nothing in your student life that teaches spirituality and this is the most unfortunate thing in your civilization.

Since individually you cannot do anything about your education system, you should make personal endeavors to come out of the matter-paradigm and move to the energy-consciousness paradigm.

Read the priceless scriptures of your tradition; do some searching to find the correct spiritual literature that is available in the markets and libraries. Seek earnestly; have prayer in our heart and you will find the right books to guide you in your spiritual training. Move the mountains to remove all the obstacles to move in your spiritual life.

5) Practice meditation. On this Website, some simple but most effective techniques of mediation are given. However, you may also do your own research and find your way to meditate. Whatever the techniques are, they must be very simple because mediation is a road to reach the No Mind zone. Your real journey in mediation will begin only in the No Mind zone where no techniques will work: only your spiritual endeavors and grace of your High Self will take you through the No Mind zone.

All the youths, both male and female, must practice meditation for one hour on a daily basis: preferably in the early morning hours. Your body is a temple where your soul is temporarily residing. You must know how to take care of it. Males and females of all age groups must keep your body clean and healthy: do vigorous physical exercise every day and eat only homemade healthy foods. Any kind of meat consumption, alcohol, smoking, and drugs will pull down your vibration: be very careful.

6) Stay away from all the bad and vulgar entertainments. Contemporary entertainment from Sports, Internet, Movies, TV, Music and other media is pulling down your energy-consciousness vibration.

From morning until night, you are marketed various entertainments to fill the coffers of the businesspersons. As you enjoy, they mint money. You are just a market for the entertainment industry. Your own lower instincts and desires trap you. Your Higher Self is not with you anymore and you are alone to traverses your physical life. Wake up and change your manner of entertainment and sports. Modern entertainment and heavily commercialized sports are blocking your spiritual growth.

Get relaxation and joy from Mother Nature: She is very beautiful, serene and free of cost. Get your life closer to nature and walk away from mass entertainment: save your soul.

7) Choose a career and profession where you do not have to sacrifice your soul to earn a living. Any profession that is making a profit by causing harm and cheating the innocent citizens is blocking your spiritual growth. Change your profession or job to earn a living by ethical means only and do not allow your soul to suffer owing to your wrong means of livelihood.

8) Love and sex are divine: but the modern youths are engaged in sacrilege to bring a heavy karma upon themselves.

Today’s youth treat everything as a commodity: love, which is eternal, is lost in the game of your relationships. Sex, that is divine, has become an entertainment like a movie show.
Understand the fundamental: The eternal love of Shiva and Kali is the core field that creates the attraction between the opposite sexes in the entire creation. When you treat this divine relationship in your mortal life as a commodity, you will never experience the joy and purity of love between man and woman and will definitely not comprehend its eternal nature.

However, if you practice spirituality, your love life will become beautiful and peaceful as Divine. You will find the grace and strength of your love that will support the creation of the most fundamental basic building block of any civilization: a spiritually awakened family.
In your married life, you will enjoy great success and can withstand all the difficulties together because you are a spiritually awakened husband and wife. 
( Message 3)

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