Message 2: You should know the main purpose of your life

Q) What is the main purpose of our lives?
Shiva) You are born to explore the limitless of your Infinite Self. This is the grand perspective that you need to carry throughout your evolution across a multitude of dimensions. However, when you are at a lower level of evolution, like on Earth, you should try to work out all your bad karma and focus on your spiritual growth. This will help you to evolve to higher dimensions so that you get a better life and opportunities to explore your Infinite Self.
Almost all the Earth citizens are immersed in their material life and do not understand the real nature of the creation. In addition to this, there is a heavy load of bad karma, which is pulling them to the earthy life repeatedly. Therefore, all focus must be on to working out all the bad karma through intense spiritual practices so that they can redeem all the bad karma and evolve to a better place for higher evolution. When you are free from all the karmic bondage, your vision will open for the grand perspective of your Infinite Self.
Q) More than half the world population is living in poverty. How does a person think of spiritual growth when his family is going to sleep empty stomach and surviving on a daily basis?
 Shiva) Poverty is an artificial creation of the global leaders and the corporate. Look up at the sky and see the endless energy that is creating galaxies day in and day out. Then why there is resource crunch on Earth? It is very childish in your space age to discuss poverty on Earth!
However, for the innocent families that are the victims of poverty, I want to solve your problems.
If you are connected to your Higher Self and resolute to evolve spiritually you will always have your basic needs fulfilled.
There will be no poverty for those who love God and carry their duties with all sincerity and honesty.
 You need healthy food, healthy living, proper education and employment for your spiritual growth. Therefore, you will have all that you need to carry out your familial duties and your spiritual growth. However, do not cross the boundary of the need to the greed. Learn to differentiate between needs and wants.
 Follow all the lessons and instructions that are given on this Website for a focused spiritual living and you will have all the resources for your healthy evolution. Remember that you can hear me only when you are humble and simple. Do not wait for the things to happen for you; you have to have the courage to move the things. Now, maintain patience and silence in your growth.
Q) Will this happen overnight?
 Shiva) Let me give you an understanding of the power of Infinite. One cubic centimeter of the empty space has more energy than the atomic energy of the entire physical universe. Scientists call this as the ‘Zero Point Energy’. And everything around you is in the empty space. This empty space is Infinite. Everything that you can think and do is with the power and intelligence of Infinite; all good, bad and ugly are with the power of Infinite. Therefore, if you have faith in God and be sincere in your spiritual growth, you will see things happening in your lives for the better. But for the “when and how”, leave it to Infinite.
 Q) You are saying that if we focus on spiritual growth we will not have to worry about poverty at all!
Shiva) Poverty is a situation created by many forces acting together. Your individual and collective karma, together with the global leaders and corporate, have created this artificial poverty on Earth. For some, it is a lesson and for the others, poverty is a business model.
However, you should know that your spiritual evolution will bring material prosperity on earth and the material prosperity should be used for spiritual growth alone.
Therefore, the more spiritually evolved you are the more abundance you have. This is one of the grand principles of the universe.
 Q) Explain how this principle works.
 Shiva) All the universal principles operate on grand simplicity. However, on Earth, your narrow mind and greed have complicated everything.
 Let us understand how the principle works.
 When you are spiritually evolved, you operate on the principle of caring and sharing. When you have simplicity and humility, you do not consume beyond your needs. When you have love and compassion for the others, you do not hoard but help others, so and so forth. Therefore, you can see that all the values and principles of spiritual growth support the creation of abundance for all so that nobody is deprived of his need for a healthy growth. There is no big science behind this.
 All the civilizations, that are spiritually evolved, grow on this simple principle and therefore, there is no poverty in the higher worlds. However, the materialistic and selfish minds on Earth have complicated and confused everything to create all the problems in your lives.
Q) Give us some information about the higher worlds.
 Shiva) In the higher worlds, made of higher energy-consciousness vibration, the primary goal of the citizens is to master Self Realization and to evolve to the subtle spheres of spirit realms where there are permanent joy and bliss of God. These subtle spheres are vibrating in the light of God with no pain, sorrow, and decay of any kind that you experience in the lower worlds.
The beings of the higher worlds have realized that when they evolve to their Higher Selves they become one with the creator and live an eternal life of bliss and joy that is incomprehensible to the materialistic minds.
 The evolved beings in the Higher Worlds enjoy the abundance of nature and there is no scarcity of any kind in their lives. There is limited need for personal consumption as they are mostly engaged in providing spiritual service to the fellow citizens. There are tremendous joy and peace in their personal lives and in the society as all work together for the greatest good of all.
 Q) Where have the youths of Earth faltered in their spiritual growth?
 Shiva) Today’s youths on Earth have fallen much behind their fellow brothers from evolved civilizations. Let us see the lives of today’s youths on Earth:
 Youths love to spend their time in entertainment that completely blocks any spiritual growth. When you watch any gross entertainment, you lower your energy-consciousness vibration and cannot grow spiritually. Most of the contents in movies, sports, music, TV, Internet, and magazines are very gross and vulgar but you keep on savoring these contents to feed negative energies to your soul all the time so much so that your Higher Self is not connected to you anymore. You have lost your soul in search of gross happiness. What a pity!
Educated youths of today are very career oriented. Wealth, name, status, security and greed have put blinkers on their eyes such that they cannot see how they are going down the rabbit hole: there is no permanent security and happiness in your material success. You have foolishly lost another opportunity to grow spiritually. In pursuit of material success, you have lost your opportunity to evolve spiritually to a much better life in the higher worlds. What a pity!
 Today’s youth love to gorge on unhealthy food. You have also made smoking and drinking as a part of your lifestyle. This is again pulling down your vibration to match the frequency of the devil. What a pity!
 Your two eyes are constantly relishing on sex and violence such that the divinity of love, sex, and marriage is lost in pursuit of instant gratification. Love, which is eternal and divine, is no more your gift. What a pity!
You do not love Jesus, Krishna, Shankaracharya, Gautama, Guru Nanak, Kabir, Vivekananda, Yogananda, and all the ascended masters who have shown you the divine path. But you have made the movie stars, rock stars, sports stars, the corporate czars and the politicians as your role models. They inspire you in their way of extreme materialistic life and wrong living. You do not know who drive them to pull down your energy-consciousness vibration. What a pity!
 You have forgotten your life’s agenda to work out all your bad karma and evolve spiritually so that you can be in the bosom of your eternal lover: your beloved creator. You have forgotten to love God. What a pity!
 The main purpose of your life on Earth is to work out your bad karma through intense spiritual practices and live a Spartan life for the greatest good of all. All the lessons and instructions on this Website should be read with deep insights so that you are not trapped in the physical life. Stay focused to evolve to the higher worlds in your next life. Seek and you will find. I am always there for you. I am Shiva: the eternal one.
( Message 2)

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