Message 13: Only love for God can save you in this crucial time

Only love for God can save you in this crucial time; become one with God in your thoughts, words, and actions.
I am Shiva; speaking to the people on planet earth.
This is the most crucial time in your life. You have waited for too long to come to this moment. For eons you have searched for truth and the truth is now with you: Science and spirituality have come very close to realize that we all are one in the single energy-consciousness field of God.
My message to you is that now you should not miss the opportunity of accelerated evolution. Planet earth is ascending to higher energy-consciousness vibration and you should tune with this higher energy-consciousness vibration for you fast evolution to the higher dimensions. Do not miss this rare opportunity.
I am aware of the difficult times that you are facing. There are too many distractions, like never before, to keep you away from your Divine Self. Too many entertainment platforms and activities to keep you perpetually engaged in the lower and carnal vibrations. You are literally in the trap of the lower energies. Therefore, you must move the mountains to come out of this trap.
Keep yourself impervious to all the wrong vibrations that are coming from the mass entertainment and other gross activities. These gross activities, that are feeding your carnal senses, are only keeping you insulted from your Divine Self. These vibrations are stopping your evolutions and you are literally falling down the bottomless pit of lower energy-consciousness dimensions.
However, the positive aspect is the coming of the Divine energies and information from various sources that are now easily available to you. You have tremendous access to information from your Internet, TV, books, and magazines. Source the Divine knowledge from these media; seek the Divine earnestly and you will find them in abundance now. This is the greatest gift to humankind in your modern times.
No time in your recorded history on earth, such abundant Divine wisdom was available as they are now. Use this opportunity to study the direct information from the higher dimensions. Messages given to humankind by the ascended masters and saints are Divine opportunities. This is Divine grace for you. Are you accepting the grace? If you do not then it is the biggest mistake that you can commit to yourself.
Religious institutions are spreading misinformation and hatred because these institutions are managed by the misguided souls. However, the direct knowledge from the ascended masters are the rare treasures that will save your life from the eons of miseries and tribulations. Seek the treasures that are now easily available to you. Do not falter in your last days.
There is a caveat for you. Too many garbage have filled your media and Internet. You must be very cautious to discern the grain from the sand. Leave the information trivia and focus only on the messages from the Divine. Seek and you will get.
Meanwhile, make your heart the filter of God. Keep God at the center of your heart and allow only those thoughts, words and actions to pass that are not against the Divine. In all your waking hours, keep God at the center of all your thoughts, words and actions. This way, your filter of God will become so strong that you can easily discern between the Gold and the garbage; between the Divine and the trash.
I am speaking to you from my highest abode; the abode of pure energy-consciousness vibration that is holding and destroying the creation. This state is not of any place in the universe; this is an eternal state of pure bliss without any time and distance. All the liberated souls have merged in this pure vibration and in the distant future, all the souls, including you, will become one with this pure energy-consciousness vibration to become one with God.
Understand that you are have been trapped in a world of illusion created by matter and mind which is reinforced by your carnal actives and thoughts to make your reality. There is no way you can come of this illusion with your scientific tools or knowledge. The only way to overcome this illusion is through a spiritual path alone. Most importantly, liberation from the illusion will not happen on a mass scale but will happen to only those who are dedicated to their spiritual growth alone.
Therefore, do not move with the mass consciousness that is strengthening the illusion. Stay away from the crowd and walk on your individual path alone. Fall in love with God; do your spiritual studies; practice spiritual values and meditation on a daily basis to become a perfect householder yogi. Seek the Divine and the light will shine within you. Seek inside and not in the outer world.
Every single cell in the creation is by the power of my energy-consciousness vibration. No matter where you are, or who you are, seek me in your silence and peace and you will receive my guidance. No amount of rituals and religious practices can find me but only your humble prayer, spiritual values, and deep meditation can seek me in the inner chambers of your soul- because you and I are one.
Remember what I have said: seek me only inside through spiritual values and meditation alone. I will guide you in my own way. Have patience and silence. Remain humble and simple. Have courage and love to become one with me. You will find God in yourself.
( Message 13)

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