Message 12: You have forgotten your purpose on earth

You have forgotten that you are on the earth to work out your past karma and to speed up your spiritual growth.
You have forgotten that you are on Earth to work out your past karma and to speed up your spiritual growth to come closer to your eternal lover: the creator.
Q) What is the main purpose of taking birth on earth?
Shiva) The main purpose of your birth on earth is to work out your past karma; the unfinished lessons from your past lives. The very fact that you are born on earth means that you have many things to learn before you can permanently move to the higher dimensions.
Q) At present, we have a population of more than seven billion people on earth. Are we all going to miss our life in the higher dimensions?
Shiva) Seven billion is very insignificant in comparison to the number of souls in the whole creation. At your present state of spiritual development, most of you should think why you are not evolving to the higher dimensions. Are your lifestyles and agendas resonating with the divine vibrations?
Q) After we leave our physical life, where will we go?
Shiva) You will go to the Astral dimensions of different frequencies; who are spiritually evolved, will go to the higher dimensions and those who are not spiritually evolved will move to the lower dimensions.
The Astral dimensions are non-physical and your awareness of life will increase significantly after you leave your physical body. Therefore, many of you will undergo severe frustration for not being able to move to the higher dimensions.
Q) Why will we regret if we do not make it to the higher dimensions?
Shiva) You will regret because you are going to miss the immense joy and bliss of the higher dimensions. In addition, the natural beauty and life of the higher dimensions are indescribably beautiful.
Everything in the higher dimensions is in tune with the divine vibrations. Therefore, all the pains and miseries that you experience on earth and in the lower Astral dimensions are nonexistent in the higher Astral dimensions.
Q) What is there beyond the higher Astral dimensions?
Shiva) The higher dimensions have many beautiful realms of existence and one of the higher planes has the heaven, which is the abode of the evolved beings. However, creation is much beyond the Astral dimensions and the heaven; after you complete your evolution in the higher dimensions, you will move to the highest dimensions of the Causal planes.
Q) What is life on the Causal plane?
Shiva) It is impossible for the people on earth to understand the Causal plane because it is an ultra-subtle dimension of the highest energy-consciousness vibration; life exists as an energy-consciousness filed of endless bliss and joy. This is the highest state of your evolution before you merge to your Infinite Self; your journey is now complete, as you have become one with God.
Q) We are so involved in our earthly life that we do not bother to know the higher truths and, therefore, do not work for our spiritual growth. Is the main reason why we are not bothered to know the higher meanings of life?
Shiva) You are ignorant of the higher truths because you are too engrossed with your physical self and your past karma have tied you down to your limited understanding of life. In all your past lives you did not care to grow spiritually and got entangled in the lower dimensions; you are repeating the same habit again.
Q) Are we born on earth to relive our past physical experience or to learn and evolve?
Shiva) Both; to relive your physical experience to redeem from our past karma as well as to grow spiritually to evolve to the higher dimensions.
Q) Which of the two are important: the redemption of the karma or the spiritual growth?
Shiva) Both of them are equally important.
You cannot evolve without redeeming all your bad karma because your karmic load will pull you down to the places wherever you have planted your seeds. This is the reason why most of you will come back to the earth repeatedly from the Astral worlds.
In addition, you need to evolve spiritually to get rid of your karmic loads and to orient your focus to evolve to the higher dimensions. Unless you evolve spiritually, you cannot permanently move to the higher dimensions.
Q) Finally, what is the message for the youths?
Shiva) I am aware of your problems and opportunities.
Your scientific developments and technologies have given you the opportunities to understand life like never before. However, you are misusing this opportunity by wasting time in gross entertainment and material growth alone; you are not focused on the higher goals in life.
This school gives you all the necessary information and guidelines for your spiritual growth. Now, move the mountains by your faith and courage to work on your duties and responsibilities towards your families and nations.
Have humility and simplicity in all your achievements; patience and silence in your endeavors. Most importantly have the courage of a lion to conquer your weakness and love of the mother to express your divinity for all. Live a spiritual life and make God the center of all your words, thoughts and deeds.
I am your courage and wisdom. In all your difficulties and success, remember me. I will guide you in my own way.
( Message 12)

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