Message 11: The negative forces on earth are stopping your evolution to the higher dimensions

The negative forces on Earth are feeding you with the wrong information about life and stopping your evolution to the higher dimensions.
Q) Why there are negative forces on Earth?
Shiva) Planet Earth is moving through the ascending arc of evolution and she is carrying many active negative forces from her lower stages of evolution; the Dark Age.
When Earth ascends to her highest level of energy-consciousness vibration, she will be free from all the negative forces. This will take time because Earth has only reached the lower-mid level of her evolution and she will take many thousands of years to reach the Golden Age; the age of Godliness.
Q) What are the negative forces and why do they exist?
Shiva) Creation moves in cycles of ascending and descending arc of evolution. At the highest level of evolution, there is the full realization of oneness with the creator, and at the lowest level of evolution, there is absolute ignorance and separation from the creator.
Life at the lowest level of evolution, when there is complete ignorance of divinity, is under the absolute influence of those forces that thrive in lower energy-consciousness vibration. These forces are part of the creation that sustains life in the lower energy-consciousness vibration; they have their roles to play and are part of the grand designs of creation.
Q) Do you mean to say that the negative forces exist for a purpose and they have your blessings?
Shiva) The entire creation exists as the energy-consciousness vibration of Infinite. The negative forces and the positive forces exist with the purpose to sustain the cycles of ascending and descending arc of evolution; both the negative and the divine energies belong to God. Therefore, in the final analysis, the evil exists to play their roles in the creation and they have the blessings of the creator.
Q) Many forces present on Earth that are hindering our evolution. How do we avoid them from our lives and completely banish them from Earth?
Shiva) You cannot banish all the negative forces at this level of Earth’s energy-consciousness vibration. However, all the determined individuals can get rid of all the negative forces from their lives and evolve to the higher dimensions. This requires intense devotion to God and living a focused spiritual life. In addition, to accelerate your evolution, one should practice proper meditation on a daily basis.
Q) Is there any particular force that is creating the main hurdle in our evolution?
Shiva) There are many forces that are causing the hindrance to your evolution. However, one major drawback is the ignorance and misinformation about the five fundamental questions about your life. All cultures and traditions in all the geographies must allow their citizens to go deep into the fundamental questions about life:
a) Where have I come from?
b) Where am I going after my physical death?
c) What is the purpose of my life?
d) What is my connection with the universe?
e) What is my relationship with God?
Q) These fundamental questions are already there in all the religious practices of our world. Then why revive them now?
Shiva) These fundamental questions are not dealt with correctly in your religious practices; this is the main reason for all the major problems on Earth. Most of the mainstream religious practices on Earth are rigid ideas and rituals that operate from egos and ignorance. These practices control and misguide you and most of them feed the negative forces.
However, many God-realized individuals have walked on Earth to enlighten people on these five questions correctly and their correct information has not found into your mass consciousness. This has happened because you are still evolving and are completely under the influence of misinformation and disinformation from the powers that control you from the darkness.
Remember that all the forces, good and bad, will play their roles according to their nature and existence in the timeline of your evolution.
The negative forces on Earth are using the mass entertainment and media to put a very strong hurdle in your spiritual growth; day in and day out you are feeding yourself with gross entertainment to suppress your divinity.
Therefore, as an individual, use your intelligence and wisdom to walk the path of the divine and accelerate your evolution to the higher dimensions. Like a wise ant, take the sugar and leave the garbage in your life behind.
It is high time that you save your life now.
Q) What is your message for the youths?
Shiva) The dialogues are meant for all the Earth citizens, particularly for the youths. Youths are killing their souls under the influence of gross entertainment from the films, TV, music, Internet, newspapers, magazines and mass sports. You are feeding your prime age every day with idle entertainment that does not help you in the development of your intellect, academics, health, emotions and definitely not your spiritual growth.
Youths on Earth must walk the spiritual path. Read all my lessons and messages carefully.
You will falter but you should not give up your spiritual path. I am your strength and determination in all your spiritual endeavors. Seek my name and you will find the strength to abstain from your gross entertainment. Now practice an intense spiritual living based on the guidance given on this Website.
Do not give up! With faith and courage, you can move the mountains!
( Message 11)

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