Message 10: You have trapped yourself in the lower dimensions

You have trapped yourself for many lives in the lower dimensions and again in your present incarnation, you are repeating the same cycle.
Q) Why are we born on Earth?
Shiva) Creation is a Grand Idea of Infinite. Within this Idea, life exists from the highest to the lowest frequency of energy-consciousness vibration causing different dimensions. All the dimensions, along with all the life forms, are part of the energy-consciousness field of God. Therefore, all are one with God.
Planet Earth, which is in the lower dimension, is a small place where souls take birth to undergo lessons to evolve to the higher dimensions. After your physical death, you will continue to evolve in the higher dimensions, but you will come back to Earth or some other planets to work out your unfinished lessons; until your lessons are complete, the souls cannot move to the higher dimensions permanently. Therefore, you are born on Earth to complete your lessons for your permanent citizenship in the higher dimensions.
Q) Was planet Earth always in the lower dimension?
Shiva) The creation, along with all the galaxies and planetary systems, are in the cyclical movement around the center of my consciousness which gives to the rise and fall of your evolution.
Planet Earth, along with all the planets of all the galaxies, is moving like elliptical wheels around the center of my consciousness. As the galaxies come closer to the center of my consciousness, they receive the highest energy-consciousness vibration, and therefore, life rise to the highest level of evolution. As the galaxies move away from the center of my consciousness, they fall in their energy-consciousness vibration, and therefore, life falls to the lowest level of evolution.
Planet Earth has evolved to the highest level and fallen to the lowest level through many cycles of evolution. Now, Earth is approaching the lower-mid level of evolution. To reach the Golden Age, you need to experience many thousands of years of natural evolution.
Q) Until Earth reaches the highest level of evolution, do we need to suffer?
Shiva) Of course not! Earth’s evolution to the Golden Age is cyclic and time-bound. However, individuals can always accelerate their evolution by practicing spiritual values and practicing proper meditation on a regular basis.
Q) Most of the Earth’s beings are not aware of the process of evolution. It seems science and technology is taking us to the wrong side of evolution. How do we evolve in the right direction?
Shiva) We can have a lot of discussions on this issue. However, I will keep this short and simple.
You cannot evolve in the right direction without understanding the fundamentals; in the sands of time, the fundamentals are lost. Only the leftovers are found here and there.
In this Website, I have given all the information in detail. Therefore, you must have understood by now that your evolution means moving up in your energy-consciousness vibration; your evolution will give you permanent entry in the spirit world in the highest dimension.
Life in the higher dimensions is youthful and unsurpassable in terms of natural beauty, joy, and bliss. When you evolve at the highest level, you merge with the Creator and become one with Him. Life with God is beyond human comprehension: you live eternally beyond time and space dimensions as energy-consciousness fields of insurmountable bliss, joy, and love.
However, present civilization on Earth is obsessed with growth and development by keeping the fundamentals out: you want to solve all the problems with a very limited understanding of life and its evolution. Therefore, you are not evolving in the right direction.
To solve the pressing problems on Earth, you need more love and compassion, more caring and sharing, more humility, and simplicity, more gratitude, and sacrifice, more patience and silence. In other words, you need to focus more on your spiritual growth at the individual level and at the national level to solve all your problems.
Q) This brings us to the main question; why we are not taking spiritual growth as our main tool to solve our problems?
Shiva) There are many reasons for this; however, the primary reason is your unfaltering ego. No divine words and grace can reach the mind that is very drunk in material pursuit and ego gratification alone.
A divine mind talks in the language of simplicity and humility. However, the intelligent mind talks in the language of science and math alone. A divine mind talks about love and compassion but the modern man talks about business and profit. A divine mind lives in patience and silence but the successful man wants a lot of sound and noise. A divine mind wants to live with caring and sharing his resources but the selfish mind wants more security safety for him alone. Where is the place for the divine mind in your modern age?
How do you solve your problems when you are so egoistic to forget your real identity as the son of God and believe that you do not need His help, mercy, and love?
In the final analysis, in all your past lives you did not evolve spiritually; but have allowed your ego to dominate your evolution. This has taken you through your ups and down in lower level of evolution. This has created an oversized ego to eclipse your identity as an embodiment of spirit; which is your real identity.
Q) Do we have a solution now to solve our personal and national problems?
Shiva) Put spiritual life at the center of your evolution; everything will fall into place. Always remember that spirit manifest as matter and not the other way round. If you evolve spiritually, most of your material problems will dissolve. Nevertheless, if you want to grow without your spiritual development, then be prepared for the worst.
This is a warning as well as advice for the youths: Immediately stop your entire craze for casual information and mass entertainment. This is a trap by the lower forces to chain you in the lower vibrations; your lower energy-consciousness vibration is feeding the Devil.
Stay focused on your spiritual growth. Take care of your family with love, care, and sacrifice. Choose a profession where you can stay away from the lower vibrations and negative forces. Earn your living only with honesty and compassion.
Above all, you should not waste another life by squandering on mindless trifles and trinkets. Your priorities should be in maximizing your efforts in spiritual development to redeem all your bad karma and evolve to the higher dimensions.
( message 10)

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