Message 1: You are Divine and an embodiment of the Creator

Q) Today’s youth are taking life as an opportunity for sense gratification. The carnal mind is only looking for pleasure and material success alone. Why have they forgotten their Divine Self?
Shiva) Of course, this is because of their karma and the domination of the lower forces on Earth.
It always starts with the fundamentals: You reap what you sow. The very fact that you are born on Earth and running after material success is because of your unfinished lessons in your past lives. If you had invested in spiritual growth in your previous lives, you should have been born with negligible or benign material desires.
And, most importantly, the present situation on Earth is totally against spiritual development. Your young mind is vulnerable to many temptations and wrong ideas and you are bombarded with everything that is opposite to the divine principles. In the name of freedom and Information Age, you experiment and enjoy everything that comes on your way; there is no control and no discretion.
Also, there is no proper parenting and educational guidance for your spiritual growth.
Therefore, it is a combination of all these factors that have created conditions in life to forget your Divine Self.
Q) When you say that we are the embodiments of the creator, what do you mean by this?
Shiva) Again, you have to understand the fundamental: it is the Infinite energy-consciousness field that has become all that is there. Therefore, all human species are part of the Infinite.
In fact, all the beings in the entire creation will evolve to become one with the creator. That is why you all are Divine and the embodiments of the creator.
Q) What is the need to realize our Divine Self when are we enjoying our physical lives?
Shiva) It is like a frog in the well that has never seen anything outside the damp pit. Physical dimension, like planet Earth, is an insignificant part of the vast creation. There are countless beings in various dimensions of the creation. These dimensions are in different frequency zones of the cosmic energy-consciousness field. The higher dimensions are made of pure energy vibrations, making them immensely beautiful and joyous to live.
For those who are born on Earth, depending on your karma and spiritual growth, you will take birth in similar conditions on a physical planet for your evolution. If you do not evolve towards your Divine Self, you will continue to evolve at a very slow pace in a physical dimension. But, be prepared for a very long journey of many lives filled with difficulties and sufferings on the way.
However, only those beings who have dissolved their earthly attachments completely can move to the higher dimensions permanently. Therefore, you all must evolve to your Divine Self to move permanently to the highest dimensions of never-ending joy and bliss.
Q) Today’s youth do not believe in the continuation of life after death; educated, modern youth need scientific evidence for the continuation of life. Where is the evidence?
Shiva) You cannot find an answer to everything with tools and instruments in a science laboratory. There are other non-physical tools to find the deeper mysteries of life: meditation is one such powerful tool to experience the non-physical dimensions which is the bigger part of your reality.
Q) Is meditation good enough to realize our Divine Self?
Shiva) Meditation, along with spiritual living, is the most effective way to realize your Divine Self. Therefore, live a determined spiritual life and practice meditation on a daily basis.
Q) You have said that today’s youth have moved miles away from their Divine Self. How much away have they moved?
Shiva) The answer lies with the individuals. If you feel tremendous love for the Divine and do not want anything but God, then you are very close to your Divine Self.
On the other hand, if you do not feel any connection with the universe and do not have any faith or love for God, then you have to seriously think what you are missing in your life!
However, be very careful when you say that you love God. If you believe in violence, abomination, aggressions, division, and persecution then you are in deep illusion about your understanding of God and your relation with Him; In fact, you the farthest person from God.
On the other hand, when you love God, you become very compassionate, merciful, loving, humble and simple in your life.
Q) This relates to the most important part of our discussion: how would today’s youth realize that he/ she is moving on the Divine path?
Shiva) Today’s youth do not invest time in reading spiritual books, prayers, and proper meditation. They are so busy and active in their worldly lives that their hearts cannot hear the Divine anymore.
It is only when everything falls away from your wish list and your heart longs only for your Divine union then you have found the path. You are lucky because you have found the path and do not stop until you reach your eternal home: In the abode of everlasting joy and bliss in the highest dimension of the creation. 
( Message 1)

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