Meditation is a process of aligning with your Higher-Self. Through step-by-step progress in meditation one can experience the higher vibration of energy-consciousness and make journey into the ultra-subtle dimensions of the Higher-Dimensions.
The experience of higher energy-consciousness is so personal, real and bliss-full that one cannot deny the reality of the subtle/higher dimensions. Meditation finally takes us to the realization that our Real and Permanent life is in the non-physical realm of joy and bliss which is Eternal and Infinite. This is the crux of Self-realization.
All the traditions and schools of meditation are designed to take the individual to the goal of Self-Realization. Depending on the present level of spiritual development and past karma, the student selects the path to the final goal.
School of Shiva Consciousness teaches the most simple and effective technique of Meditation. There is no particular name or brand of this meditation because that is not required.
Study the lessons and guidelines given in Dialogues with Shiva and Core Values. Stay on course with the Patience and Silence. Keep your esteem high with Simplicity and Humility.
Breathing Exercises before Meditation-Preliminary Step
(Before starting meditation, practice this simple exercise of deep inhaling and exhaling)
  • Inhale deeply and feel that the air is going right up to your lungs. Hold the breath for just three seconds and breathe out. Feel that the air is going out of your nostrils. This completes one cycle.
  • Hold for three seconds and again breathe-in; repeat the cycles.
  • While doing these breathing exercises, only focus on your breaths. Do not allow any thoughts to enter your mind. If you just watch your breaths, coming-in and going-out, you will realize that there are no thoughts coming to you.
  • In the beginning, if you find it difficult to do this exercise for 10-minutes at a stretch then take a short break when it gets difficult for you. Remain in your sitting position and after one-minute break, start the exercise again. You may take multiple breaks in the first few days of your practice. However, your target should be to minimize the breaks and complete the 10-minute session in one-go.
  • With continuous exercise you will feel that, after the session, the cells around your face and chest is getting magnetized and vibrating.
  • The main objective of this deep-breathing exercise is to control your thoughts. Also, deep breathing helps in raising your vibration and oxygenating-rejuvenating your body-cells which have tremendous therapeutic and metabolic values.
  • After completing the breathing exercises, you are now ready for meditation. Take a two-minute break if you like but ideally you should be sitting in the same posture to begin the session.
  • You are sitting with your back straight; your eyes closed and no thoughts—you are ready to begin your meditation for twenty-minutes. You may also keep your eyes open without any distractions.
  • Visualize that you are filled with light and there is light all around you. Feel the surrounding light which is flowing inside you; every cell of your body is getting suffused in light. Visualize that the stream of light is flowing within you and then moving outside your body.
  • This flow of light is the higher energy-consciousness vibration that is flooding the Earth right now. Your objective in the meditation is to tap this flow of higher energy-consciousness vibration.
  • Keep your eyes closed or open; no thoughts in your mind. Take a deep breath and then say the word AUM as: AAOOUUMM. Complete the word in ten seconds.
  • While saying the word, visualize that the word is starting from the base of your spinal column and rising up your spinal column to finally move out from the middle of your eyebrows. So the first syllable–AA–starts from the base of your spine; the middle syllables–OO, UU–rises up the entire spinal column; the last syllable–MM–moves out from the middle of your eyebrows. This completes one cycle.
  • While you are saying the word you are also exhaling, which is normally what we do when we speak any word. Now, after you finish saying AUM , take a deep breath and repeat ‘AAOOUUMM’ beginning from your spinal-base again.
  • As you repeat the cycles, you should feel at ease in circulating the sound AUM through your spinal column and releasing it from the middle of your eyebrows and again starting from your spinal-base. Do not exert yourself; do it only at your pace to find your own rhythm in circulating the sound.
  • Do not allow any thoughts to enter your mind; just remain focused in cycling the sound, AUM, alone. In a while you will feel a resonance with your energy-consciousness vibration and realize that the circular motion of the sound is merging your energy-consciousness-field with the higher energy-consciousness vibration that is surrounding you.
  • You will realize that the circular motion is working like a conveyor belt that is bringing the higher energy-consciousness vibration into your body and circulating the higher vibration through your spinal column and going out of your body to repeat the process again. This way, you are beginning to tap the higher energy-consciousness vibration to raise your own energy-consciousness vibration–you are now integrating with the higher energy-consciousness-field.
  • Try to continue for twenty-minutes in one go without any break. However, you may take one or two short-breaks of one-minute each, and start the session again till you complete twenty-minutes. The target should be to complete the session without any break. Have a watch or a clock nearby to keep track of the timings.
  • The entire process takes 30 minutes. ( Ten minutes in the preliminary step and 20 minutes in meditation). However, you may continue for another 30 minutes for higher progress.
  • After completing your meditation, open your eyes slowly; do not make any movements; stay calm and enjoy the bliss of higher vibration. Feel your oneness with the universe. After a while, get up and move around to stretch your legs–your journey to higher energy-consciousness has just begun!
Meditation is all about entering the No-Mind zone. Your final mastery in meditation will depend on how long you can remain in the No-Mind zone to adapt the vibrations of the higher energy-consciousness field.
In the advanced stage of meditation the yogi learns to see the higher realms with his/her energy-consciousness field ( traditionally called as the Third Eye). Its only when one masters to see with his/her energy-consciousness field, the yogi BEGINS THE ETERNAL JOURNEY of INFINITE. 
( Meditation) 

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