Lesson 9: Stop racing against time

Stop racing against time for your material growth. Material comfort is necessary for healthy living, which in turn should help you in your spiritual growth. However, material comforts that take away simplicity and Mother Nature from your lives are not helping you in your spiritual growth. Therefore, each individual has to decide where to draw the line.
Q) Earth is in a material dimension and all cycles of development will necessarily entail material growth and fall. Since earth is in the ascending cycle of evolution, we are witnessing evolution in energy-consciousness vibration along with growth in material development at a very high pace. This has resulted in mass consciousness moving more into material growth and neglecting spiritual growth. Will material growth take over our spiritual dimension ?
 Shiva) Your physical reality is losing connection with the spiritual realities at a pace that is commensurate with the pace of material growth. You are growing more in your material life rather in spiritual dimension; this is very dangerous.
The correct approach should be to balance your spiritual and material growth. Matter is your reality; as long as you are in the material dimension you cannot move away from matter. But, do you allow matter to take over your spiritual-self?
Matter is transient, ever-changing; the spirit is permanent and eternal. What does your common sense say? Where should you move to?
Therefore, to answer your question, if your evolution is only one-sided, matter will surely take over your spiritual-self.
Q) As we move in the ascending arc of evolution, matter will progress in reach and pace and we will see more material developments based on many scientific and technological advancements. In these scenarios, are we not the innocent victims of evolution?
Shiva) No, you are not the innocent victims because you have neglected the most fundamental lessons in all your past lives; you have not learned to differentiate between permanent and temporary life; you have not made spiritual growth as your first choice.
Which essentially means that you were a bad student in your past lives; because each life is like a school where you get an opportunity to learn to differentiate between real and unreal; between temporary and eternal.
Evolution has ascending and descending cycles that are fundamental to the universal principles, but you did not care to learn and make spiritual progress in your past lives. Therefore, you are born again in the lower dimension on earth and reaping the results of your past lives. So you are a victim of your mistakes in your past lives; you were too attached to the material life.
Q) Life moves in ascending and descending cycle of evolution. The rise and fall of civilization make life what it is. Are we at the best time for spiritual growth?
Shiva) Each stage of evolution will bring new opportunities for your growth. I have said earlier that you are in the cusp of entering the higher dimension and in the cusp, you will discover many things about energy fields because you are moving into higher energy-consciousness vibration.
On the one hand, you can use the knowledge of high energy fields to make more material progress based on advanced scientific and technological developments; on the other hand, you can make the inner journey by tuning with the high energy- consciousness vibrations and make fast progress in spiritual growth.
Whether you take this as an opportunity for the space-age life or for your spiritual growth is your choice.
Q) We have made material growth, based on technologies, as our main focus; we are trying to make everything smart; from families to cities. Where are we heading?
Shiva) You are heading towards a machine-based life where the technological marvels will be used by the evil forces to control your lives from all ends. Presently, technology is your boon. However, in the near future, it will be your bane and will become a heavy burden on your soul journey.
Get this fundamental very clear that you cannot use technology for your inner journey; no machine can take you to the higher dimensions. This is because the higher dimensions are based on high spiritual values and love.
Your life in the higher dimensions is based on the creator’s intuitive intelligence and bliss; there are no roles of technology in the higher dimensions. Therefore, do not get trapped in the technologies on earth that stall your spiritual growth and inner-journey.
Q) In the pace of modern living, family and personal time has become rare opportunities. How do we make the inner journey when there is no personal space and time in our busy lives?
Shiva) It is a choice that you have made owing to your focus on material growth alone. In pursuit of material happiness, you have forsaken inner joy and peace; you find more comfort in material pleasure and have forgotten your divine bliss. You are responsible for this abnormal situation where you do not have any time for your families and inner journey.
You have desired a very successful career, high material comforts, more wealth, more security and more success. Naturally, you have invested all your resources, including time, to achieve all your materialistic goals. However, if you reverse your desires from material success to spiritual growth and divine happiness, you will find time for your families and inner journey.
Because you are very materialistic on earth, you have forsaken your priorities for spiritual growth and that is why there are so many problems in your lives.
My advice to you is that you should get your priorities right. If you want to grow materially, then be prepared for a very long journey in the lower dimensions like earth.
But if you want a much better life then put your focus on your spiritual growth because life in the higher dimensions is of never-ending joy and bliss. 
And, for your spiritual growth, you should come out of your busy materialistic life.
Sit in silence in the lap of Mother Nature; enjoy the bliss and beauty of nature that is in abundance and feel the higher energy-consciousness vibrations. Start your inner journey and meditate. Be more patient and silent; have simplicity and humility in your life. Be courageous and have a loving heart towards everything and everybody in your life.
Get away from your busy life; you are wasting your time in petty happiness at the cost of an eternal life of never-ending joy and bliss in the higher dimensions.
Throughout ages, there are scores who have moved silently in the higher dimensions. These enlightened souls are living a life of such joy and bliss that is beyond your comprehension.
Now is the time for you to make a choice. Wake up and move in the right direction. A life of never-ending joy and bliss is waiting for you. Come and live in your eternal home!

( Lesson 9)


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