Lesson 8: Earn your livelihood by Divine means

You must earn your livelihood by divine means. Industries/occupations that are selling goods and services to pull down your vibration, though legitimate in the eyes of the law, are not suitable for your employment. And, it is not so difficult to differentiate between good and bad industries/occupations. 
Therefore, engage in those industries/occupations that help or support in the spiritual growth of the individuals and the civilization at large. Learn to differentiate. 
Q) Which occupations help in spiritual growth and do not cause any karmic debt? 
Shiva) Anything that does not cause any harm to your body, mind, and soul is a healthy occupation. Meaningful engagement in the production of goods and services, that will help the consumers and the society at large in peaceful and healthy growth, will not create any negative karma of the individuals. 
Say, you are an agriculturist. You are toiling hard in the field or engaged in any part of the production and distribution to take the grains to feed the millions. You are doing this with a very positive mindset, with lots of love and sacrifice, thinking all the time that your toil will feed the hungry population and will help them to have a healthy physical growth. This is just an example of how to spiritualize your occupation.
The same mindset of love and sacrifice can be applied in all the professions such that human population can be benefitted from their products and services. This will neither create any illegal practices nor will it ever create any negative karma in your employment. You take this principle in all the professions. 
A lot of positive karma will be accumulated and released in such an enlightened economy where everything is geared for the holistic growth of the population without any corruption and greed. Now, compare this with the present economy that is based on ultra-capitalism, where everything is geared to maximize profit without any consideration for the spiritual and holistic growth of the population. 
A lot of negative karma is being accumulated for the individuals and for the countries at large. Of course, I need not mention the professions or occupations that are creating such bad karma, as they are so obvious for everybody to see and understand! 
Q) We are living at a time when all the professions are driven by the market forces. Also, based on a global economy, the decision and profit-making are not having any integrity for the spiritual growth of the population. The dynamics of the global market are moving resources towards those sinister forces that do not understand the language of love, leave alone spirituality. How do the individuals and the countries safeguard from these evil forces?
Shiva) Whether you are making nuclear bombs or building churches, all are based on intentions that relate to higher or lower energy-consciousness vibrations. All the evil forces will operate from lower vibrations and the divine forces will operate from the higher vibrations. These two forces cannot resonate with each other. 
As an individual, you cannot control the economy or the corporate. But what you can control is your choice to stay or move away from the bad forces. Therefore, move away or avoid those professions that are controlled and managed by the lower forces. Otherwise, you get entangled in its bad karma. Change your professions and locations if required.
Q) But this will be very difficult for most of the people who are engaged for too long. There are too many things at stake? 
Shiva) Exactly! There are too many stakes and it is not just about losing the job. Associating with the lower forces, the individuals have created a huge karmic debt that will require many karmic retributions. Who is responsible for this? The individual himself! He went on with the wrong occupation for too long, ignoring his karmic fall. 
Therefore, he has to bear the fruits of the seeds that he has sown in the past. His return to spiritual life and right profession will entail many tribulations. But sooner he does that, better it is for him. Repent for the mistakes; have courage; be on the spiritual path. And you will find a way to spiritualize your present profession. If not, find a job or occupation that will lessen your karmic burden and accelerate your evolution. 
( Lesson 8)

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