Lesson 15: Your physical body is the Divine seat of your soul

I am Shiva speaking to the population on earth.
Your physical body is Divine, and your vehicle to realize your Higher Self. But you are defiling this sacred temple and suffering immensely. Therefore, you must make corrections in your life.
The foundation of the Creation is the energy-consciousness field that exists without time and space. This energy-consciousness field is our Creator and our loving God. This energy-consciousness field is beyond human comprehension because it is unborn, uncreated, without any space-time property.
The energy-consciousness field causes itself a step-down of its frequency to create innumerable units of individualities that we normally call as the souls. The permanent feature of the soul is an eternal ‘Individuality’ that has its free will.
As a metaphor, you can take the mighty ocean as the energy-consciousness field that crystalizes into innumerable flakes of ice floating in the water. The flakes are separated from the mighty ocean as independent crystals of ice having their own individualities. They will float in the ocean, have new shapes and forms, travel through rivers and land, take the form of rain and dew and in due course of time they will merge back with the mighty ocean again.
In a similar manner, the individuated soul will run its course in the ocean of creation; will take various forms and shapes; gain many experiences across various dimensions across the creation, and, finally become one with the Creator.
The individuated soul is separated from the infinite energy-consciousness field by encasing into three bodies: physical, astral and causal. All three bodies are designed to exist and endure different dimensions across the creation. The dimensions are separated one from another by the difference in their energy-consciousness frequencies. Higher the frequencies, subtler is the dimensions where creation is made of light and energy waves. Lower the frequencies, grosser is the dimensions where creation is made of matter, like planet earth.
According to its karmic designs or evolutionary stage, the individuated soul takes numerous bodies in each successive birth in various dimensions. The souls in the lower dimensions, like on planet earth, will have to evolve through the astral and causal dimensions to finally become one with the Creator or the infinite energy-consciousness field of loving God.
The main point to understand here is that the three bodies of physical, astral and causal, are connected to each other through various energy centers in your bodies that are traditionally known as the Chakras. Therefore, the Chakras are the portals to higher energies to access the higher dimensions. The soul, encased in the physical, astral and causal bodies, is finally connected to the infinite energy-consciousness field of God through the energy portals and therefore, making your three bodies a single energy-consciousness system; a single web of energy-consciousness vibration of different frequencies. In other words, your soul, and your three bodies are always one with the Creation and the Creator as one single web of energy-consciousness vibration of different frequencies.
You are always one with the Integrated Wholeness of the infinite energy-consciousness field called God.
In the above-mentioned background of your infinite-self, you have to understand your physical body and how you should look after it.
Observe a newborn child. The baby is healthy and hearty, and the child remains in bliss and joy most of the time because his energy portals or the Chakras are active to access the energies of the higher dimensions. This is the baby’s inner world that is not visible to the external world.
Meanwhile, the baby grows up to lose his connection with the astral and causal dimensions and as he grows up, he comes under the influence of his karmic plate and the energy frequencies of his surrounding environment. This baby is now a fully grown-up person and how he uses his senses, mind, emotions, and intellect will determine the quality of his physical life and make the graph of his evolution.
If your foods, thoughts, visuals, emotions, feelings, communications, etc. are used only for sense gratification and carnal desires, then you are pulling down your energy field. These lower energies further block your Chakras and significantly damage your body, mind, and emotions. You are now totally cut off from the higher energy-consciousness vibrations and totally under the control of the lower energy-consciousness vibration of the physical world.
Chemically processed and non-vegetarian spicy food, gross entertainment, books and magazines that satiates your carnal desires, music that is loud and exciting, all the news feed that only shows negativity and violence, and everything that does not support man’s finer sensitivities and spiritual growth are drawing negative energies into your energy field.
Therefore, your physical body and mind are lower energy-consciousness filed that has become like a sponge to absorb the negative energies of all kinds: diseases, pain, sufferings, depressions, and miseries. You are harvesting the fruits your past habits and your present lifestyles. In this scenario you can very well imagine the graph of your evolution; is it going up or down?
You must do everything possible to overcome all your carnal desires. Stay focused on your spiritual growth alone. Manage your family and professional duties ethically and stick to your spiritual goals.
Always remember that your physical life on planet earth is a repository of your past karma. You must complete all your lessons in the physical dimensions to get a better life in the higher dimensions which are extremely beautiful and filled with joy and bliss.
Read all my messages sincerely and try to connect them together for a better understanding of the meaning and purpose of your life.
God bless you. I am a Shiva.
( Lesson 15)

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