Lesson 14: Always remember that you and God are one

Always remember that you and God are one. You must always carry that responsibility on your shoulder such that you never fall down from your Divine Self.
Q) This statement is quite a shocker for many Earth beings. How can they comprehend this final truth?
Shiva) This is the final truth that will make or break any civilization in any part of the universe in any dimensions. This is so because, either you live in total ignorance of your true identity or you grow in full awareness of your Divine Self.
When you are ignorant of your true identity, you cause many harms to each other and block the smooth movement of evolution. And, when you know the truth, you cause positive vibrations in all your words, thoughts and deeds. Therefore, you evolve to your Divine Self at a faster pace.
However, it is not so easy to comprehend your true identity. It is only by purifying your karma and being proactive in your spiritual growth that you can know the final truth.
Q) You have given the guidelines in all the lessons on how to evolve in our spiritual lives. Is there any shortcut to awaken to our Divine Self?
Shiva) This is a journey that each one of you has to take towards your Higher Self. Time will move, the universe will evolve, but unless you make your journey complete, you cannot merge with your Infinite Self. Therefore, you have to make efforts to make your spiritual progress steady and focussed. This is the only shortcut to awaken your Divine Self.
Q) There are many speculations in fast ascensions to the higher dimensions. How correct are they?
Shiva) There is no law in the universe that will help you to ascend to the higher dimensions without working out your bad karma. You cannot cheat your Divine Self.
This is a wrong idea when you believe that some ascended master will help you to ascend to the higher worlds in one shot. This will be like taking the bad and underdeveloped students to the advanced classes of the evolved beings. This will corrupt the higher dimensions that are more tuned to the Divine Will. The universe does not allow this.
Always remember that by your evolution, I am evolving. As an individuated soul, I am the ignorant person committing all the crimes. And, as an awakened person, I am living a spiritual life tuned to the Divine Will. In both cases, I am evolving to become one with my Infinite Self. The former will take a longer time to evolve and the later is progressing at a faster pace.
However, this is the time when you can tune to the higher energy-consciousness vibration of Mother Earth by proper meditation and spiritual practices. If you stay focused and make endeavors you will accelerate your awakening to your Divine Self and evolve to the higher dimensions.
( Lesson 14) 

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