Lesson 13: Patience, Silence, Humility, and Simplicity are the highest values for eternal life

The highest form of life is lived by a person who can go to the depth of patience and silence and rise to the height of humility and simplicity. Such a person who has the heart of a lion and the love of the divine will surely find his place secured in the higher realms for eternal and blissful life.
Q) You are giving a lot of importance to Patience, Silence, Humility, Simplicity, Courage, and Love. Why are these values so important?
Shiva) These values have a direct impact on the quality of your mediation and in associating with your Higher Self.
All your past karma have chained you from moving into the higher dimensions; you are karma loaded.
Therefore, you need to work very hard to purify your life to come out of your bad karma. In this context, you have to spiritualize all your life activities; in the fire of intense spiritual practice, you can redeem yourself.
When you sit in meditation, you will realize that it is very difficult to still your mind; different thoughts and actions will bombard you from all the directions. It is then you need to have patience and silence to not to respond and react; because you have to complete your session of meditation.
The ability to live a spiritual life and accelerate your evolution will depend on the quality of your life at present. If you are all over the places; engaged fully in life’s drama; fully engrossed in material life, then you cannot hear the Divine guidance from within.
On the other hand, if you are very humble and simple; have patience and silence; loving and kind; generous and unselfish and have the heart of a lion, then you are very close to your Higher Self; you will make fast progress in your spiritual journey and lead a better life on Earth.
Q) It is very difficult to maintain humility and simplicity in a life that is driven by material success. How do we become humble and simple?
Shiva) When you are driven by your ego, you are proud of your achievements. On the other hand, when you are driven by the love of the Divine, you are the more humble.
Similarly, when greed and worldly ambitions drive your desires, you are bombastic and loud. On the other hand, when you are driven by your spiritual needs and goals, you learn to simplify your life and find bliss in simplicity; because God is humble and simple.
Q) How do we develop the qualities of patience and silence?
Shiva) Practice moderation and control in everything; learn to differentiate between your needs and wants. The moment you have a craving for something do not go for it; give yourself time to absorb it. Keep a writing pad with you and when you are restless for something, write repeatedly ” patience”, ” silence”. Of course, you have all the freedom to follow your strategy to apply patience and silence in your moments of craving and rage. It will take time and persistence to develop these values in your lives.
Q) What about the values of courage and love?
Shiva) Unless you have courage, you cannot overcome your difficulties and fight back. In your hours of darkness and despair, you need lots of courage and determination to stand up and walk again on the chosen path.
Love is the basis of creation; you are embodiments of love. Unless you take your love in all your interaction you are missing the link. Therefore, have a heart that is filled with love for one and all.
Let this be known to all that your relationship with the creator is only that of love and love alone; all other forms of interaction with the creator is false and deceitful.
Q) Why do you say that the values of Silence, Patience, Humility, Simplicity, Courage, and Love are the highest values that one can have?
Shiva) Because these values help you to dissolve your worldly desires and strengthens your spiritual growth. Understand that unless and until you dissolve all your worldly ambitions, you cannot reach the higher dimensions.
Therefore, inculcate these higher values and remain steadfast in your spiritual track; you will gradually experience the call your Higher Self; you will find the meaning and purpose of your life. Slowly but surely, you will start experiencing the joy of the higher dimensions and, depending on your karma and spiritual progress, you will surely get your permanent birth in the higher worlds.
( Lesson 13)

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