Lesson 12: Start your day with meditation

Start the day with meditation. When you are in deep meditation, you are in direct touch with your Higher Self. In the higher energy-consciousness vibration, seek the divine.
Q) When we sit quietly and still our mind, we are trying to go to the no-mind zone. This process of going into the no-mind zone is called meditation. There are various methods and practices to make this journey into the no-mind zone. Can you elaborate more on this?
Shiva) When you meditate, you are trying to enter the higher dimensions. This requires you to shut down all your physical and mental activities so that you can move into the higher energy-consciousness vibrations.
When you are physically and mentally active, you cannot experience higher energy-consciousness vibrations; you are required to shut down all your physical and mental engagements. Therefore, you should sit quietly, still your mind and gradually enter the no-mind zone.
Q) But, it is not easy to sit quietly and disengage the mind. What can we do to improve the quality of our meditation?
Shiva) If you are too much into your material-growth and desires, you over engage your mind and the five senses to pursue your goals to derive temporary satisfaction. When your mind and body is overstressed, you cannot sit quietly at a place for long and practice meditation. This is the reason why you need to humble your desires and lead a simple and spiritual life to control your mind and the five senses.
When your mind is still and you are open to receive the guidance from the ascended masters of the higher dimensions, you are beginning your journey in the higher energy-consciousness field. This will not happen overnight just as you set your targets for daily life or in your worldly careers. You need a lot of patience, persistence, and humility to make your meditation successful.
Q) There are many methods of meditation and a lot of confusion. Which is the most effective and correct method in meditation?
Shiva) When you are trying to get into the higher energy-consciousness vibration, you need to work on your physical, mental and emotional levels. Make everything divine in all your words, thoughts and deeds. This will purify your karma and your restless mind will come under your control.
When your mind is in your control, you can practice some simple meditation techniques to enter the no-mind zone. In the no-mind zone, you will receive guidance from the ascended masters of the higher dimensions; now, you are ready to move in the higher energy-consciousness vibration.
Therefore, meditation is a journey and not a destination.
The main hurdle in successful meditation is your over-occupied mind; your mind is restless and you cannot be thought-free even for a minute. Now, imagine being thought-free for hours!
That is why I will give emphasis on purifying your words, thoughts, and deeds. When your life is simple, pure and spiritual, it is easy to be thought-free.
Q) If we pray and worship, do we need to do any meditation?
Shiva) When you pray, you purify your mind. When you worship, you offer your submission. It is definitely a help in your spiritual journey if you can keep your prayer and worship free from elaboration and rituals.
But, do not make your prayer a session of begging and cribbing. Likewise, do not fall into the trap of the evil forces when you worship with all the elaborate rituals. Divinity is the pure energy-consciousness vibration of joy and bliss and not entertainment in your dollhouse.
However, understand that prayer and worship will require your mental engagements; you need to apply your mind and emotion. So it does not help you much to become thought-free.
It is only and only when you stop your mind that you will experience your true identity; you will realize your Higher Self. And, it is only when you experience your Higher Self that you can start your journey in the higher dimensions. This is your inner journey.
Understand your architecture.
Infinite is holding this creation as an idea alone. In this grand idea, Infinite has divided itself as individuated souls. This soul is pure and blissful energy-consciousness field. However, the pure soul gets into various layers of illusion as it steps down in energy-consciousness vibration.
Therefore, you, as an individual soul, is a pure and blissful energy-consciousness field. But you are caged in various layers of causal, astral and physical bodies or dimensions.
To escape from the physical dimension, you need to be in your astral body. To escape from the astral dimension you need to be in your causal body. And, finally, to escape from the causal dimension, you need to be totally liberated from the creation to awaken yourself as a pure and blissful energy-consciousness field. Now, you are one with the creator. And you will finally realize that you and God are one.
Therefore, in the final analysis, understand that there is no God sitting in a Golden throne, craving for your worship or subjugation. It is the infinite energy-consciousness field which is awaiting your return to merge into your own Higher Self. And love is the only reason for this Union.
Your relationship with God or your Higher Self is love and only love. There should not be any ritual and ornamental elaboration in your love for God. Therefore, any form of worship in which you are trying to please God is a false God and wrong practice.
All forms of rituals are the practices of the lower dimensions; you do not move into the higher dimensions by doing staff that belongs to the lower dimensions.
All forms of prayer that are expressions of love for the divine are the practices of the higher dimensions; you do move into the higher dimensions by offering genuine prayer to the divine.
Having said this, understand that prayer and worship will purify your bad karma. But meditation will certainly accelerate your journey into the higher energy-consciousness field to meet your Higher Self.
Q) Life is busy and for many, it is difficult to find time and place for meditation. What is the right time and place for meditation?
Shiva) Anyplace, that is quiet and without any distraction, is the right place for meditation; you do not have to move to the caves to find your zone of solitude.
In the early morning hours, your living room may be the correct place and time for you. For another person, this may be the bedroom in the late night and for the other, it may be the room of worship and prayer.
The place and time for meditation is your call, but you should be at complete peace when you sit for meditation. However, if you start your day with meditation, you begin your day’s journey in the higher energy-consciousness vibration. Try to remain in that high energy throughout the day.
Q) Finally, how long should one meditate?
Shiva) When you have a family, you should learn to balance your meditation and household duties; mediation should not be at the cost of neglecting your family duties.
One hour of meditation, every day, is good enough time for all the householders. And for the more serious candidates, you will know what is healthy for you.
Make God the center of your life and mediation your prime activity; rest is your divine journey.
( Lesson 12)

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