Lesson 11: Allow the good values to manifest in your life

Practice all the good values of love, compassion, mercy, sacrifice, truth and all that is basic to human nature. These values are embedded in you. Allow these values to manifest in your day-to-day activities.
Q) All the qualities of the human personality have a source; we believe that we are born pure and get conditioned by the environment right form our birth. So what is the source and how do we develop good values and walk on the path of the divine?
Shiva) As a small child,  your mental faculty is not yet developed to take the load of your past karma. Therefore, your past hankerings do not influence you in the initial stage of your early childhood; you are still in the pure energy-consciousness vibration of the divine.
Gradually, as your mental faculty develops and your cognitive process gets active, you take on the personalities of your past lives. This is a very smooth process such that it does not overburden the human mind with any karmic load at the beginning of your childhood.
Therefore, the source of all personality types are the past lives with their mental and behavioral attachments.
You do not become a bad or a good person, personality type A and personality type B, out of some random mechanistic selection of nature. Your entire personality, which includes your behavior, your values, your intelligence, and your attitude, is the outcome of your journey through many lifetimes across eons through many dimensions. Therefore, your present reflects your past!
Q) What you said is so obvious but human intellect refuses to accept that we are born out of a series of past lives and we carry their karmic load. Nevertheless, how do we develop good values in the present life?
Shiva) You have bad habits and bad values in the present life because you have nourished them in your past lives and they are following you as your loyal servants; they are the shadows of your past creations.
However, you should never look back. Whatever may be your past karma, your past behavior, and values, you can always change them for the better. Therefore, live in the present.
There are certain guidelines and values that are common in all spiritual and religious traditions. Values like love, compassion, mercy, kindness, generosity, sacrifice and all are the fundamental principles of all good traditions and cultures. These values are eternal and are being practiced by millions. What do you think is the future of these practicing millions? What do you think will be the karma and personalities of these good souls?
But, the majority of the population do not believe in karma. They take life as a one-time affair that has to be lived to the fullest and, therefore, do not believe in practicing good values to create good karma for a better future.
Therefore, one has to believe in the concept of karma, in future lives, life in higher dimensions and his own divine self, to practice good values for a better life.
Start your divine journey today; now. Sit in prayer and, in the deepest chambers of your silence, you will hear! All the divine souls are ever ready to help you in your efforts.
Move away from the bad forces, individuals and groups that influence you badly.
Keep the name of the divine in your leaps, hear the divine in your talks, imagine the divine in your ideas and become the divine in your works. In all your words, thoughts and deeds, make everything divine. You will get so much intoxicated in the love of the divine that all your past karma and bad habits will be burnt in the fire of your own determination and hard work.
Q) Do you think that our modern life will allow us to believe in karma and the divine life?
Shiva) Unfortunately, modern lifestyle has taken you away from your divine self. You are now more into the hands the puppet masters who are controlling your lives with gross entertainment and consumerism.
Therefore, the need of the hour is to stay focused on your divine path like never before. Do not allow evil forces to enter your lives. TV, movies, the Internet, popular sports, modern lifestyle and work culture are all in the grip of the evil forces. Move away from them and walk on the divine path. Save yourself; you are living in great danger!
Earth is on a course to change for the better; old energies of all the evil practices will give way to higher energies of the divine values. If you do not walk on the path of the divine, you will not find a place on Earth.
The time for the warning is over; you are now living in the moment of a changeover. Stay with the divine to have a beautiful future or else, move to the lower dimensions to continue with the lower forces.
( Lesson 11)

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