Lesson 10: Husband and wife are the representatives of the Divine Father and Mother

The basic building block of any civilization is the family. And the main pillar of any family is the relationship between husband and wife. Husband and wife are the representatives of the Divine Father and Mother on Earth. When there is a divine bond between husband and wife, all members of the family are nurtured in high energy-consciousness vibration for their spiritual growth. This is the bedrock of your awakening to your divine self.
Q) You have emphasized that the relationship between husband and wife is of prime importance for the spiritual growth of the families and the individuals. What should be the nature of the relationship between the husband and wife?
Shiva) Family is the first unit of any civilization. There cannot be any healthy growth in society without spiritually evolved families. A spiritually evolved family will be more effective in their contributions; by bringing good souls on earth and raising the energy-consciousness vibrations in all their engagements.
Now, let us understand the relationship between husband and wife.
Absolute Nothingness, which is Infinite, divides into male and female principles of  Shiva and Kali respectively. Shiva and Kali are not the entities, living in some high mountains; they are the energy-consciousness fields that sustain all life forms and the creation.
It is from this alpha male and female principle of Shiva and Kali that all life forms get their personalities. Therefore, if you are male, your operating background is Shiva, the Divine Father; if you are female, your operating background is Kali, the Divine Mother.
Love and sexual attractions between men and woman have their operating background in the love and sexual attraction of Shiva and Kali/Parvati. Because of the eternal love between Shiva and Kali, all life forms will have eternal love for their beloved ones. The moment Shiva and Kali withdraw their attraction for each other, love will cease to exist in the creation.
When you are born as male or female, you are always in the operating field of Shiva or Kali. Given your orientation, you have the personalities of male, female, anything in between or both. However, a healthy orientation is to become male or female.
Therefore, as husband and wife, you are representing the prime creators; birthing life forms and nurturing souls for their fullest developments.
Q) This is a grand perspective of the relation between husband and wife or male and female. Now, how do we live with this background? How do we take this relationship to create better families and life for the individuals?
Shiva) Understand that the individual soul does a lot of planning before its entry into the mother’s womb. The soul decides on the parents, family, it’s background, culture, society, and everything before entering the physical dimension. This is an elaborate process as you do when you want to admit your child in a school for the child’s education and holistic development. As careful parents, you decide on many things like quality of education, quality of teachers, infrastructure, fee, so on and so forth.
Of course, the soul is more privileged on the other side of life as the soul has all the time to do the planning and selection, unlike the parents who do not have much choice and resources for the child’s education.
As parents, you must understand that the soul has selected you for its growth and development. Are you doing justice to this soul who is depending on the quality of your parenthood?
You are privileged to have the child in your life because the soul of the child has selected your parenthood to receive all the love, care, education and other support for its fullest development. Are you providing that?
Will you lead the family that will provide the fullest opportunities for the child for his spiritual growth or you will you drive your family into more illusion of a materialistic life?
At present, there are three main issues on parenthood as the followings:
1) The parents do not understand the real meaning and purpose of husband and wife; because they do not know who they are!
2) The parents do not understand the meaning and purpose of the birth of a child; because they feel that the child is there as a tool for their entertainment and ego satisfaction.
3) The parents are ignorant of the need for the spiritual growth of the child; because they are obsessed with material values and lack of spiritual values.
If the parents are inculcated into the real purpose and values of their parenthood, much before they get married, then you will have a better family and better children on earth.
Therefore, you have to take the meaning of husband and wife to a grand level where you take the responsibility of the prime creator on earth; giving the souls a family where they can grow in your divine care and protection.
And for this to happen, all the adult members of the society must understand who they are? What is their relationship with the Shiva and Kali/Parvati, the divine Father and Mother?
Q) You are asking too much at a time when adults are driven by material ambitions and casual relationships. How practical is it to become the prime creator on earth?
Shiva) If you do not take your responsibility to the desired level, then you are not evolving. Therefore, be prepared for a long haul in the lower dimension. Understand that, as long as you do not awaken to your Higher Self, you do not get an entry in the higher dimensions.
On the other hand, if you accept that your parenthood is the role of the prime creator on earth, you are practicing spirituality at the highest level; representing Shiva and Parvati in the physical dimension. This would be the most fulfilling, joyous, blissful and satisfied married life that one can ever have! Therefore, you are more practical.
Moreover, for your endeavor, you will always have my protection and love.
Q) There is a total misconception about the images of Shiva and Kali on Earth. Your image of Shiva with matted locks, snakes, drum, demons and all the paraphernalia in a meditating posture is quite amusing, mysterious and does not go well as the image of the divine; so is the image of your beloved Kali as portrayed and worshipped on earth; SHE LOOKS VERY DEVILISH AT HER BEST.
How can people accept you and Kali as the alpha male and female images of the infinite?
Shiva) These images are made and worshipped by the misguided souls; they do not know that infinite is both the divine and the devil; there is nothing outside the infinite.
However, if you want to have the image of the alpha female in the form of a devilish woman, it is a reflection of your fall and ignorance. It really does not matter to the Infinite how you accept her and what image you make out of your imagination!
However, I would like to give you a perspective on this because it is very important that you come out of the old paradigm and misconceptions.
I am Absolute Nothingness; an infinite energy-consciousness field. Everything in the creation is born out of this energy-consciousness vibration of different frequencies. This energy-consciousness, out of an idea, has made the creation. Therefore, my image as Shiva is also an idea that I hold when I take the form of a male. This image of mine is very similar to the popular image of Shiva that you have on earth except that I do not have any snake, drum, trident and other such things with me. The popular images of mine are made out of misconceptions and at the best are symbolical.
However, when I take the form of a male, that is divine, I do have a tall blue figure with long black hair and black eyes. This is my form of your loving Shiva.
On the other hand, I am also the most fearsome looking devil that you cannot hold even for a second. I am both the devil and the divine because I am infinite. This is also the case with my female counterpart; you have captured the divine as the most fearsome image of the Infinite in a female form.
The popular image of Kali, with lashing tongue and gory skulls, is the fearsome devil that you have captured as your Divine Mother. This reflects a lot about your love for the divine. Instead of the benign, you have found faith in the devil! This is very unfortunate.
Know this from me that Kali is the most benign-looking female form that you can ever find and she has an ocean of love pouring from her heart. All-female forms in the entire creation have their original background in the female energy-consciousness field of Kali. Her name Kali literally means black because she has a mysterious dark hue, as she is Absolute Nothingness in Her original Infinite Self.
As an energy-consciousness field, she dissolves in me with immense love and creates an energy field of love and sexual attraction between all males and females in the entire creation. It is from this original loving and sexual attraction between me and Kali that the entire creation is embedded with love. Also, this loving personality of Kali is portrayed as Parvati in the popular perception of many devotees.
Therefore, human minds have tried to capture the original sexual and loving attraction between my beloved Kali and me through various practices and symbols that one can ever think of! Sometimes, these features are way off the mark and sometimes they are quite literal.
I would like the people on Earth to accept Kali and me in the loving Father-Mother principle that reflects your divine Higher Self rather than the devil that you worship in your ignorance.
Remember that everything is energy-consciousness vibration; if you want to evolve, accept the divine; if you want to fall, accept the devil. Both the divine and the devil are the creation of the same Absolute Nothingness that is Infinite.
( Lesson 10)

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