God and Creation 1: Everything is energy-consciousness vibration

Q) The most fundamental query of all time is the concept of God and Creation. Please explain God and Creation.
Shiva) The subject is quite heavy but for the benefit of the readers, I will deal with only the fundamentals.
The correct understanding of God and Creation is the fundamental key to your growth and evolution. This is important not only for planet earth but also for all the civilizations across all the dimensions in the entire creation.
God is Absolute-Nothingness; an Infinite-Void; without any beginning and end. The Infinite-Void is made of energy-consciousness vibration of infinite potential and it behaves like an infinite energy-consciousness field.
Everything in the creation is made of the energy-consciousness vibration that is coming from the Infinite-Void and therefore, everything in the creation is part of the same energy-consciousness field making it the panorama of an energy-consciousness play of Integrated-Wholeness; everything is part of the same source and all are one.
The creation exists as an idea in the Infinite-Void and it will finally collapse in the Infinite-Void. Therefore, nothing is permanent and the only reality is the energy-consciousness field that is holding the entire creation as bubbles of ideas.
When an individual evolves to the final reality, he becomes one with the infinite energy-consciousness field and experiences himself as an endless play of energy-consciousness vibrations. This is true for all the individuals in the entire creation across all the dimensions.
God is Absolute-Nothingness and His power is the energy-consciousness vibration, which is the basic building block of the creation. In the final analysis, God has become all that is there and everything will finally dissolve into the infinite energy-consciousness field of the Infinite -Void.
Q) What do you mean by Infinite-Void?
Shiva) This is a state of Absolute-Nothingness, where time and distance do not exist. The nature of the Infinite-Void is the energy-consciousness vibration of infinite potential and behaves like an energy-consciousness field.
The missing link in the ‘Theory of Everything’ is the energy-consciousness vibration. Your scientists have to understand that energy-consciousness vibration is the basic building block of the creation. The smaller than the smallest and the bigger than the biggest is nothing but an energy-consciousness vibration of different frequencies. The Dark Matter and the Dark Energy, including all the known and the unknown forces of the creation, are the energy-consciousness vibration of different frequencies of the infinite energy-consciousness field.
Q) What is the nature of the Infinite-Void?
Shiva) Bliss is the core nature of the Infinite-Void. The awakened souls and the advanced yogis have experienced the bliss of God and your scriptures and various texts relate to these experiences in detail.
All beings are made of energy-consciousness vibration and when you raise your energy-consciousness vibration, you will experience the bliss of the creator. In other words, the core nature of all the beings in the entire creation is the eternal love and joy of the creator; your Higher Self.
Q) What is the meaning of the Higher-Self?
Shiva) You all the part of the single energy-consciousness field of the Creator. When you raise to the higher energy-consciousness vibration, you will experience your oneness with the Creator who is your Higher-Self. As an awakened soul, either you will merge with the creator or you may hold your individuality without losing your oneness with the creator.
Q) In the beginning, you have mentioned that the correct knowledge of God and creation is fundamental to our growth and evolution. How is this so?
Shiva) The evolution of human species relates to the increase of his energy-consciousness vibration to become one with the Creator; the awareness of his divine-self will help him to spiritualize all with his words, thoughts, and deeds. In other words, all the thoughts and actions are in accordance with the Higher-Self.
All the awakened masters, who have walked on earth, have shown you the divine way. Think of the pace and nature of human evolution when the entire civilization behaves in the wisdom of her Divine-Self!
Q) Finally, how should an individual live with the knowledge of God and His creation?
Shiva) You all are part of the same energy-consciousness field that has become all that is there in the entire creation; you all are one with God. However, as a part of the energy-consciousness play, you have individuated from your Infinite-Self and are playing your role according to your karma and understanding of the divine truth.
Therefore, you all should put God at the center of all your words, thoughts and deeds and live your life with love and compassion for all. By serving others, you are helping in your evolution.
Carry the responsibility of your Higher-Self and evolve to your higher energy-consciousness field by living a spiritual life and doing proper meditation daily. By doing this, you will gradually overcome your negative karma and find love, peace, and joy in your life again.
( God and Creation 1)

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