Your Primary Goal in life should be your evolution to your Higher-Self and this Goal is missing because you are in the strong illusion of the physical dimension. And the illusion is caused due to your past karma and your present life style.

The tragedy is that when you are having all the opportunities to awaken to the higher-dimensions, you are too busy in your materialistic-career and while away your life in mindless gross-entertainment. It is very important for you to know that, if you continue to live like this,  you are going to live a very miserable life in your cosmic evolution.

Open your eyes to the miseries around you. Why do some people suffer so much in life? Do you think that life is a random process of existence that happens by chance? Do you not find any meaning and purpose in your life that is beyond the physical phenomenon?

If you introspect deeply, you will realize that all your present miseries and sorrows have seeds in the past that are opening now. This is your karmic existence.

By the same karmic principle, your present life of mindless consumerism and entertainment is also laying the seeds of your future. How can you not understand this simple karmic principle that governs the destiny of all mankind?

The very fact that you are born on earth means that you have unfinished lessons on earth. And, until you finish your lessons, you cannot move to the higher dimension permanently. The tragedy is that you are repeating this cycle for eons and you are still living in slumber.

There is no time left now for any wake-up calls. For aeons you have missed your opportunities to evolve and now you are in the cusp of a great transition. Planet earth is flooded with higher vibration and only those things will survive that are tuned to the divine. The higher energy-consciousness vibration will wither away the ungodly things and in due course of time only the evolved souls and things, that are tuned to the divine, will survive on earth.

After your physical death, you will move to another dimension, both physical and non-physical, where you will realize that you have missed the opportunity to enter the beautiful higher dimensions owing to your unfinished lessons on earth-school. This realization will make your life very painful and you will deeply regret for not making any spiritual progress on earth. Therefore, to complete your unfinished lessons, you will again repeat your life in the lower dimensions elsewhere. However, God will never forsake you; you will get opportunities to evolve but with much greater difficulties.

Presently, there are also God-centered souls on earth who have volunteered personal sacrifices and hardships to do God’s work and help others to do the same. They are the nameless and faceless people in all walks of life who are doing their works silently. They are the evolved souls who will surely be moving to the higher dimensions of immeasurable bliss and joy. Majority of these souls are the good parents and individuals who are molding their destiny by doing their household duties with spiritual and family values amidst all difficulties as their spiritual discipline and meditation guides them to higher evolution. This class of people are called the ‘Householder Yogis’.

Now, it is for you to introspect where you stand. Go deep into silence and listen to your heart; realize your inner hankering. Are you pursuing material pleasure and earthly career or searching God and higher purpose in your life?  What is the Primary Goal in your life?

Just to share very briefly, the journey of the soul in the entire creation……

Life in the highest dimension is beyond mental comprehension because it has no property of time and distance. Souls in the highest dimension are living in the bliss of energy-consciousness vibration of highest frequency. They live only partially separated from God’s eternal bliss and joy. Everything in this dimension is created and dissolved as an act of idea alone. There are no thoughts or feelings, but only the bliss of God where the purest souls exist in the moment of NOW. In their final evolution, these highest evolved souls merge into God’s energy-consciousness field that is infinite and eternal. Now, there is no separation between the individual soul and the One-Supreme-Soul of God.

Below the highest dimension is the dimension of inexhaustible beauty and joy. With mere act of thought alone you can create vistas of immeasurable beauty of nature that you will never be able to exhaust. The etheric beauty of nature will spellbound you beyond your imagination. All the good souls, who are God-centered and have made significant spiritual progress, dwell in these subtle etheric dimensions mostly engrossed feasting nature’s endless beauty and joy. However, they still have to make more spiritual progress to enter the highest dimension of God’s eternal bliss.

Below are the various astral planes of different frequencies that are similar to the earthly life. All dualism of sorrow and joy, hatred and love, that are present on earth, are found here. However, the feelings and emotions are greatly heightened here. Therefore, the sufferings in the lower astral plains are many times more than the sufferings on earth.

The lowest astral planes support the existence evil souls that live hideous lives.

Most of the present earth population are going to enter the lower astral planes where you will continue your life with your unfulfilled passions and desires of the lower kinds. Life in the lower astral planes will match the frequency of your present life-style and desires of unabated consumerism and gross entertainment. 

All the dimensions exist within the Infinite-Energy-Consciousness-Field of God. And you are a multi-dimensional being with your Higher-Self awakened to God consciousness. You are a physical-astral-causal being; all at the same time. These three states of existence belong to different dimensions. Causal state is in the highest dimension, Physical state is in the lowest dimension and Astral state is in between the highest and lowest dimensions.

Only the most evolved beings can enter the causal dimension which requires the highest spiritual merits. And those who are at the lowest level of their evolution are in the physical dimension. Beings who are progressing spiritually and mentally will enter the astral dimension.

Unless required by God’s decree, beings from the highest dimension do not take birth in the astral or physical dimension. Masters like Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, Lord Jesus and others are from the highest dimension.

Your Causal-Self is your Higher-Self that is awakened to the primordial vibration of the Creator. You have only temporarily separated from your Higher-Self to experience the physical dimension. However, in the process of experiencing the physical dimension, you have completely forgotten your Higher-Self. Your main agenda in life should be to awaken to your Higher-Self.

The Masters take birth in the physical dimensions to awaken the mortals from their long physical slumber. We had so many such Masters who have taken birth in different ages to impart teachings that are enshrined in the books and legends. We have the holy scriptures and documents to guide mankind to the right path. But how many of you are taking them seriously?

The main reason why you are not able to come back from your materialistic-consumerism is due to total ignorance of your real identity/self. You are still living in the dream world of matter based illusion. You have conditioned yourself to take the material/physical world as your only reality.

However, the truth is that the creation is multi-dimensional based on different energy-consciousness vibration which you experience every day. In your waking hours you experience the physical dimension; in your sleeping hours you experience the non-physical dimension.

During your dream state you are in the non-physical dimension where you experience the collapse of time and space and after your physical death, your consciousness is awakened in the non-physical dimension.

In the non-physical dimension, there are numerous realms of existence and, given your stage of evolution, you continue your life in the realm that matches your level of consciousness with energy-consciousness vibration of the plane. If you are highly spiritually evolved then you are awakened in the highest realm of the creation; souls in the highest realms live in the eternal bliss and joy of God’s core vibration.

If you are less evolved, then after your physical death you will continue your life in astral dimension of different realms, where each realm is separated by different energy-consciousness vibration.

Everything in the entire creation is energy-consciousness vibration of different frequencies, where everything is connected to everything else in the entire creation through a web of energy-consciousness vibration of different frequencies. The entire creation is sustained and destroyed as a continuous process within the single energy-consciousness field that is infinite. This is symbolically portrayed as the Dance of Shiva.

The infinite energy-consciousness field is popularly known as GOD or the Supreme Soul. God is therefore an Integrated Wholeness; everything is integrated to the Whole and the Whole is represented in everything. In the Vedic Tradition of India, this concept of Integrated Wholeness is mentioned as the ‘Nirgun-Nirakar-Param Brahma’; Integrated Wholeness without any Quality and Shape.

In the primordial state, the pure energy-consciousness field is inexhaustible bliss which is represented in the Vedic tradition as Sat-Chit-Ananda or Energy-Consciousness-Bliss.

It is this Integrated Wholeness, which is Energy-Consciousness-Bliss, that has created within itself the process of creation and destruction through energy-consciousness vibration of different frequencies. Therefore, you must understand that everything in the creation is nothing but energy-consciousness vibration of different frequencies creating all the differences and separation.

It is the energy-consciousness-vibration that has become the galaxies, stars, planets, humans, plants and animals, the rocks and the minerals and all that is there in the entire creation. In other words, God has become all that is there. Therefore, you and everything else in the entire creation are from the same source; you all are part of the Integrated Wholeness; your Higher Self is GOD. God is experiencing HIS creation through you and as you evolve to the highest, you will become one with GOD. THIS IS THE FINAL TRUTH.

Jesus Christ was a God realized Master who has said that “I and my Father are One”. In fact, all the God Realized Masters of all ages have said the same thing in different words. This is the highest knowledge that one can have. However, knowledge alone is not good enough; you have to practice the truth in your daily life.

When you know the highest truth, the fragmented life falls apart. Out of the cocoon of ignorance, you are now capable of embracing all the differences with greater love for one and all. By serving others, you are only serving your own-self. This is Godliness in practice. And, till the time you become one with the highest truth your evolution will continue. 

Now you can understand that although your material and scientific growth will give you a better life style and comfort but it is a very temporary phenomenon with many ups and downs that works like a trap to keep you chained to the lower dimensions. This is because material growth is in the physical dimensions and you have many non-physical dimensions to evolve to the highest.

This entire journey from ignorance to God-Self is the journey of your evolution. Depending on your individual and collective spiritual merit, your evolution continues for millions of life-times in different dimensions. And when you are fully out of your ignorance and completely merged in the vibration of energy-consciousness-bliss, you become completely liberated to become one with your God-Self; you become the Christ. This is the meaning of Christ Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness or Krishna Consciousness.

All your activities in life should be centered to this Christ/Buddha/Krishna consciousness. Most importantly, do not make the mistake of differentiating between Jesus Christ, Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, Lord Rama, Guru Nanak, Prophet Muhammad and the other Masters. Understand that all the Ascended Masters are one in the Divine-Oneness of the Creator. When you are God-centered, then you participate in God’s creation with greater clarity and accept the teachings of all the Masters as the teachings of God alone. This will make your life more joyous and learning more meaningful. Respect the teachings of all the Masters with same the love and gratitude; all true paths lead to the same Source.

The final message: Be careful! Your time is up and now it is an individual path for evolution.

In your spiritual journey, God is always inside you. Seek God inside through meditation and prayer and not through any outward pomp and rituals. Make GOD the center of your life. 

God bless all.

(Spread this message to all: the Great Revolution has begun)

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