Move away from materialistic life (August 14, 2020)

People….. move away from the materialistic lifestyle that you are living in. Presently, almost all the technological and scientific developments are market-driven and make you a mere consumer to make profits for the businessmen and corporate.


You have read in the scriptures as well as in various spiritual books authored by the yogis and saints that the earthly life is only a dream life made of gross matter. You have also read that you are a spirit, encaged in your physical body, longing for your  eternal life in the spiritual realms of the higher dimensions.


The simple truth that your soul is immortal and you are presently living a temporary life to experience the physical dimension of the creation was time and again shared by various spiritual Masters across all the ages. However, you choose to ignore this fundamental truth and prefer to remain attached to your material life.  


You have been attached to this physical world for millions of lives and now, this physical life has become your prison. Even if you try to escape from the bondage, the karmic load of all your past physical lives pulls you back, again and again, to this physical world after your mortal death.


After your physical death, many of you will move to the subtle dimensions of the Astral Universe, but your karmic load will cause your rebirth in the physical dimension again.This process will continue for many lives until the time you are totally free from all your earthly karma.


The irony is that, although you have heard the truth about karma and higher dimensions in all your past lives, you chose to ignore it and made no serious  efforts for your spiritual developments. You have succumbed to the attachments of the physical world so strongly that all the scriptures and words of the divine could not put you on the spiritual path. This is because your mind is attached to the material world like a strong magnet.


For you, earthly life is the only reality and you want to make the most of it; this is making you more and more matter oriented. As a result, unconsciously and consciously, you are now in the total bondage of a gross material life.


Because of your total bondage to the physical world and your minds under the influence of the negative forces, most of you are now chasing a wild materialistic lifestyle. Detached from all family and spiritual values, you are  totally drunk in the glamour and glitter of the entertainment world and drifting to the extremes of hedonism to play into the hands of the dark lords of the negative forces.


These negative forces are controlling the physical world with the tools they have consolidated for long: Money, Technology, Information and Entertainment. These tools  are being used by the negative forces to control your intelligence, mind, and emotions and have made you  forget your divine-self. 

Just pause for a moment and see how you are totally controlled by the technology that uses information and entertainment to control your prime-time to engage you into practically nothing worthwhile!


Technology and entertainment are now controlling your lives. Now, you can entertain yourself all 24 hours and 365 days in a year. Many technological breakthroughs are being made to simply earn money by giving sophisticated toys in your hands that entertain you and make your mind servile to the whims of the negative forces; now you are in the absolute trap of the material world.


Before I show you the way to come out of the  bondage, I would like to give you a glimpse of the Higher Worlds. And, I hope that this will excite and encourage you to take on the spiritual path in your present mortal life.


Life in the higher-worlds or higher dimensions is extremely beautiful, joyous and peaceful. Everything is vibrating in the bliss of God made of higher-energy-consciousness vibration.


Souls, who are permanently living in the higher  worlds, have subtle bodies of light where everything is created with mere thoughts alone. Permanently awakened in God Consciousness, these liberated souls live in the endless joy of God’s bliss and take on various responsibilities in the eternal journey of God’s endless creation. 


Mind separates you from the higher dimensions.Therefore, it is not possible for you to understand God’s higher worlds with your mind. However, when your mind is absolutely free from material desires and totally intoxicated in God’s love, you can visualize the higher worlds and understand life in the higher dimensions with your pure thoughts.


More information about the higher worlds are given on this website through various articles and I would urge you to read all of them to have a better understanding of God’s creation.


Also, note that the paths to come out of your bondage from the physical world is also given on this website. You need to read all the articles to consolidate your knowledge and have a clear vision of your life.


Nevertheless, I would like to mention here very briefly about the path to the higher dimensions.


An impure-mind is the main barrier that separates us from God. Therefore, it is very important that you practice meditation and move away from carnal desires and earthly attachments to purify your mind by making God the center of all your thoughts, words and actions.


A mind which is pure and detached from all earthly desires is the fertile ground to accelerate your spiritual progress and redeem your past karma. Practice meditation and make spiritual values your main agenda in life. Gradually, you will be able move away from all the earthly attachments and find peace and joy in the thoughts of God alone.

Well, it is much easier said than done; you will falter and face many hurdles on the way. But you must learn to balance between the material world and spiritual world, between your professional life, family life and spiritual life. In other words, you should aim to become a Householder-Yogi. With strong  determination, focus and will-power you will be able to walk the talk. And it is always possible to do because others have done it before.

Take your first step by making God the center of all your thoughts and activities. This will churn your thoughts to Inner-Awakening and put you on a spiritual journey. Once you become permanent on your spiritual path, your Higher-Self will guide you through various measures to bring you back to your eternal home.


Therefore, love God like never before and make HIM the center of your life.

Move away from materialistic life 


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