Message 14: Earth is ascending to higher energy-consciousness vibration.

Greetings to all. The purpose of this School is to give information about the higher truths of Creation. This will enable the population to integrate with the higher consciousness as Earth is ascending to higher energy-consciousness vibration.
You already know that the Creation moves in cycles of ascending and descending arc of evolution. Presently, the universe is moving towards the higher energy-consciousness vibration and, therefore, all the galactic and planetary systems are evolving to the higher dimensions. It is not just the planet Earth alone, but all the galaxies and stars are evolving into a better life. This is the moment for celebrations and actions.
You should all celebrate this moment in life, as this is the greatest gift that the Creation can provide: we all are returning to the higher energy-consciousness field or the higher dimensions. Life in the higher dimensions is beyond mortal comprehension as it is beyond time and space dimension: life is unimaginably beautiful and joyous where everything lives in bliss and joy in the vibration of God’s love alone and you will never be able to exhaust your eternal life.
Since planet Earth is ascending to higher dimension, you should also celebrate your life in the bliss and love of God and make this celebration as a personal experience in the inner-journey of your spiritual life alone. However, if you think that celebration is all about sound and show, parties and entertainments based on sense gratification, then you are holding on to the old energy-plays of ignorance, excessive attachment to material life and ego.
All your external orientations of sense and ego gratification should be replaced with inner-journey towards your Divine-Self alone. Make spiritual practices your main agenda with daily-practice of meditation and prayer. Your life should be based on the higher values that will wipe out your bad karma and help in building a healthy and peaceful family and society. This should not be so much of a difficult task now!
As Earth evolves to the higher dimension, all the lower energy-consciousness plays of greed, envy, violence, sense gratification, etc. will give way to love and peace alone; God will become the center of your life. Therefore, all your professions, engagements, habits, mental and emotional attachments that belong to the old energy plays will succumb to death and transformation. Be prepared!
My final advice is that you should stay focused on God alone. Practice meditation daily and make spiritual practices your prime agenda in life. Stay away from all negative things in life. All kinds of rituals and immoral values should be strictly avoided. Your inner-journey should be based on Patience, Silence, Humility, Simplicity, Courage, and Love for all. This is how you can find peace in your heart and celebrate your life daily.
Read all the messages  of this School  for a deeper understanding of ‘meaning and purpose of your life’ and take the right actions NOW.
God bless you.
( Message 14)


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