Lesson 7: Modern entertainment is pulling down your consciousness

Those entertainments that engage your minds to lower instincts should be completely avoided. Understand the industries that are ruling your lives, engrossing your mind with junk, destroying your personal and family lives and taking you down the ladder of evolution. Be careful about how to get yourself entertained. You are literally playing into the hands of the demonic forces.
Q) You are very emphatic in your warning against the popular mode of entertainment. Why is the poplar form of entertainment bad for us?
Shiva) You are essentially a spirit, experiencing a physical reality on earth. Your goal is to unite with your Higher Self in the realms of higher energy-consciousness vibration. Your Higher Self is in a blissful state of existence that cannot tolerate anything that is from the lower energy-consciousness vibration.
Therefore, when you engage with anything that is of lower energy-consciousness vibration you get further disconnected from your Higher Self. So, instead of evolving, you are falling down.
It is in the above-mentioned context, I will respond to your question.
The popular form of entertainment from the industry of music, movies, TV programs, sports, are essentially there to excite your lower senses, stimulate your emotional, sexual and violent drives, make you more passionate about the gross things in life. In fact, the grossest is your entertainment, more sale-able and profit making they are. And these programs/events are pulling down your energy-consciousness vibration and slowing down your evolution.
Therefore, you are merrily going down the pit of more pain and tribulations in all your future lives.
Q) Does this mean that we should give up all forms of entertainment?
Shiva) You must be careful about the nature of entertainment. Differentiate between what is healthy and what is gross. Music, songs, various art forms, sports, etc, are the expressions of your creative energies that you must express and participate for your holistic growth. They nourish your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self.
Let us take the example of music and songs.
Listen to the soothing music and meaningful songs that touch your soul. You feel relaxed, elated, joyous and peaceful. You also have the music that feels like the expression of the devil that excites your passion and the lower senses. Most of the popular songs and music are falling into the second category.
When you hear a soothing music, you are tuning to higher energy-consciousness vibrations and when you are listening to gross music, you are tuning to lower energy-consciousness vibrations.
This principle applies to all your engagements with sports, movies, TV programs, etc.
Q) The spirit of joy and happiness through healthy entertainment is lost in the glamour and greed of the market forces. We are simply lapping up anything that is coming to our plate without any discrimination. Are we on an emotional and spiritual fall?
Shiva) A definite yes! You have found your comfort in the drama that the gross entertainment throws at you. The industry is draining you emotionally and energetically to the extent that you will find it extremely difficult to experience peace and tranquility within yourself. Moreover, if you do not have peace, you cannot make an inner journey for your spiritual growth.
Therefore, you are spiraling down in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fall.
Q) Guide us in our difficult times. How do we allow entertainments in our lives that do not cause our fall and help us in our holistic development?
Shiva) First, understand that everything is energy-consciousness vibration. Anything that gives you peace and inner joy is a sign of high energy-consciousness vibration. Are you experiencing good values, happiness, joy, and love through the programs/events? If yes, then you are with the right entertainment. Indulge in these entertainments, be it sports, movies, TV programs, music, etc, with moderation. In addition, be careful where to draw the line.
Entertainment events and programs, 3 decades back, were healthy because there were lot family and spiritual values in them.
Spend more time with your family in nature. Enjoy the expressions of love and joy that nature has to offer you in all their innocence and divinity. Try to stay away, as much as possible, from TV and other media because these are now being hijacked by the evil forces that are controlling your lives.
By living a strict spiritual life and practicing meditation, you will take your vibration to a higher level and you will find the vibrations of the popular entertainment very low and gross.
Therefore, instead of the entertainment controlling you, you will learn how to control the entertainment; no evil force can entice you by feeding you with the wrong energy because you have tasted the joy and bliss of the divine.
(Lesson: 7)






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