Lesson 6: Avoid technologies that are controlling your lives

 Most of the technologies present on Earth are being used by the market forces to create wealth by the wrong means. Be careful in choosing technology that will create or break your spiritual growth.
Q) We are riding the technology waves that are pushing our frontiers to new horizons. Are we heading towards the right direction?
Shiva) Life moves in a continuous cycle of ascending and descending arc of evolution. At the peak of the civilization, you have moved up in the ascending arc of evolution and mass consciousness is resonating with higher energy-consciousness vibration. Life is tuned with the divine purpose of the creation.
At the fall of the evolution, you have moved down with the descending arc of evolution and mass consciousness is resonating with very low energy-consciousness vibration. There is total ignorance of the divine creation and you are literally living as the cave man.
The two peaks correspond to the Golden Age and the Dark Age respectively. Between the two extremes are stages of life that are evolving and falling in their divine realization. While entering the Golden Age, you are moving into higher energy fields. That is why you will find many innovations that are mostly based on energy fields; from Information Technology to Space Technology.
Your civilization, at present, is right on the cusp of this technology waves that are pushing the mass usage of advanced technologies. However, there is a price attached to this. And, at this point in time, you are taking your technology towards the wrong direction.
Q) Which direction is it heading?
Shiva) You are heading towards total destruction for sure. The karma on earth has boiled down to such a low point that the redemption of your karma requires a total cleansing of the evil forces that have gripped you. You need to clean your house for the fresh energy to come in. So the divine energy will enter your personal space when you are removed from the old energies.
Q) Technology is helping us in many ways, especially in mass awareness through Information Technology and Space revolution. Are they helping us in our cleansing?
Shiva) Technology is helping in the speed and reach of the media. But what is being consumed in the name of education, knowledge, and entertainment is far removed from the ideal. So, instead of cleansing the old energy, you are further gripped by the bad and lower energies. Now it is almost a spiral; bad feeding the worst. However, there is a silver lining!
Q) What is that silver lining?
Shiva) There is also quality information that is now freely available for mass consumption. But the readers and the viewers need to apply discretion in their choice of good and bad.
Q) So how do we apply discretion in the choice of our technologies?
Shiva) It is interesting to observe how space science is unraveling the universe like never before but at the same time you also have missiles in your silos that can wipe out the human race many times over on earth. The individuals do not need any such advancements in his journey to higher energy-consciousness vibrations. All the tools for higher realization are already there within you where you have absolute control. But you cannot control the industry or the governments that are misusing technologies.
So, as an individual, you must have your priorities clear. Do you use technologies for a healthy and meaningful life or for destructions?
Technology has touched all walks of your life and living. Whether in the manner you interact in your social life, get entertained, maintain health, have relationships and earn your living, you have made everything very sophisticated and moved away from simplicity and nature.
Take time from your busy schedule and find some space and time where you can have silence inside you. Think and introspect. Are you not living an artificial life?
Are you not disconnected from your natural, joyous and spiritual self? You are a spirit first. And, your spirit does not need any sophistication to be happy and to evolve?
So why are you living a technology-based life? Why is technology controlling you? Who is getting the most out of it? In other words, who are making the profit out of this?
Q) I know what you are hinting. It seems that the industry and business class are pushing technology with the profit motive in mind. Are in a trap?
Shiva) Yes, the corporate and industrial houses are hands in gloves with the governments to push technology that is filling their own agenda. And, the innocent and not-so-innocent individuals are playing into their games willingly and unwillingly. So, it is a technology trap that is being used by the market forces to fulfill their agenda at the cost of your spiritual evolution.
Q) How to escape from this trap?
Shiva) Follow the instructions that I have given you in my lessons. Work on your spiritual practices and meditation. With strict discipline and control, you will be able to control technologies in your lives rather than technologies controlling you. Particularly be careful with the technologies that are pushing mass entertainment through television, Internet, and other media. Be on guard on what you are reading, watching and listening. These are the creation of the lower forces to keep you away from your divine journey and higher evolution.
Know that anything that is not divine will entertain you and pull down your energy-consciousness vibration.
And that which is divine will give you peace and bliss to help you fall in love with the creator. Therefore, the simple check to differentiate between evil and divine is to experience and express your divinity in the usage of your technologies.
Do you experience anything divine by building the luxurious airplane or by using the resources to give free health care to the needy?
Do you experience anything divine by making the costliest cars or experience the love of God by creating good education infrastructure for the population?
Do you spiritually evolve by developing advanced tools to take care of your entertainment or do you express your divinity by using resources to help reduce the material and spiritual poverty of your population?
And the list of your choice goes on!
Q) So, what should we do when want to live a regular normal life without too much into technology?
Shiva) Always remember that you are living on earth because of your karmic debt. You have to evolve to a much higher level of energy-consciousness vibration to get a permanent life in the higher planes. And you do not need any technology for this.
On the other hand, the movement of time will bring lots of innovation based on energy fields. And you cannot stop the innovation whose time has come. They are cyclic and you are caught at a time when many more advanced technological marvels will sweep the earth.
However, you should be on guard to adopt those technologies that suppress or control your divine expressions and experiences. Be more inclined into the inner journey and use technologies that will help you in a normal and healthy physical life. Know where to draw the line.
( Lesson 6) 

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