Lesson 5: No Rituals in your Divine Journey

Do not allow any rituals in your awakening to your divine self. Worship is an opportunity to remember your creator and not to play with little toys in your dollhouse. Remember that when you are practicing rituals you are playing into the hands of the demonic forces.
 Q) Our civilisation has a history of elaborate ritualism in the name of worship, prayer and invoking the divine. How far is this correct approach to seek the divine?
 Shiva) I will begin with the fundamental. Everything is energy-consciousness vibration. Higher the frequency, greater is the bliss of the divine. Lower the frequency, steeper is the fall from the divine. However, both the high and the low are part of the Creator. Therefore, both the divine and the devil are part of the same Creator.
 All the worlds that are in lower energy-consciousness vibration have the same culture that you have on Earth today. Majority of the earth population practice some form of ritualistic practice in the name of meeting the divine. This is of course owing to the false leaders who control the religious traditions and propagates wrong practices. These false leaders, who do not have the experience of the divine, create the paths to their own liking driven by the lower forces. The followers simply follow them and remain in ignorance.
 When you are approaching the divine, you are trying to reach your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is in state of permanent bliss and joy that cannot be expressed by words. Your Higher Self is not doing any ritual and therefore, when your are doing any rituals you are not able to connect with your Higher Self.
Your Higher Self is an energy-consciousness field of very high frequency that exists as pure bliss and cannot survive in lower vibrations. Since all rituals are practices of lower vibration, you are not able to connect with your Higher Self. In fact, when you are practicing any rituals, you are moving away from your Higher Self and invoking the lower forces.
Q) Between humble obeisance or offering prayer and elaborate rituals, what is the ideal balance for worshipping?
Shiva) First, take this as an absolute dictum that God does not need to be worshipped. God has created life with the deepest love that you can think off. His love is in the form of very high energy-consciousness vibration. Anything less than your deepest love is gross to Him and He will not be able to connect with you.
But when you start your love for God with simple practices like offering sweets or flower, it is healthy. However, when you enter into elaborations in the form of various rituals, you are moving away from his high energy-consciousness vibrations. And the vacuum is filled by ego driven lower forces.
 Start your worship with the values of simplicity and humility. Have deep love for God and express your love for God in all his creation. This is the beginning of your journey towards God or your Higher Self.
Q) To illustrate the point further, what form of worship do you accept?
 Shiva) I accept only your true love. You do not connect with me when you are worshipping me with mindless rituals and other practices. Approach me with all humility and simplicity in your life. Have courage in your heart in all your tribulations and pain. Have patience and silence in all your success and difficulties. And never stop your heart from expressing your true love for the entire creation.
 You soul gets purified and karma gets worked out when you make your journey on the path I have just mentioned. Now you are ready for meditation and you will find me for sure in your inner journey. This is the way you should relate to me as Shiva.
 Q) It is never a repetition if I ask you again and again on the very important subject of worshipping God. Should we stop worshipping God?
Shiva) Any manner of worship is only the doormat to the non-physical dimension. You are putting your faith in the belief that you will gain something from the other dimension. And you do gain from the lower dimensions when you worship. There is a quid pro quo here. You feed the ego of the lower forces and they help you with some trinkets. As you gain something, you reinforce your rituals for more gain and that is how you build your faith. Finally, this gains momentum and mass and become the elaboration at a very large scale. The lower forces feed in their ego satisfaction and you become victims of your own greed.
 On the other hand, when you walk on values, courage, love and meditation, you live in higher energy-consciousness vibrations. The higher forces definitely do not help you with any trinkets. They will never give you the boon of petty material success in life. On the contrary, the higher forces will give you the strength and blessings to walk on the spiritual path that I have mentioned above.
Naturally, only the stronger and God loving souls will move with the higher forces and the majority will move with the lower forces with their petty trinkets for material success. Therefore, rituals gain the upper hand and true love for God takes the back seat.
 So, to answer your question, if you want more success in your present life, then continue what you are doing.
But if you want to move to the higher vibrations, then avoid all ritualistic worships and start walking on the true spiritual paths.
Q) But there will be the innocents who will worship God to relate with the Creator. What should they do?
Shiva) One has to evolve to higher vibrations. For too long, ritualistic practices have been the best mode of worship on earth. Now it is time to move on. Worship without any rituals.
 So how do you worship?
 Best form of worship is to pray. Pray to God in the image that you like. If you have a place of worship at home or outside then you are lucky. Use the place to offer you humble self to the tutelage of your Higher Self. That is the beginning of your prayer.
 Ask your Higher Self to overcome your limitations and weakness. Ask for more courage and strength to walk on the spiritual path. Ask for guidance to become more humble and simple. Ask for lessons to become more patient and silent in life. Pray to become an embodiment of love. Ask your Higher Self to teach you how to see everything with the eyes of the creator. THIS IS YOUR WORSHIP.
 After spending sometime time in worshipping, say for 10-20 minutes, you are now ready for meditation.
As you practice this, you are now on your journey towards your Higher Self. Every moment you will feel the presence of your Higher Self because you are gradually moving into the field of higher every-consciousness vibration.
 Gradually you will find bliss and joy that you have never experienced in any ritualistic worshipping. This is your proof that you are on the right track. Now take this experience beyond your place of worshipping and relate with everything in the universe with your divine self.
 You will find that everything is divine and everything is infused with love. You will realise that you and your Higher Self are one; there is no separation of God from His creation.
( Lesson 5)

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