Lesson 4: The Importance of Family Values in Life

Q) You have mentioned that parents should inculcate strong family values among all the family members. This will help the individuals to grow towards his/her divine self. What are the family values and how do the parents inculcate the same among the individuals?
Shiva) Those values that instill a love for each other and for God are the values that families must practice.
The creator is holding the entire creation as an idea with the deepest love that you can ever experience. This, you can say, is the core of the energy-consciousness vibration that is operating in the entire creation. And you all are operating from this core because you and the creator are one.
Therefore, love is the basis of all creation. As parents, you are also co-creating like your creator. The only difference is the scale. The creator manages the entire creation with the deepest love for you and, as parents, you should also co-create with the deepest love for your family members. This is the foundation for developing your family values.
Q) If love becomes the foundation for all the other values then what are the pillars of this foundation?
Shiva) The parents must have the eyes of SIMPLICITY and HUMILITY and the hands of PATIENCE and SILENCE. They must have the COURAGE of a lion and COMPASSION of the divine. These six values must stand as the strongest pillars on the foundation of LOVE to build your homes and raise your families. In fact, these are the highest values that you must have to walk on the divine path and meet your Higher Self.
Q) Why are these values missing in our lives? Wherever we look, we find that our adult population is more into aggressive journeys towards self-gratification and personal success. Or, they are completely lost in the struggle of lives. There is despair and despise in their personal lives and the wreckage of broken families all over. Why are we feeling lost in the making of our lives?
Shiva) Indeed so! The society is living in darkness in the artificial light of material success and sense gratification. This is mainly because people are not living with the right family values. And, in due course of time, your family values become your personal values.
Now, what is a healthy family value?
If you are not having the opportunity to practice all the seven values that I have mentioned above then the soul does not find an opportunity to express the divine values in the present life. As a result of this, the individual becomes the victim of all the vices of the gross world.
On the other hand, if the individual is growing and learning in a family that practices all the seven values, the soul finds an opportunity to express its full divine potential.
Therefore, as an individual, you have to ask, “What kind of values you are practicing and inculcating in your family?”
And, I find that the majority of the families are far removed from the ideals where a good soul can find its fullest expression.
The young generation is not learning the good values who in turn are growing as parents to inculcate the wrong values and setting the wrong examples for the children. This sets a chain reaction and each generation is pushing the next generation towards destruction.
Let me illustrate with an example. A young couple gets married and hopes to live a happy and prosperous family life. What is the background of this young couple?
They are educated and aspire to rise through the ladder of material success. Therefore, the main agenda of this young couple is to engage in more and more material success and make many personal sacrifices to reach their goal. There is nothing wrong as far as the couple is concerned because that is the norm of all the educated and ambitious people.
Now, see from the other side of life where a soul is seeking entry in the physical world. A soul selects a family where he can find opportunities to fulfill his agenda.
If you are an evolved soul, then you seek entry in the physical world to actualize the divine plan; which is to help others in their spiritual growth. So, the soul will select a family of great values where the parents will provide the necessary opportunities for spiritual growth. Will this soul accept our young couple who are mainly into material pursuit? A definite no!
Whereas, a soul that is seeking to satiate his material desires will enter the life of this young couple because they all are in sync in their material pursuit. What kind of family will this materialize?
It will become a family of negligible spiritual values but will have great resources to pursue material growth.
This family will never seek to know the higher truths. They will never try to know the five fundamentals:
Who am I?
What is the purpose of my life?
Where have I come from?
Where am I going?
What is my relationship with the Universe and the Creator?
Now, extrapolate this example to millions of young and educated couples who are nurturing their children with all the material values but less or no spiritual values. What kind of society will you have? You will have a society with broken families that are racing towards self-destruction!
In fact, at this time, you are indeed standing at the crossroad of great destruction and opportunities for spiritual growth; your garden must-be-cleaned now for the new flowers to blossom.
Q) What do you expect from the parents now? All are moving from different levels of evolution and most of them are thoroughly brainwashed to material growth as the main goal in life.
Shiva) Let the parents first learn to come back to their rightful place; to become the co-creator of the divine. They have to take the responsibility to execute the plan of the creator. But to make that happen, one must be prepared to walk the talk. They must have the right values to raise a good family first. It is only when the family is practicing the right spiritual values, then and only then you can expect the civilization to evolve in the right direction. Therefore, parents must wake up to their responsibilities.
Q) How do the parents and the individuals inculcate the values that you have mentioned?
Shiva) As parents, you must set examples by walking the talk. Engage with all the members of your family by setting examples. When you say people hear but when you practice others follow. 
Family life is a university in itself. The dynamics of family relations, responsibilities and interactions will provide you the opportunities to practice all the 7 values that I have mentioned in the beginning. As they say, “When the student is ready the teacher will arrive”. 
Now, take these treasures as your greatest strengths to practice them in all your interactions outside the family. YOU WILL FIND IT DIFFICULT TO MEET YOUR EXPECTATIONS FROM THE OTHERS. BUT YOU WILL FIND THE EQUILIBRIUM IN TIME.
Always remember that these values and meditation must go hand in hand. The values will clean your negative karma and meditation will accelerate your evolution.
( Lesson 4)

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