Lesson 3: Prayer and Meditation to Accelerate your Evolution

Q) You have said that civilizations rise and fall on the single lever of awakening and that lever is to find our Higher-Self and God in the silence of prayer and meditation. This is the first lesson for practicing spirituality. This is a very profound lesson for our evolution. How do we practice this for our spiritual growth?
Shiva) All civilizations, across the universe and dimensions, will evolve to the final realization that everything is energy-consciousness vibration and that is God. However, it takes time to understand this and much more time to experience it.
When you operate with deep ignorance about your real identity, you see yourself as an individual who needs to survive amidst all forces working against each other. For the survival of the fittest, you have the episodes of subjugation, control, persecution and war over the ages. Therefore, civilizations fall.
However, when you are awakened to your full potential you will find love in everything. You will realize that all are one and part of the same energy-consciousness field, which is God. With this realization, you will not hate, kill and persecute for your superiority over other individuals, communities, countries or races. Individuals and society as a whole will help each other to evolve to their fullest potential to realize that man and God are one. Therefore, civilizations rise.
Q) But, not all the members of the society will be enlightened at the same time. So, how does society evolve in the right direction?
Shiva) Correct. Not all will be enlightened at the same time. However, you must have awakened leaders at the helm of affairs. From the awakened souls will have the guidance and decisions that will create platforms and opportunities for all members of the society to practice spirituality and to evolve in the right direction! That is the reason why all enlightened civilizations have spiritual guides in the departments of governments and administrations.
Q) It may take a long time on Earth to have enlightened leaders as the decision-makers in our societies and governments. How practical is this?
Shiva) Not exactly! When the enlightened souls take up the governance, they will spiritualize everything. You need only a few enlightened and God-realized souls at the top to pave the road for the others to follow. You have history to prove how the realized souls had moved the humankind and they all had worked alone.
Therefore, the real issue is not to enlighten the whole society at the same time but to have a few enlightened souls at the top of the pyramid of your state affairs. In fact, a selected few have prepared them for this role to play. They will act as the catalysts to awaken others to move the humankind in the right direction. And, you will see this materializing in your lifetime.
Q) Now, the most important lever, that is to find our Higher Self and God in the silence of prayer and meditation. How exactly do we work on this?
Shiva) First, understand the fundamentals. All is energy-consciousness vibration at different levels of frequency. Matter universe is in the lower frequency of energy-consciousness vibration. As you move in the higher frequency of energy- consciousness vibration, you have different life systems that are invisible to the physical eyes.
Therefore, you have different dimensions of existence separated from each other in frequency of energy-consciousness vibration. However, all the dimensions of existence are at the same place and time from the vantage of the creator. This is because the creator has become all that is there. Therefore, man and God are one.
When you pray and meditate, you will gradually realize the truth that I have just mentioned above. This realization will definitely come to you if you practice long enough and stay on the course.
Now, let us talk about how to pray and meditate.
When you pray, you are one to one with the creator. For your convenience, you may choose your place of worship, image, name and time but it should always be your personal communication with the creator. Where is the need for an intermediary for this one to one communication with your creator?
Similarly, when you meditate, you are making an inner journey; to transcend from lower to higher energy-consciousness vibration. Where is the need for an intermediary for your meditation?
Q) But, we have all kinds of schools, teachers, and intermediaries to commune with our creator. To give up these intermediaries will be a major paradigm shift. Are we prepared for this?
Shiva) Of course you are! The creator has never planted an intermediary between man and God. It is a clever practice by the ruling class to subjugate the mass, control and exploit. So let us talk about how to pray and meditate.
When you pray, you have to keep your ego and intelligence outside the prayer room. Be humble and simple with your creator. The father and the mother do approach their children with pride and arrogance. Then why not the other way round?
Therefore, the basic need for prayer is to become very humble and simple with your creator. Approach your creator with the innocence of a child and seek His blessings and guidance. Gradually you will find peace and joy.
Q) There are so many names and forms of God on Earth. Whom should we pray?
Shiva) I have told you that all are forms of the same energy-consciousness vibration that has become all that is there. Therefore, different names and forms of God are taking you to the same God. It really does not matter which form or name you take as long as you are honest in your approach.
However, there is a caveat! Do not pray for the unreal. Love, humility, and simplicity are the signs of the divine. Rituals, arrogance, and control are the signs of the devil. Apply your discretion and wisdom to differentiate between the real and the unreal, between the truth and the untruth.
Q) Do we need to meditate? If yes, then what is the most simple and most effective form of meditation?
Shiva) Of course, you need to meditate! When you are praying you are communicating with the divine and when you are meditating you are moving to the divine. Therefore, meditation is the direct approach to your divinity. In meditation, you are connecting with the higher energy-consciousness field and accelerating your evolution at a much faster pace than any other means.
Q) There is also much confusion about meditation. There seem to be as many methods of meditation as there are masters. What is the right approach?
Shiva) First, let us understand what is meditation? In India, you call this yoga and yoga means Union, union with God.
And, you know by now that everything is energy-consciousness vibration. Therefore, yoga means “union with higher energy-consciousness vibration”. Therefore, when you are practicing meditation you are connecting with higher energy-consciousness vibration.
Now, there are many approaches to connect with high energy-consciousness vibration. This may be possible by just sitting in the serene beauty of Mother Nature. Or by sitting in the prayer room in deep love with God. You may also have a sudden divine ecstasy by the grace of the creator. However, all these experiences are momentary and not in your control.
However, by meditation, you are permanently moving to higher energy-consciousness vibration. You are in control to move as high and as long as you want to experience the bliss and joy of the higher vibrations. You are also evolving all your cells, your metabolism, your mind and intellect into the higher energy-consciousness vibration. This is permanent and more effective than having sudden bouts of momentary ecstasy in prayer or in the lap the Mother Nature.
Therefore, the best approach is to start your day with prayer and then give quality time in meditation. Have a balanced approach to prayer and meditation until the time you no longer need to pray because you are more tuned to meditation.
Now; the most important part is about how to meditate?
The final goal of meditation is to reach the no-mind zone. The mind is the main hurdle to experience the bliss and joy of high vibrations and connect with your Higher Self. Therefore, all the ancient yoga systems were developed with a single goal to reach the no-mind zone.
Over time, different systems have evolved different names and methods. However, you can have the simplest and most effective of all.
Sit on the floor or on the chair. Relax your hands and let the palms rest on your laps in any manner you like. Keep your spine erect. Take a deep breath and watch the breath to go right into your lungs with your inner-eyes. Hold it for a few seconds and watch the breath come out of the lungs right through your nostrils. Do not allow any thoughts to enter your mind. The whole purpose of watching your breaths is to not to allow any thoughts in your mind. This is a simple breathing exercise.
Repeat this breathing exercise for five minutes. This will help you to disengage your mind from any thoughts and you are now ready for the real stuff.
Here we go….
You need to say the sound AUM from the base of your spine up to your forehead. The entire journey of the word AUM through your spine should sound as ‘AAAAOOOOUUUUMMMM’.
Take a deep breath right into your lungs. Hold your breath for a few seconds. Say the sound ‘AAAA’ and visualize it rising from the base of your spinal cord. Visualize it moving upward through the spine as you say “OOOOUUUU” and throw it outside from between your eyebrows as you say ‘MMMM’.
You begin at the base of your spine with ‘AAAA’ and finish with ‘MMMM’, thus completing ‘AAAAOOOOUUUUMMMM’ in the entire journey of exhaling without any break. This completes one cycle. When you make the sound, you are resonating with the high-frequency energy-consciousness vibration of the universe. Such repeated AUM meditation will gradually activate your energy centers along the spine. In India, they are known as the CHAKRAS.
Continue this AUM meditation for 10 minutes. If you are finding resistance or fatigue, then disengage. After a few minutes, again start the AUM meditation for 10 minutes.
You will realize that repeated AUM meditation will stop your mind. Stay in that no-mind zone. In course of time, you will feel normal in the no-mind zone. You are now connected with your Higher-Self.
Remain one with your Higher–Self and experience bliss and joy of higher energy-consciousness that is your true self.
Q) How long it will take to reach the desired goal?
Shiva) For the beginners, you are just a kindergartener in the journey of energy-consciousness vibration. Therefore, have patience and silence to continue your meditation.
Ego is the greatest barrier between you and your Higher Self. Therefore, have simplicity and humility to face your Higher Self. Have the heart of a lion to surmount all distractions and difficulties. Have the love of the divine to forgive and forget all the shortcomings that you face from the others and continue your meditation to meet your Higher Self.
Depending on your karma, your present lifestyle and your persistence in meditation you will experience your Higher Self in time.
Q) So what happens after one experience the Higher Self?
Shiva) Your real journey begins after you experience your Higher Self. You are dealing with Infinite and there are many dimensions and lifetimes to be experienced before you reach the shore of no return. Your Inner-Journey begins now!
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