Lesson 2: Spiritualize your life

Q) In lesson 1, you have exhorted to spiritualize our lives. In the present scenario where technology, ultra-capitalism, and gross entertainment industry are ruling our civilization, how do we stay on course to spiritualize our lives?

Shiva) First, let us understand what spiritual life is. The literal meaning of spiritual life is the life that deals with or is connected to the spirit realm, which is beyond the matter domain. In addition, the spirit realm, which has both the higher spirit worlds and the lower spirit worlds, is the vast reality that is hidden from the matter world.

In fact, your evolution is towards the higher spiritual realms (realms of high energy-consciousness vibration) that have all the divine forces. Therefore, when you talk about spirituality, you are trying to evolve into a higher spiritual realm that is your main agenda in life.

However, you have got distracted from this main goal in life due to the various forces working on you.

Q) So how do we practice spirituality and stay on the course amidst all the distractions?

Shiva) Life on earth is truly difficult now. You have all the lower forces dominating your lower instincts working against your spiritual growth. Moreover, these lower forces have ensured that you remain ignorant about the most beautiful and blissful life awaiting you in the higher realms that are divine.

Your awareness of your own divinity is completely lost in the conundrum of various forces that are suppressing your awakening to your own divine self. You have forgotten about your life in the higher spiritual realms that are immeasurably beautiful and perpetually blissful. You have forgotten that you are divine beings and a reflection of the creator trapped in the physical world.

To answer your question about how to live a spiritual life will require many elaborations. However, I will mention the fundamentals for a starter. Please consider the following points:

1) Instead of connecting directly with your divine self, you prefer to bring an intermediary to know the truth. Therefore, you have all kinds of agents working for you to connect with your higher self. This is foolish. Find your higher self in the silence of your prayer and meditation. You do not need any intermediary to connect with God. Civilizations rise and fall on this single-lever of awakening.

2) There have to be very strong family values that will help all the members to grow towards his/her divine self. Parents should take maximum responsibility to instill strong family values among all the family members.

3) Do not allow any rituals in your awakening to your divine self. Worship is an opportunity to remember your creator and not to play with little toys in your dollhouse. Remember that when you are practicing rituals you are playing into the hands of the demonic forces.

4) Avoid all technologies that are controlling your lives. Most of the technologies present on Earth are being used by the market forces to create wealth by the wrong means. Be careful in choosing technology that will create or break your spiritual growth.

5) Avoid entertainment that is pulling you down. Those entertainments that engage your minds to lower instincts should be completely avoided. Understand the industries that are ruling your lives, engrossing your mind with junk, destroying your personal and family lives and taking you down the ladder of evolution. Be careful about how to get yourself entertained. You are literally playing into the hands of the demonic forces.

6) You must earn your livelihood by divine means. Industries/occupations that are selling goods and services to pull down your vibration, though legitimate in the eyes of the law, are not suitable for your employment. And, it is not so difficult to differentiate between good and bad industries/occupations. Therefore, engage with those industries/occupations that help or support in the spiritual growth of the individuals and the civilization at large. Learn to differentiate.

7) Stop racing against time for your material growth per se. Material comfort is necessary for a healthy life, which in turn should help you in your spiritual growth. However, material comforts that take away simplicity and Mother Nature from your lives are not helping you in your spiritual growth. Therefore, each individual has to decide where to draw the line.

8) The basic building block of any civilization is the family. And the main pillar of any family is the relationship between husband and wife. Husband and wife are the representatives of the divine father and the divine mother. When this divinity is the bond between husband and wife, all members of the family are nurtured in high energy-consciousness vibration for their spiritual growth. This is the bedrock of your awakening to your divine self.

9) Practice all the good values of love, compassion, mercy, sacrifice, truth and all that is basic to human nature. These values are embedded in you. Allow these values to manifest in your day-to-day activities.

10) Start the day with meditation. When you are in deep meditation, you are in direct touch with your higher self. In that higher energy-consciousness vibration, seek the divine.

11) The highest form of life is lived by a person who can go to the depth of patience and silence and rise to the height of humility and simplicity. Such a person that has the heart of a lion and the love of the divine will surely find his place secured in the higher realms for eternal and blissful life.

12) Finally, always remember that you and God are one. You must always carry that responsibility on your shoulder such that you never fall down from your divine self.

( Lesson 2)


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