Lesson 1: Working on your Karma and Evolution

Q) People are born with individual and family karma. How does one steer through the maze of karma to evolve?

Shiva) First, let us understand the concept of karma. It is not the sole cause of reaping past actions alone! Karma is also the lesson plan of your actions for evolution. If you decide to learn a particular aspect of life for the growth or evolution of your soul, you take on certain paths to do so in your present life or future lives. This way, of your own volition, you lay down the learning curve for yourself to experience life that is essential for the growth of your soul. You, of course, create the lesson plans well in advance in the higher realms before you enter your present life.

Therefore, consider the two components of karma. One is the result of your past actions and the other one is the lesson plans that you have laid down for yourself. Both these components work in fruition to give you experiences for the growth of your soul towards higher growth. This, briefly, is known as karma.

Therefore, your life is not a random process of selection of events that you call as good or bad fate. Each event is the result of your own creation; either by choice or by retribution.

Therefore, when you talk about evolution through the maze of karma, it essentially means working out the lesson plans that have been planned for you to experience and evolve through a series of lifetimes.

Q) Does this mean that we will always succeed in completing our lessons in the present incarnation?

Shiva) It will depend on the various influences upon you at any given point in time. When a society is degraded, chances are very less for completing your lessons. Which means that your evolution in the right direction, as desired by you, is slowed down and sometimes completely changed in its direction.

How do you expect a human to evolve in the right direction when all the entertainment industry is determined to grip you by the lower forces of the creation? Right from the little children to the old population, you are heavily influenced by the demonic forces that are winning the game. These forces are pulling you to the pit of the lower astral worlds where your future is doomed. This may sound very macabre but this is the reality.

Q) Can you be more specific about these lower forces?

Shiva) You are essentially a spirit, caged in a physical body to experience the physical world. Your main goal should be to awaken yourself to your Higher Self and to enter the higher worlds after you complete your physical life. However, your present lifestyle is very gross that only consolidates your lower instincts. How do you explain the obsession for mindless episodes of gross entertainment through TV, the Internet, Sports and all? When you engage in gross entertainment, you pull down your energy-consciousness vibration. In other words, you completely become aloof to listen to your inner voice and forget the karmic lesson plans. Therefore, instead of evolving to higher worlds, you are actually falling down in the ladder of evolution. That is why I have said that the demonic forces are winning the game.

Q) What is your advice in this present situation where the population is not evolving in the desired direction?

Shiva) Start praying to God. Do not be so educated, intelligent and arrogant that you forget your Creator. When you start praying in the deepest chambers of your heart, you will learn to hear your Higher Self. It is your direct communication with your Higher Self that you can remain alert to your main goals in life. And, that is just the beginning of your journey.

It is of course not so easy to steer clear from all the vices that have gripped the present world. However, if one keeps God at the center of everything then things will move in the right direction. And, by God, I do not mean any mindless rituals or religious practices. When I say God, it means the benign force that is behind all creation and above all religions. This you can discover only through your inner journey: through meditation, prayer and by practicing values in life. Get drunk in the love of God and you will get the guidance for your journey through the difficult times.

Be more intelligent in a humble way to seek refuge in God. The fundamental values are all there in all the books of religion and spirituality. Practice the good values, stay away from all rituals and meditate. Gradually your mind will be fertile and receptive to hear your inner voice. This inner voice is your Higher Self that is speaking to you all the time. Let your Higher Self be your guru or guide in the course of your evolution. Become independent in seeking God and you will find the way. Have a personal connection with God and you will know. Become a lover of God and you will get.

When you have completely spiritualized your life, no lower forces can touch you. In this state of mind, you will be able to work on your lesson plans to evolve and steer clear from all the demonic forces that have gripped your planet now.

Q) You are saying that the first condition to work on our karma and evolution is to spiritualize our lives. How practical and feasible is that?

Shiva) When the patient is willing to be cured, medicine will work. In a similar way, you have to be on the side of the divine to allow your Higher Self to guide you through the maze of your karma to evolve. There are scores of examples who have discovered the truth through their inner journeys. Seek and you shall find. This should motivate you to find God as your personal guide and you will realize that God is the closest one that you can ever have. Always remember that you and GOD are one. 

(Lesson 1)


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