Dialogue 5: You are ignorant about higher-dimensional existence

Q) You have exhorted on focusing on the higher dimension. But people on Earth are ignorant about the higher dimensional existence. In fact, the majority of the people on Earth are living with a single-life agenda and are absolutely uncertain about their after-lives. In such a situation, we are living like the lost children in the backyard swamp of an eternal spring.
Shiva: The very fact that you are born on planet Earth, which is a lower dimension planet, means that you have many unfinished lessons to learn in the physical dimension. In other words, in the comity of civilizations across the universe through various dimensions, you are like the kindergarten kids, still learning the fundamentals.
Metaphorically speaking, it is like the students who are joining different levels of education, from nursery to university, depending on the individual capacity to learn. A Ph.D. student will not take admission in a nursery class; neither a nursery student will visit the university.
Your life is also evolving like a student where you join different levels in different school systems across the physical universe, and then from the physical universe to the higher universes. Depending on the individual capacity to learn, you plan your own birth in different planetary systems. Once you take birth on a particular planet, you work out your lesson plans in that particular life and then move on to your next life to continue your evolution. Your next life could be on the same planet or on a different planet in a different dimension. It all depends on various factors like your past karma and your present state of evolution. So, the entire journey of your evolution is an individual process, different from all other individuals, and is spread across various dimensions across various universes. Till the time you are not ready to complete your journey of evolution, you will remain entangled in the chain of birth and death across the multi-universe.
Q) This sounds like a very long journey for us!
Shiva: What you are saying as ‘journey’ is basically called ‘life’. And life is very beautiful, joyous and fulfilling.
Q) But this is not the case with most of us on Earth. Almost all of us are living with so many difficulties and uncertainties.
Shiva: This is because you have lost the life of spiritual living. At a time when the Earth population is living the life of ‘consumers’, it is difficult task to change the paradigm from consumerism to spiritualism.
At a time when the leaders and the policy makers are grappling with various economic models for basic survival, it is futile to talk about living the life of plenty with God in the center.
How do you deal with a situation where greed, manipulation, and ignorance have become the main pillars of success in your life?
Q) How is ignorance the main pillar of success?
Shiva: You cannot have greed and manipulation unless you live in ignorance. It is because you are ignorant of “who am I?” you have given your life to greed and manipulation. In other words, it is because of your ignorance of your higher dimensional life and your true identity as God-Beings, that you have fueled your success on Earth based on greed and manipulation.
Q) So how do we change our paradigm from CONSUMERISM to SPIRITUALITY?
Shiva: You need to have a holistic view of your life to bring into your domain of knowledge the concept of multi-dimensional existence. And, once you realize that your life must move beyond the matter domain then only you will accelerate your evolution from lower dimension living on Earth to higher dimension living on the higher planes.
Once you realize that life on the higher planes is unimaginably beautiful, joyous and eternal, then only you will change your paradigm from CONSUMERISM to SPIRITUALITY. Of course, such change cannot happen on a mass scale but only at the individual level.
Q) Why such change cannot happen on a mass scale?
Shiva: Because the ruling elite is not enlightened enough to bring that change. The states or the governments are a system of dynamic cooperation of vested interests that need to accommodate the strong forces of the lower kinds.
On the other hand, the individuals can practice deep-rooted spirituality and accelerate to higher dimensional life. And some of you are doing this but only at a superficial level.
Q) So the solution lies with the individual and not in the state.
Shiva: Yes, the individuals should make spiritual progress and influence the neighborhood. This way, the individual progress will always stay on course and at the same time incrementally influence the state.
Let me put this very bluntly. Most of the people on Earth are living like a ‘frog in a well’. Your understanding of life is much skewed in living the life in misery, pain and all sorts of difficulties.
Q) And why so?
Shiva: Because you are so attached to the matter domain. For you, this is life as you have never bothered to know life in its grand reality. You have to realize that life is much grander and elegant that you can ever think of!
Life in the higher plain is pure joy and bliss where everything is made of ultra-subtle fields of high energy-consciousness vibration. In your language, it is like a dream land of infinite beauty and joy.
But this cannot happen in matter domain as Earth is the dimension of lower energy-consciousness vibration. So, as an individual, you have to evolve to higher dimension life in the higher planes.
Now, how do you do this?
You suddenly cannot jump from nursery level to join the university. And the only way to evolve from nursery to higher classes is through living a conscious spiritual life.
Q) What do you mean by living a spiritual life?
Shiva: First of all, understand that spiritual living is not giving up your material life and family responsibilities. Instead, you should embrace all your family and social responsibilities with a higher vision; a vision of God and the elegant creation.
If you understand God and the creation CORRECTLY then your life will progressively become spiritual. So, to answer your question, practice love and care, have patience and silence and become humble and simple. Above all, you should have the courage and determination to practice them all in all walks of your lives. Needless to say that some basic routine of meditation is a must in your daily life!
These are the seeds of spiritual living of the highest order.
Q) Do we not require some rules and regulations and join some order or sect?
Shiva: The answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’.
Yes’, because there is the group consciousness which will bind you on the course. ‘No’, because all the qualities are there in you; you just need to remain self-motivated to stay on the course.
However, stay away from that place which is making you servants instead of giving you freedom. A guru or master will never try to satisfy his/her ego by making you a disciple but will try to set you free by awakening your real identity; that you are your own master. The true master should empower you and not bind you.
So, depending on your individual state of mind and progress, you can choose your path. However, stay on course and never give up!
Q) In one of your dialogues you have said that we don’t need any Guru or Master. How do we face this situation?
Shiva: All the wisdom and knowledge is there in you if only care to listen and understand your Higher Self! However, you have filled your mind with so many distractions that you cannot hear my call.
To correct you distracted mind, which is based on the matter-paradigm, you may need the help of the individuals who will come to you as your teacher and guide.
But, if you are mentally strong and have an unfaltering determination to stay on course, then you should work independently, knowing all the time that your Higher Self is always guiding you from within.
( Dialogue 5)

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