Dialogue 9: No master can take you to the Higher Worlds unless you take the actions

Shiva) The ascended masters come to the earth to teach the laws of the universe and to reveal the true nature of God; they show you the way to the higher worlds of eternal bliss and joy.
 If you study their lives carefully, you will realize that all of them have chosen the lives of utter simplicity and humility. They had the courage of a lion to face the resistance from the negative forces and completed their missions with silence and patience. Above all, they showed their love and compassion for everyone without any discriminations and boundaries. Their lives are the message from God.
 Q) Who are these ascended masters and where do they live?
 Shiva) The ascended masters are the souls who have become one with God. As decreed by the Creator, these higher souls take birth in the lower dimensions to teach the higher truths and spread the messages of the Creator.
 They live a varied life, mainly hidden from the physical realities, to complete different tasks as planned by the Creator. However, one common trait that makes them different from the general population is their uncompromising love for God and faith in the higher principles of the universe.
 During their mission in the lower dimensions, like on earth, they remain fully awakened to their Higher Self and return to the higher dimensions after they leave their physical bodies.
 Q) You said that their lives are the messages from God. What do you mean by this?
 Shiva) No messenger of God lived the life of luxury and comfort. In fact, braving untold hardships, all of them worked tirelessly to complete their missions; this is to express their solidarity with the people and to show you the divine path in your day-to-day living. This will bring hope to all those who are feeling lost in the physical world and looking for redemption to return to their eternal home.
 Therefore, to teach the lessons and to ignite hope, the ascended masters lived their life like a common man to set examples for their fellow brothers to walk the talk. That is how their lives have become their messages.
 Q) Can we practice the teachings of the ascended masters in our busy and materialistic world?
 Shiva) You do not have to live in any of the extremes. Have a balanced approach in your life
by doing your family responsibilities, participating in social duties and walking on the path of God.
 While practicing a balanced life, emulate the teachings of the masters in all walks of your life. This way you can live and grow spiritually in your busy and materialistic world.
 Q) Could we have some miracles of a sudden shift in our consciousness and all of us ascend to the higher dimensions?
 Shiva) Some individuals may have a momentary shift in their consciousness for inspiration or motivation but that will not be permanent. The permanent shift will be gradual to adjust to your physicality, including the brain functions.
 However, you can always accelerate the process of consciousness-shift or evolution to the higher energy-consciousness field if you remain steady on your spiritual growth and practice meditation on a daily basis. This will help in your gradual alignment with the higher dimension.
 Q) Why we cannot have a sudden shift in our consciousness on earth?
 Shiva) A shift in consciousness entails changes in your realities. You will not be comfortable in moving from the present reality to another reality without necessary changes in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual constitution. Most importantly, you need to work out your bad karma before you graduate to the higher energy-consciousness field.
 At present, planet earth is having a surge in her energy-consciousness vibration. Much old energy of the negative forces will give way to the higher energies of love, compassion, and divine laws. This transition will not be smooth and will cause many upheavals to replace all the lower forces on earth.
 However, this will be a gradual process and will take many thousands of years for a complete makeover of the old energies to enter the new realities in life.
 Meanwhile, you should remain focused on your spiritual growth; center your words, thoughts and deeds on God; and practice meditation on a daily basis. This will work out your negative karma to clear the old energies so that you can resonate with the surging higher energy-consciousness vibration on earth.
 Q) Finally, is there any hope of any master coming to earth and taking us to the higher dimensions?
 Shiva) The masters always come to enlighten you so that you can ascend to the higher dimensions. However, you have to work your way on the path of ascension. The masters will show you the path; you have to walk. They will show you the light; you have to hold the torch. Only, action can take you to the higher worlds; no miracle can change the law of the universe.
 Remain steady on your spiritual progress and practice meditation every day. Through proper mediation, you are directly connecting with the higher energy-consciousness vibration and therefore, you can accelerate the process of your ascension.
 Always remember that ascension is your personal journey and, if you are determined enough, you can always move to the higher dimensions to reach your eternal home of never-ending bliss and joy.
( Dialogue 9) 

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