Dialogue 8: Finding lasting peace and joy on earth

Q) There is pressing need to find peace and joy in our lives. How do we find that? 
Shiva) This is a perennial question and the elusive peace and joy are still dodging you. In all the ages the ascended masters have shown the way; they have walked the talks and taught you the fundamentals of life; especially the law of karma. However, those who are living on earth have refused to learn the lessons in their previous lives and suffering now.
All the scriptures have shown you the door to the higher worlds but you have been engrossed in the pleasures of the lower dimensions. Therefore, you are the victims of your karma.
Q) Why peace and joy have become elusive in our lives?
Shiva) Most of you do not understand the fact that peace and joy are the core nature of your Higher Self. That is why you can say that your fundamental nature is peace and joy. However, you have put many layers of emotions, feelings, desires, and karma around your fundamental nature. Therefore, it is very natural that you do not have peace and joy in your lives.
Q) So, how do we get back to our real nature of peace and joy?
Shiva) All your desires for the physical world, that do not relate to the divine, are binding you to the lower dimensions. All your attachments to the material pleasures and success are binding you to the emotions that do not allow you to reach your real nature of lasting peace and joy.
All these information are nothing new or special; all the God-realized masters have explained this repeatedly. However, you are missing the understanding, control, and practices.
Q) Can you elaborate more on the things that are missing in our lives: understanding, control, and practices?
Shiva) You have to understand that you are part of the energy-consciousness field of the Creator. Your core reality is the energy-consciousness vibration of endless bliss and joy, which has individuated into various dimensions. As you fall down in your energy-consciousness vibration, you move away from the eternal bliss and joy; your core reality. That is why you cannot have lasting bliss and joy in your present incarnation on earth; you are living in the lower density or lower energy-consciousness field of the earth.
If you can raise your energy-consciousness vibration through meditation and devotion to God then you can access the higher energy-consciousness field of lasting peace and joy.
However, such peace and joy will be momentary; the lower density of the earth will invariably pull you down to the attachments of the worldly affairs and emotions.
Q) How do we have control?
Shiva) Once you understand that your pain and sufferings are due to the effects of the lower-dimension, you should make efforts to move to the higher energy-consciousness fields or the higher dimensions. This requires discipline in your life to put you on the spiritual path.
When you walk on the spiritual path, you are trying to reach your Higher Self. However, you cannot reach your Higher Self with your attachments and desires for the things that belong to the lower energy-consciousness vibrations of the lower dimensions. This requires a lot of control over your earthly desires.
Your karma from the previous lives is the biggest barrier to your peace and joy on earth. To top it up, your obsession with entertainment from the media and popular sports is creating havoc in your energy-consciousness field. Therefore, you must have absolute discretion and control in your media habits and how you entertain yourself.
Understand that sports are very important in your life. It is the main source of exercising your body and healthy entertainment. Sports give you strength, stamina, determination, and courage.  However, the thrill and adrenaline rush of the glamorous and over commercialized sports is pulling down your energy-consciousness field and creating a bad karma for you.
In your ambition for material success, you do not apply control in your greed and do not know where to stop. For success, you go down the rabbit hole of karma that will bind you to the lower dimensions for many scores of lives to come. Control your desires; become simple and humble; have patience and silence in your earthly life.
It is very funny to observe that you put all your ethical and unethical efforts for earthly success, which will not even go to your burial ground. However, you do not put any efforts for spiritual growth to have eternal peace and joy in the higher dimensions.
Q) How do we practice what you are saying?
Shiva) Action is the karma. After understanding and controlling, you should put all your spiritual knowledge into practice. By walking the spiritual path, you are working out your negative karma and creating a positive karma.
By mere reading of the spiritual books will not help you; you need to apply them in your day-to-day living. The action will take you to your real nature; eternal peace and joy in the higher energy-consciousness field of the higher dimensions.
Q) Can we find lasting peace and joy on earth?
Shiva) No! You cannot, because the earth is not in the highest dimension. However, those individuals who are totally drunk in God will find more peace and joy in their earthly lives.
Remember that no master will come and give you peace unless you take the action. You have to keep God at the center of your thoughts, words, and deeds; live a disciplined spiritual life; practice meditation on a daily basis; fill your life with love for all and become a brave-heart in your spiritual living.
This is spirituality in action! The action will save your soul and take you to the higher dimensions of eternal peace and love.
( Dialogue 8)


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