Dialogue 7: Creation is a play of energy-consciousness vibration

Q) How is creation taking place?
Shiva: Creation is the projection of ideas of Infinite Void. It is an intense primordial creative process where never-ending ideas are birthing and moving at a gigantic speed to manifest at different frequency zones of energy-consciousness vibration.
Higher the frequency, subtler is the manifestation and lower the frequency, grosser is the manifestation. The frequency zones can be broadly categorized into three realms of Causal Universe, Astral Universe and Physical Universe.
 In the ultra-high frequency zones, we have the Causal Universe; where life exist only as subtle ideas. Only the most evolved souls can enter this subtle realm. In the lower frequency zones, we have the Astral Universe where life exist in extreme beauty and joy ( Heavenly worlds are part of this frequency zones). And, in the lowest frequency zones of energy-consciousness vibration we have the Physical Universe.
 The entire creation is, therefore, a continuum of energy-consciousness vibration of different frequencies making it a single energy-consciousness-field of Integrated Wholeness. Therefore, you all are literally one with the Creator.
 You will also intuitively realize that the fundamental particles of all matter are condensed forms of ideas that spring out of Infinite-Void. You may call these fundamental particles as the THOUGHTRONS; the term coined by the great yogi, Paramhansa Yogananda. They are the basic building blocks of all matter that pop in and out of the nothingness; the Infinite-Void. This popping in-and-out of the Infinite-Void is happening at a speed that is humanly incomprehensible.
 Q) Please give us more detail of the Causal Universe.
Shiva: Beyond time and space is the Causal Universe where the souls are no more bound by the karma of their physical or astral senses and emotions. In the ultra-subtle dimension of the Causal Universe, the souls exist only as pure energy-consciousness vibration of insurmountable joy and bliss for all eternity.
 In the Causal Universe, the souls are closest to Infinite-Void. These souls or beings of light exist as pure energy-consciousness fields and are ever-changing in the rhythm of energy-consciousness vibration of Infinite, also known as the Divine Dance. It is impossible to understand Causal existence, which is much evolved than the heavenly worlds, unless you transcend time and space to enter the Causal existence and realize that everything in its fundamental reality exist as an idea alone and is made of pure energy-consciousness vibration.
 Q ) How does it feel to transcend time and space?
Shiva: As you go on to discover your real identity with the universe and beyond, you will feel the thrill as well as the relief after discovering the key to time-less existence. This is a Soul-Journey; scaling the heights of all external barriers and transcending the depths of all inner barriers beyond all dimensions of time and space. This journey unravels the mystery of creation that is ever expanding and eternal.
 In time-less existence, you experience yourself as pure energy-consciousness vibration, living in inexhaustible bliss of Infinite-Void. All time and space dimensions melt in the moment of NOW and HERE because, like everything else, time and space exist as an idea alone. 
( Dialogue 7)

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