Dialogue 6: Creation exists as an idea of the Creator

Q) You have frequently referred to the advanced civilizations living in the higher dimensions. Please elaborate more on these higher dimensions?
Shiva) First of all understand that the creation exists as an IDEA in the energy-consciousness field of the Creator. Everything is being created and dissolved by this energy-consciousness field which is infinite.
Now, there are two ways to look at the creation. One is with your physical eyes which are peeping into the matter domain. And the other is with your intuitive eyes (looking with the energy-consciousness filed itself) which are looking into the non-matter domain. And every moment the matter domain is getting dissolved into the non-matter domain.
Your Quantum Physicists have already discovered that matter at the smallest level is dissolving into energy pulse or vibration. It is only the act of your observation which is making energy into matter. This non-matter domain or the domain of extremely high energy-consciousness vibration is the domain of the permanent living. This is the domain of the higher dimensions.
The individuals as Souls are only hiring a physical body in the physical worlds until the bodies get annihilated at the end of its shelf-life, i.e. your physical death. But the Soul, which is the Eternal-I, will exist in the ultra-high-energy-consciousness-field to live eternally. The energy-consciousness field is infinite and eternal and therefore all Souls as part of this field are also infinite and eternal.
Q) Share something more about the higher dimensions.
Shiva) Literatures are already available on Earth about the higher dimensions. Vested interests have suppressed them or nullified them to control your happiness and joy. This is to serve the purpose of the souls who are chained to the lower vibrations on Earth.
If the individuals realize that they are free to move to a much higher level of existence without anybody’s help, then who will serve the material comfort and greed of the lower beings ? This is the main reason why TRUTH is not allowed to become part of your mass consciousness.
But the time has come for all you to know the TRUTH and move to higher level of existence; to come to your eternal and infinitely beautiful home.
The highest level of existence is of the nature of bliss in the infinite field of energy-consciousness vibration. And most you will not prefer to live there because this is a state of ABSOLUTE-NOTHINGNESS and this is the state of my core existence.
Below this level, there are many higher dimensions in different levels of energy-consciousness vibrations which are essentially non-physical dimensions. The souls live here in the form of light, some in the form of subtle ideas and some in the form of energy-consciousness waves. These dimensions are extremely subtle which is beyond any human comprehension.
At further lower levels are the dimensions of extreme beauty and joy. These dimensions are also non-physical and all the good souls, who have permanently worked out their karmas in all the physical dimensions, live here. These dimensions are also energy-consciousness fields of very high frequencies. Various life forms and civilizations thrive here.
Even at lower levels are the physical dimensions which have the physical worlds in different sectors of the physical universe; all thriving at different levels of evolutions. These are the dimensions of lower energy-consciousness vibrations. Planet Earth is one of them.
But the most important thing to understand here is that all these dimensions, from the highest to the lowest, are superimposed on each other; there is no time and space to separate them. In other words, the matter domain is superimposed on the non-matter domain and all the dimensions are held at the same place and at the same time by the energy-consciousness field which is infinite.
Q) This information is already there in some selected spiritual literature and Quantum Physics has also discovered the existence of many dimensions. However, our knowledge is not very definite about life in different dimensions.
Shiva) The scientists are trying to understand the non-matter with matter. This is the main drawback. Your physical eyes and the physical instruments cannot fathom the higher dimensions because that is not in the design of the Creator.
Q) And why not?
Shiva) Then it will short circuit the evolution towards an undesirable collapse. There is a purpose behind the design of the creation and that cannot be short-lived.
Imagine a scenario where your science can take you to the higher dimensions in a spaceship. You land in a sphere where everything is changing at the wish of your mind. The higher beings are evolved enough to express utmost simplicity and humility and speak only the language of love and care. In such a scenario, I can assure you, the newcomers will feel totally lost and suffocated. Neither their physical bodies nor their under-developed mind will be able to adjust to the very higher vibrations of the higher dimensions. Naturally, their physical bodies will collapse. And this is exactly the reason why the beings from the lower vibrations cannot survive in the higher dimensions. Neither the mind nor the body of the lower dimensions is evolved enough to live in the higher dimensions.
The architecture of the creation is based on the energy-consciousness vibration of different frequencies. To move to the higher dimension, one has to evolve into higher vibration from matter to non-matter, or from matter to light. A machine is a tool of the matter domain; of the lower dimensions. Machines or physical things do not survive in the non-matter domains or higher dimensions. That is why you will have a very subtle body of light to exist in the higher dimensions.
And in the highest planes, you will exist not in the bodies of light but in the form of an idea alone and this is beyond any human comprehension. But there are people on Earth who have experienced the highest planes in their meditation.
Q) Why should we aspire to live in the higher dimensions?
Shiva) This is the most fundamental question in a man’s life! First of all, all most all the people on Earth do not have any clue about the higher dimensions or life beyond Earth. It is a very unfortunate situation and speaks the present state of your evolution.
It is also very sad that you have shunned a life of unimaginable joy and beauty of the higher dimensions and clutching on to the lowest vibrations on Earth because of your individual karma.
As you aspire to come out of any ailment, pain or misery, you should also naturally desire to come out of the lower worlds and move to the higher dimensions. It is as simple as that!
Q) But why don’t we desire to live in the higher worlds? Why is strong hankering missing in us?
Shiva) Simply because you have created karma for yourself to remain absorbed in the physical world and accordingly you have insulated yourself from any pull from the higher dimensions.
You simply like to believe that this is the way of life and living. In other words, you are too busy to leave your life of pain and worries on Earth!
Q) How we have come to this situation that we are trapped in the physical world of lower dimension and shunting our eternal life of joy and bliss?
Shiva) Your karma; which is nothing but your own making. For eons and eons, you are not able to fall in love with God and instead you have given your soul to the temporary joys and material attachments of the lower dimensions.
Together with your ego and lower elements like greed, jealousy, ambition, revenge, recognition, et al, you have created a very strong bond or attachment with the physical dimension. And in every life you take in the physical dimension, you are adding to this bondage.
Thus, the cobweb of your individual karma does not allow you to open your desire for living in the higher worlds or higher dimensions. And even if you are born in the higher dimensions, you will invariably be pulled into the lower worlds to work out your physical karma. This is the principle of karma.
Q) Is there anybody who is able to come out of this karmic trap and moving to the higher dimensions permanently?
Shiva) Of course there are people on Earth who have done this before and are even doing this today! These souls are working very silently to come out of their individual karma and evolving very fast to permanently live in the higher dimensions.
There are scores of examples on Earth who have shown the way to the higher dimensions; they have lived their lives on Earth to set examples for the others to follow. But only a selected few have chosen the right path and the rest of you have willingly faltered.
 Q) Who will guide us to the higher dimension or who will guide us to God?
Shiva) You will yourself do that. You do not need any Guru or Master to return to your higher dimensional living. Neither you need to live the life of seclusion of the ascetic to discover your God self.
Always remember that you are born of the Infinite and you all are God beings. All you have to do is to discover your true identity within yourself. And to go within yourself you do not require any middleman or any ritual.
Q) Give us some guideline on this.
Shiva) You are living inside the energy-consciousness vibration of the Creator. And every part of you, including your mind and the desires, are made of the energy-consciousness vibration of different frequencies. You lower your senses to greed and jealousy; you are using the lower vibration. You show love and compassion; you are using the higher vibration. So, both, greed and compassion, are God stuff but of different vibrations.
When you are killing and being brutal to someone, you are using lower energy-consciousness vibration and when you are practicing simplicity and humility, you are using higher energy-consciousness vibration. In simple language, everything and everybody are God stuff.
So you do not have to depend on anything outside to reach your God self. All the tools and faculties are within you to discover your Higher Self and move towards higher dimensional living.
A disciplined life of simplicity and humility, patience and silence, love and compassion and above all courage and determination are good enough to travel the road of self-discovery. However, what will fuel the engine is meditation!
If you can root your life to the above-mentioned values and can practice meditation on a daily basis, you will definitely accelerate your growth to self-discovery. The basic principle of life should be to discover that you are a multi-dimensional being. You can practice this of your own within your individual faith and religion. Let there be harmony among all faiths such that all lead to the same truth.
Fall in love with your Higher Self and know that you and God are one. 
(Dialogue 6)



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