Dialogue 3: Poverty on earth is man-made and artificial

Poverty on Earth is man-made owing to individual greed and wrong perception of life
 Q) Close to half the world population is living in abject poverty. What is the solution to come out of this?
Shiva) This is a man-made poverty created by the vested interests. The state  and industry leaders are hand-in-glove to ensure large scale poverty so they can gratify their lives with more power and excessive material comforts.
Poverty occurs due to lack of opportunity in the value creation of goods and services. However, there is enough resource for all the individuals on Earth to earn their livelihood and grow with the basic comforts. But the vested interests have created many walls around the resources to subjugate people into poverty.
Once the walls around the resources are dismantled and recognized for their value creation, you cannot have any poverty on Earth.
 Q) That sounds so simple. But the leaders and the experts are not finding any permanent solution to this issue.
Shiva) This is because they are trying to solve the issue from the wrong paradigm. Let us see life from two different paradigms; Matter-paradigm and Energy-Consciousness-paradigm.
Matter-paradigm is based on the notion that the basic-building-block of the universe is matter, that is the atom, and life is an accidental outcome of some genetic mutation. The fall-out of this paradigm is that you can compete with nature and all life forms, including man, to survive and take/exploit as much as you want since this is a single-life journey that ends after physical death.
Energy-Consciousness-paradigm, on the other hand, is about going beyond matter. This paradigm is based on the ‘fact’ that the basic-building-block of the universe is energy-consciousness vibration. The entire creation, including the universe, is a web of a single energy-consciousness field and therefore, everything is connected to each other.
Energy-Consciousness paradigm also means that life is a long journey of many lives and all individuals need to complete their lessons to move on to the higher dimensions after our physical death.
So, the matter-paradigm is all about individual survival and competition is the mantra of growth and happiness. Energy-consciousness paradigm, on the other hand, is about continuity of life through loving, caring and sharing as we all are one.
Q) The matter-paradigm is so deep rooted in our mass consciousness that we will take many centuries to come out of it. Does this mean that the majority of the Earth population will live in abject poverty?
 Shiva) There are many layers to the answers. First, let us talk from the individual perspective.
What, if the individual has to work out the karma of amassing wealth by exploiting others in his/her past life? This individual needs to be born in a life where he will learn his lesson. And you don’t learn your lesson of humility and simplicity with a golden spoon in your mouth!
Then you have the problem with your leaders. Instead of working for the others they are bickering on power games and self-aggrandizement.
Then you have these individuals who have a good wealth of intelligence and resources but, unfortunately, they are mainly working through the prism of matter-paradigm.
And, top of it, you have the collective karma of all the forces working in your lives. Be it media, entertainment, sports, education, et al. These forces are creating a karma on the eco-system that is affecting the geography in a very big way. So you have a massive degradation of the weather system, society and the ecology at large that stalls the creation and distribution of wealth and happiness for all, which in turn creates more poverty for the disadvantaged lot.
 Q) If there are so many layers and levels blocking us in misery then how will the individuals have happiness on Earth? Can we ever come out of poverty?
Shiva) I will give some simple solutions for the individuals to come out of poverty.
First, do not relate happiness with wealth and material success as you should know that happiness and joy have nothing to do with poverty or wealth.
When you find the source of eternal peace and joy then nothing can make you poor. You are poor because you have lost your eternal home! 
(Dialogue 3)



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