Dialogue 2: Go beyond the physical dimension of earth

Q) In our regular life we do not feel motivated to go beyond the physical dimension of Earth. For us, Earth is real and we are very attached to her. How do we and, most importantly, why do we need to go beyond the physical dimension of Earth?

Shiva) Earth is as real as your dream world. Everyday, during your sleep, you create your own experience in the non-physical dimension called dream. And you feel that all your dream sequences are rock solid like on Earth.

Q) Now, which is real: Earth or our dreams?

Shiva) From my side, both are unreal. Because, your dreams and Earth are energy-consciousness bubbles that exist only as an idea. But they are also real because you are experiencing them as a reality.

So, when you are experiencing from your side they are real for you but when you experience from my side then everything exit as an idea.

Q) We still need more clarity on what is real and what is dream. When we wake up from our dreams we feel that we have experienced something that was very real and then, gradually the reality fades away and finally we say that ‘Oh, it was just a dream!’ Why does this happen?

Shiva) To understand this, let us go to the core of the reality and for this you need to see from the eyes of Infinite.

I am pure energy-consciousness field without any feeling and mind. I exist at the core as a pure and blissful state of consciousness and my state is Absolute Nothingness. It is from this core that ideas took birth and have taken innumerable forms which you call as Creation. From my core, everything that is there, including time and distance, is only a mere idea; a mere thought. For me, there is no difference between a stone and a human being because both of them are existing as mere ideas in my energy-consciousness field at different levels of energy-consciousness vibration.

Now let us go inside the creation called life. Life is a step-down of the Infinite that has individuated into innumerable life forms as mere ideas. These life forms, including the universe, are nothing but energy-consciousness bubbles vibrating at different frequencies which will finally dissolve into Infinite.

But, until that dissolution happens, you will feel separated from each other and from the Infinite and live as individuals as your reality.

Therefore, from your perspective, everything is real. Whereas, from the perspective of Infinite, everything is an idea.

It is only when you wake up from your idea bubbles that you will become one with Infinite to become a fully liberated soul. So, until you get fully liberated, you will feel everything as real and once you dissolve into Infinite, everything will become mere ideas.


Let us see how.

When you sleep, your consciousness takes the role of the Creator. As a process of creation, you create your own reality in the energy-consciousness field of Infinite. And, when you wake up from your sleep, you return from your reality that you had created in your dream and you will say, ‘Oh, it was just a dream!’

This is exactly what you are going to say when you will leave your physical body after your death. At your death, your consciousness will wake up in another dimension and you will feel that your life on planet Earth was only a dream or just an idea.

Q) So, what is the lesson for us in creation and dissolution of our dreams every night?

Shiva) This question relates to your first question. ‘How do we and why do we need to go beyond the physical dimension of Earth?

There is a great lesson in your dreams that you experience every night. Your experience of dreams is a way to relate to the same mechanism of Creations and Dissolution of idea bubbles of Infinite. And, as a individuated form of Infinite, you are also replicating the same mechanism.

The experience of dream every night, in the final analysis, is tunning you to the fact that everything is idea bubbles that will dissolve into Infinite and the physical dimension of Earth is not the permanent reality. Therefore, you cannot hold on to or get attached to the physical dimensions which is merely a bubble of idea.

And, unless you strive to come out of this physical attachment, you cannot move to the higher dimensions which are non-physical. Meaning, as long as you are trapped to the physical dimensions of Earth and other such physical planets, you will suffer the dualities of pain and joy. Because you are mistakenly trying to find permanent happiness on a bubble of idea called Earth.


And, how do we go beyond the physical dimension?

By getting rid of all your attachments on Earth and completing all your lessons which are rooted to the physical dimension. THIS IS WHERE YOUR JOURNEY OF HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS BEGINS!

( Dialogue 2)

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