Dialogue 19: Mass consciousness and individual karma have imprisoned you in the lower dimension

I am Shiva speaking to the population on earth.
I observe from my blissful state that the citizens of earth are trapped in the lower dimension primarily because of the very low quality of mass consciousness. Your entertainment culture has lowered your energy-consciousness vibration or the mass consciousness to the point that you cannot even realize your unnatural condition: your body, mind, and intelligence have become impervious to the bliss and joy of higher energy-consciousness vibrations. 
Like a frog in the simmering cauldron, you are happy in your condition and taking your low-quality life as normal. When the temperature reaches the boiling point, you have nowhere to go but suffer in your extreme conditions. This is utter foolishness! 
I want you to understand that, you are a spirit/soul trapped in your mind and physical body. Your soul is the free bird that longs to soar in the infinite energy-consciousness field of eternal bliss and joy. Your eternal home is in the higher dimensions of unfathomable natural beauty and spiritual joy; all vibrating in the love of God alone.
Your soul is always one with the creator; always in the bosom of God’s love. Your soul does not want anything but God’s company and eternal love. Your soul swims in the endless beauty and joy of God’s creation in the eternal spring of youth and romance. You are blissful and joy permeated soul, intoxicated in God’s love and beauty. This is your real nature! 
The higher dimensions are teeming with countless souls who are living in endless joy and bliss with the awareness that life is eternal; there is no beginning and no end. The free souls are zooming in and out of the pristine beauty of the never-ending vistas of God’s creation.
 There is no physicality but only energy-fields of light and consciousness. Bliss; endless bliss is the only awareness that sustains the free souls for eternity in the ever-changing beauty of the higher dimensions. 
And, I want all of you to come to the highest dimension. Every creature in the entire creation should reside permanently in the eternal home of endless beauty and joy of the highest dimension. 
What has stopped you from entering the higher dimensions? Let me explain to you:
The creation is divided into several realms or dimensions of different energy-consciousness fields or vibrations. With spiritual qualities alone, in every successive life, each individual can graduate to the higher levels of evolution. Therefore, the very fact that you are on earth means that you have not made any spiritual progress in your past lives to enter the higher dimensions. 
Who is responsible for this? You are the only person responsible for your situation. Your past karma and attachments to the physical domain are strong enough to pull you down again and again in the lower dimension on earth and various other planets across the universe. 
After you quit your physical life, you enter the higher worlds but your past karma pulls you again to the lower dimensions. This cycle of going up and coming down is repeated again and again for eons, but you refuse to make any spiritual progress.


Let us now understand how contemporary mass consciousness has blocked your spiritual growth:



What is ruling your mass consciousness now? What is the dominating theme in your life?
My observation is that you are obsessed with your material growth and mass entertainment. Career, material ambition, money, movies, TV programs, pop music, commercialized sports, politics, and all forms of debased and gross media contents are the prime engagement in your life. 
The vibrations from these engagements lower your energy-consciousness field such that the finer qualities of spirituality and God-consciousness do not enter your individual and mass consciousness. All the higher vibrations sent by the ascended masters and saints are not able to reach your blocked mind and intelligence. As a result, you are almost doomed in the darkness of material trinkets and entertainment cultures. 
Only the spiritually wakened individuals will get the chance to enter the higher dimensions, and some individuals and families are doing their level best to stay aloof from the mass cultures and making their spiritual progress silently.
Now, you have to take your final call; are you happy in the lower dimensions or do you want to enter the higher worlds of eternal joy and bliss? I am Shiva; I want you all to enter the higher dimensions. 
Make all the efforts to balance your spiritual and material growth. Gradually, you will realize that spiritual progress alone is the panacea for all your material and emotional misery. Understand that your real treasures are the spiritual values that you inculcate during your mortal life and not your money or fame.
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( Dialogue 19)


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