Dialogue 18: Your busy material life makes the illusion stronger

The more you get involved in your busy material life the stronger is the illusion and it will be impossible for you to come out of your lower energy-consciousness field.
I am Shiva speaking to the population on planet earth. I am not going to sugarcoat my talks today!
I find that you are foolishly becoming more and more engaged in your material life in the name of career, material growth, monetary security, and happiness. This is utter foolishness. And, I will explain why!
I have already explained in this Website about the architecture of the creation and evolution of life. Nevertheless, I will again briefly explain the same for your benefit.
The entire creation is a grand play of energy-consciousness vibration of different frequencies and an expression of the Absolute Nothingness that holds the entire creation as an idea alone.
Within the idea, the energy-consciousness frequencies are holding the various realms of existence, which you call the various dimensions of existence or realities. Planet earth is in a lower energy-consciousness field that is evolving to the higher frequencies. There are countless planets of different energy-consciousness frequencies evolving to higher frequencies along with their civilizations. This is the process of evolution: the rising of energy-consciousness frequencies of the entire creation.
Now, relate this with your life on planet earth. Earth is evolving to the higher realms or higher energy- consciousness dimensions. Therefore, all earth beings must evolve spiritually to match the higher frequencies of the higher dimensions.
If you do not grow spiritually, you will fall behind and become a mismatch to live in the higher dimensions. As your body, mind, and soul suffocate in the higher frequencies of earth, you will have to leave planet earth to evolve further in different planetary system that is in lower energy-consciousness vibration.
To sum it up, your inner world must match the frequencies of the outer world. This is the simple principle of your life, its existence, and growth in the various dimensions.
Having said the working of the creation and life very briefly, I can tell you that the majority of the earth’s population is living in the lower energy-consciousness vibration. Therefore, you are a mismatch for the higher frequencies of the dimensions where your galaxy is moving. This means that the majority of the earth’s population is living in a difficult life and suffering mental trauma silently. This trauma is going to increase to the point where your body will necessarily find a way to quit planet earth.
Now relate to my observation that I have mentioned in the beginning. You are so busy in your material growth that your spiritual life is lost in your obsession for material life and success. Your energy-consciousness vibration is too low to match with the higher frequencies of the higher dimensions. Therefore, embrace the pain that you have created for yourself.
I would like you to understand that for centuries, the ascended masters and saints have shown you the spiritual path that you have ignored. You have ignored to the point that you are repeatedly taking birth in the lower dimensions. The masters have done their jobs silently but you have failed to listen and practice.
Today, your life was filled with entertainment of various kinds. Your lifestyle and professional life do not have any room for spirituality to bloom. You feel proud to remain busy in your physical growth alone and neglecting your spiritual self. At a time when your soul is begging to rescue yourself, your ego is driving your life to the Mammon and you are completely oblivious to the absolute danger of your material growth. Therefore, be prepared to be lost in the lower energy-consciousness vibrations of the lower dimensions.
Who are the main perpetrators of this crime? Who are creating and holding the illusion for you? Who are playing the piper’s role to take you down the drain?
All those who are in politics, in the governments, in the industries and business, and most importantly those in the world of sports, music, film and the whole entertainment and glamour industry at large are creating and holding the illusion for you. With their words and actions, they are pulling down your vibrations to keep you away from the love and bliss of God; you are trapped in a lower life.
Come back if you can and you must move the mountains to do it. All the contents in this Website are being given to redeem your life. Read the contents with utter humility and devotion. You will find the strength and wisdom to find your way back to your spiritual home.
You are already very late!
( Dialogue 18)

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