Dialogue 17: Make God the filter in your life. Only the Divine should come in and go out of your words, thoughts, and deeds

Q) In a lower dimension planet like earth, we are perpetually in the abyss of illusion. A strong magnet of the illusory world has separated us from the beautiful higher worlds of the higher dimensions. What is our future on planet earth?
Shiva) Energy-consciousness vibration is on the rise in the whole universe. Accordingly, all the dimensions are ascending and planet earth is no exception. You can experience it in your daily life through meditation.
Return to mediation and you will feel the rise in your level of consciousness: this is the simplest, safest, and fastest way to accelerate your evolution. However, meditation must be complemented by a life that is based on the highest moral and spiritual values.
If you separate meditation from values, then all your efforts in meditation will be a sheer waste.
Having said this, the future on earth is very safe for those people who have chosen the path of God. And for those, who are drunk in their material growth and entertainment, you are going to face a very difficult life.
Q) Is there any punishment involved in this?
Shiva) No. There is no punishment by God. It is only a way of the working of your karma. The reward and punishment is based on your karma that will take you through many lessons in your life across the whole creation.
As higher-consciousness vibration rises open planet earth, which happening at this point, all the old structures, based on lower energy-consciousness vibration, will collapse. This will entail many ecological and structural changes in your economy and life at large to trigger severe trauma and disasters in your personal and collective consciousness. If you are in the flow of the higher energy-consciousness vibration, the transition will be easy for you.
And if you are in the lower energy-consciousness vibration, clutching to the old energies in your life, you are against the flow and will experience extreme pain in your life.
Q) At the cost of repeating the same question in all the dialogues, what should we do?
Shiva) Make God the FILTER in your life. Like you drink filtered water to keep all the germs and impurities away from your system, similarly, make God the filter to stop all the impurities that are entering your life from media and other sources.
Make you heart the filter of God. Imagine God residing in your heart and all the thoughts, words and actions entering your mind should first pass through God who is sitting in your heart. Remain conscious all the time that God is your filter and you will find that all your thoughts, words and actions are getting refined and pure. Slowly but surely, you will become impervious to all that are coming from the lower energy-consciousness vibration.
Remember that most of the modern films and other entertainment contents are from the lower energy-consciousness vibration that is causing tremendous harm to your body, mind, and soul. It is pulling down your vibration to the point of no return.
Q) It is very difficult to stay away from the lower energy-consciousness vibration. All our working environment, home entertainment, and personal lives are completely invaded by the low-quality thoughts. We have almost become impervious to the divine. What is the remedy?
Shiva) You can do your calculations. In 24 hours, you spend 7 hours sleeping, 12 hours in your professional work and commutation, 1 hour in eating. How do you spend the remaining 4 hours every day? Is it by watching TV, Internet and idle talks or do you spend quality time with your family? Even if you spend some quality time with your family, where is your time for God?
Whatever time you spend in the name of God, they are only mere rituals; all kinds of practices that only feed the lower energies. Therefore, practically speaking, there is no time in your life for the most important thing in your life: God.
So, the only way to come out of this abnormal situation is to make God the filter of your heart. All your thoughts, words and actions must pass through the filter of God so that you are constantly remembering God. Also, practice meditation for at least 30 minutes to one hour every day This way, you are God-consciousness all the time.
This way you can bring yourself back to your normal life; your path to the divine. Of course, you need to understand the whole approach and purpose of a spiritual life. Therefore, read and practice all the instructions given in this Website thoroughly. Do not falter in your last chance.
( Dialogue 17)

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