Dialogue 16: You have forgotten the main purpose of your life

Q) Many of us have an inner-call that we have a different purpose in our lives but somehow do not feel connected to that purpose. What is that purpose and why we do not get connected to it?
Shiva) When you are in a state of bliss you can hear your inner-call; the call of your soul or higher-self. Let us first understand what is bliss, inner-call, and higher-self.
Bliss is the state of consciousness when you are not operating from your mind, intellect and emotions. Bliss is a state of pure energy-consciousness vibration. This is the core state of your existence as an awakened soul, merged with your higher-self. It is extremely rare to experience bliss in your day-to-day normal life. However, in moments of higher devotion and inspiration, some of you may experience a few moments of pure bliss of God. This is the state when you get connected to your higher-self.
Your physical embodiment is encased with a body of light, called the astral-body. This astral-body is further encased with a very subtle body of energy-consciousness field, called the causal-body. Finally, after further evolution, the causal-body mergers into the infinite energy-consciousness field of God. Your evolution takes you through all these bodies of different energy-consciousness vibrations across different dimensions of the creation. In this context, when you operate with higher energy-consciousness vibration, you are connected to your higher-self. Your higher-self is always in a state of bliss and operates with intuitive knowledge.
Pure knowledge, that is intuitive, is received through your higher-self when you are in a state of bliss. This is how all the saints and ascended masters receive pure knowledge and codify them in the form of spiritual writings or statements. The UPANISHADS, GITA, and all the religious scriptures of all religions are nothing but the materialized form of the intuitive knowledge or pure knowledge of our higher-selves.
In your silence and joy, you experience a relatively shorter period peace and receive messages from your higher-self and that is your inner-call or the inner-voice. If you are in a positive state of silence, you receive the call of your higher-self. On the other hand, when you are in a negative state of silence or depression, you receive messages from the lower astral forces that intend to harm you.
You get much better clarity in your inner-voice or can tune in to your higher-self only in your peace and silence. Deeper the silence, better is the inner-voice. This is why you all should practice meditation, listen to soothing music, offer prayers and stay away from all noise and stress in your lives.
Your higher-self or the inner-voice always tells you the truth and guides you to the right path. Most often you are walking on the wrong path and your inner-voice prods you to make course corrections. Your higher-self knows your situation better than anyone else and accordingly guides you all the time. But you are unable to listen to the inner-voice/higher-self owing to all the cacophony inside and outside of yourself. This is the reason why you do not feel connected to the inner voice that is always guiding you to the main purpose of your life.
And now the main agenda of this talk: what is the purpose of your life?
As I have mentioned in the beginning, your body is encased in three layers of energy-consciousness vibration: physical, astral and causal. On Earth, you are embodied in a physical body and your main purpose or agenda in life should be to evolve through the other two bodies to become one with your higher-self.
When you are one with your higher self, you have reached the highest level of your evolution because you have become one with infinite energy-consciousness field of God. Between your physical life and higher-self is the journey of countless incarnations through various dimensions across the creation.
According to the original blueprint, the journey to your higher-self is always very fruitful and joyous as you are always tuned to your higher-self. However, because of the misuse of individual freedom of choice and wanton misuse of your senses, mind and intellect you have faltered to the extent that you cannot receive your inner-call anymore. Whatever comes from within is a faint distant call that withers in the cacophony of inner turmoil and external pleasures and excitement. There is no room for the inner-voice to settle down or register in your mind anymore!
Wake up now! There is no more time available to you. If you do not make changes in your life’s goal and priorities, you are running to the point of no return. The present civilization on planet earth is missing the greatest opportunities of high energy-consciousness vibration that is flooding the earth’s field now along with the surge of spiritual awareness through various media. If you do not take the advantages of your present incarnation then you are sure for a very-very long haul and difficult time in your future lives.
Be awakened! Take the spiritual path and stick to your spiritual goals now. This is the main purpose of your life.
( Dialogue 16)

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