Dialogue 15: Move from scarcity to abundance by changing the vision of your life

Q) In the matter-paradigm we live in limitations because we believe that it is only a life of 80 years on Earth and as individuals, we want to fulfill all our desires in the present life alone. 
This vision creates limitations because all our desires and greed are chasing limited resources on Earth, which creates a lot of competition and hardship. Because of this, we believe in survival of the fittest.Is this limitation on Earth by the design of the Creator or by the folly of our civilization?
Shiva) First understand the fundamentals. Planet Earth is in the lower dimension and has many limitations in comparison to the higher dimensions. In the higher dimensions, you will find all the opportunities to evolve spiritually. Once you evolve to the highest level, you are no longer required to take any birth in the lower dimensions and you will live eternally in the bliss of the Creator.
Life in the highest dimension is beyond human comprehension. If you can imagine your existence as an energy-consciousness field in unlimited bliss, joy, and love for eternity then you are only beginning to understand your real identity as a soul, which is a part of the Creator. When you are one with the Creator, your life has infinite potential that you can fulfill by mere thoughts alone.
However, life in the lower dimension, like on planet Earth, has many limitations and difficulties. Therefore, the limitations on planet Earth is by the design of the Creator.
Q) Does this mean that, on Earth, we are the innocent victims of your Creation?
Shiva) You need to understand the truth that the Creator has become all that is there. From my point of view, through you, I am experiencing all the limitations and difficulties as a process of my evolution. Moreover, in due course of time, all of you will evolve to become one in my Infinite energy-consciousness field.
When you evolve to the highest level, you will realize that your entire journey through all the dimensions is only an idea in the Infinite energy-consciousness field and you will feel immensely satisfied with the whole process of the creation because you have experienced the whole journey voluntarily.
In the final analysis, you are not the victims but the embodiments of the Creator who are experiencing the difficulties in the lower dimension and the unbound joy in the higher dimensions. Therefore, when you evolve to the highest level, you will appreciate the fact that the whole journey through many dimensions was worth it as it has enriched your experience as the Creator God. After all, you and God are one. This is the fundamental reality.
Q) But what is the need for experiencing so many difficulties on Earth? The most glaring is the economic hardship. How do we overcome these challenges?
Shiva) When you want to learn the higher values in your life, you get involved in the situations that teach you simplicity, humility, patience, and silence. Unless you have different agendas in life, you will never like to live in luxury because, as a soul, you always want to learn the spiritual values to evolve to the higher dimensions through simplicity and humility.
You should also know that the universe operates on the principle of Karma. To evolve to the higher dimensions, you have chosen your background on Earth to work out all your karma of the lower dimensions. Therefore, to redeem your karma and to complete your lessons, you need to experience all the good-bad-ugly that is spread out in many lives in the lower dimensions. This is the mechanism of your evolution to the higher dimensions.
Therefore, to overcome all your hardships and challenges, first, try to understand what life is teaching you from the situations. And, keeping God in your heart, face the situation with patience and courage. Take actions that are based on spiritual and moral values; you will surely overcome the dark phases in your life.
Always remember that through your lessons I am evolving because I am the entire Creation.
Q) Some situations create a scarcity of resources and subject many of us in abject poverty. How do we overcome this situation? Are we also learning something from this?
Shiva) Because you are living in the matter-paradigm, your wrong development model and greed have created unwarranted scarcities. There is no reason why people on Earth cannot have their basic needs fulfilled. Food, health, house, education and spiritual development should be the foundation for your growth on planet Earth.
However, you should know that there is no scarcity for the deserving people. God is the whole process: the good, bad and ugly. Therefore, if you care, you can find abundance in all situations.
Learn to differentiate between your needs and desires; earnestly pray in your heart and God will help you for your needs and not for your greed.
Remember that you are in the situation to learn. Therefore, the help will measure to support your growth and not to satiate your greed. Be humble and simple in your prayer. Have patience and silence in your situations and help will come from the Creator. IT IS MY PROMISE TO YOU.
However, for permanent success and abundance, you need to change the vision of your life. Move out of the matter-paradigm and embrace the energy-consciousness paradigm in your life.
Q) How does the energy-consciousness paradigm help us in achieving success and abundance?
Shiva) In the energy-consciousness paradigm, you live with the greater understanding of the principles of the universe: you understand that everything in the creation is a part of the Integrated Wholeness and that we all are one.
Because of your proper understanding of the working of the universe, you integrate all your practices and belief systems to the greater goodness and love for all. Therefore, you become more caring and sharing to create opportunities for all to realize their divine potential.
There is the absence of greed and material ambitions when the majority of the population practices a high standard of spiritual living. This results in peace, stability, success, and abundance for all. There are love and joy in your life and above all, you become closer to God like never before.
This is not an idea from the work of a fiction but actual practices of the higher civilizations in the higher dimensions.
Q) How long will it take for the entire civilization on Earth to embrace the energy-consciousness paradigm?
Shiva) It will take many centuries for the whole civilization to move to such evolved living but the individuals should adopt the energy-consciousness paradigm in their lives. This will bring success and abundance in their personal lives.
Keep God at the center of your heart. Practice meditation every day. Filter all your thoughts, words and actions with the love of God. This will tune your energy-consciousness field to a higher vibration and you will experience guidance and support from many evolved souls from the higher dimensions. 
The evolved souls, who are one with God, will always save you from all the dangers and remove all the obstacles that hinder your spiritual growth. With God in your heart and courage in your soul, practice a high standard of spiritual living towards success and abundance in your life.
Q) How should we live in material success and abundance on Earth?
Shiva) In material success and abundance, a spiritually evolved soul will live in simplicity and humility because his real success and focus lie in spiritual achievements and receiving God’s love.
A God-intoxicated and spiritually evolved person can do more justice to his material success and abundance by sharing the same with his fellow beings for the greatest good of all. Success and material abundance will never corrupt his divine goals.
Therefore, the strength and balance of material success and abundance with spiritual development should be the economic model of planet Earth as well as for the individuals.
God will give success and abundance to those who share them with his fellow beings. 
Always remember that to get success and abundance you must take action. By sitting and praying to God will not attract any success. Only honest and hard work will pave the way for God’s grace.
( Dialogue 15)


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