Dialogue 14: Everything in the creation is in a Dynamic Equilibrium

Q) In Dialogue: 13, we have discussed the harmony in the universe and the equilibrium that prevails in the entire Creation. Please share more details on this grand equilibrium.
Shiva) Everything in the creation is in a Dynamic Equilibrium. You already know that everything in the space is moving away from each other and the space is birthing and destroying millions of galaxies and stars at any given point in time. However, on a clear night, when you look up at the sky and wonder at the distant stars for hours together, nothing seems to be moving up there. You are at peace and enjoying the silence of the space. This is an example of Dynamic Equilibrium.
Beneath the skin of any life form, there are the electro-chemical signals that are moving at the speed of light. The more complex is the organism, the more intricate is the electro-bio-chemical network. However, above the skin is the beauty of a human form that you embrace and fall in love with. This is another example of Dynamic Equilibrium.
Quantum Physics has conclusively proven that no particle can be called as the basic building block of the universe. The hands that hold this reading material and the table that supports your hands, in reality, have no solidity. All matter at the sub-atomic level collapses into wave functions and merges in and out of the energy field that is conscious of itself. 
Therefore, the book that you are holding in your hand right now, although seems to have a solid mass, is an energy-field where the energy waves are moving at a speed beyond human comprehension. There is an intricate pattern of energy-consciousness vibration beneath the surface of the solid book, but you only tend to enjoy the thrill and romance of the novel that you are reading. This is Dynamic Equilibrium.
You should understand that beneath the surface of all creation is the network of the energy waves that are moving at a great speed without disturbing the form or aesthetics at the surface level. This energy play is conscious of itself and integrates into the infinite energy-consciousness field which is the background of all creation.
This infinite energy-consciousness field is holding the black holes, the churning of the galaxies and the blade of grass in your kitchen garden in absolute balance without disturbing the harmony in the creation. The annihilation and the creation are in absolute harmony and this is Dynamic Equilibrium.
Now, you can very well understand that there are design and purpose in the entire Creation. Therefore, human activities on Earth should be in harmony with nature to maintain the Dynamic Equilibrium in the Creation. 
Of course, your activities on Earth will not cause the collapse of the galaxies, but your wrong understanding of the ‘meaning and purpose of life’ is indeed harming the environment and causing the Earth’s ecosystem to collapse. 
The effects are glaring but you choose to ignore it until you suffer an immense loss in your personal lives. The situation is like a frog in the hot water: you do not feel the heat until it reaches the boiling point.
This has far-reaching implications that go beyond the environmental damage. Planet Earth is your school, your second home, where you have incarnated to work out your karma, learn the lessons and evolve to the higher dimensions. Therefore, it is not just global warming or floods, but you are destroying the very home that you have selected to incarnate to workout your lessons plans. 
Q) Please throw some more light on this.
Shiva) The wrong understanding of the meaning and purpose of life is destroying the very home that you have incarnated; rest is the collateral damage.
Because you live in the matter-paradigm, your understanding of life and the Creation is very narrow: you believe that your life is only for 80 years on planet Earth. As a result, you have based your growth on material greed and competition and you exploit your environment to the hilt to satiate all your material desires in one life.
For example; your faulty vision of growth creates megacities that are causing more problems for the environment than finding solutions to the issues.
Q) How does mindless material growth affect the individual and collective karma and obscure our main agenda in life? 
Shiva) It affects in a major way. However, I will only stick to the hazards of environmental damage on the health of the individuals. The environmental degradation puts your health at tremendous risk; you already have all types of cancers and other deadly diseases that are finding prey in you. This is the instant karma in play: you do not live a healthy life and, therefore, you are infected by the negative energies in the form of diseases. Because you have imbibed these negative energies and now they are part of your energy field, you are prone to diseases in your future lives as well. This is how your karma will come to play in this life and your future lives.
The effect of the environmental degradation on the collective karma comes in the form of massive loss of lives and properties during floods, droughts, famines, earthquakes, and such environmental disasters.
Q) How do we safeguard our karma?
Shiva) You should stay away from the things that cause pollution to your inner environment: your mind and soul. Always avoid loud music, gross entertainment shows on TV and the Internet, etc. Practice healthy eating: preferably vegetarian foods.
For the external environment, stay away from the negative energies of the big city life?
You should understand that, in the majority of cases, life is damaging in the big cities. Therefore, do whatever is required to give yourself and your family a peaceful and healthy life outside the big cities. Try to stay close to nature and live a healthy life; you will save a lot of money from unwarranted medical bills and health insurance premiums.
If you understated that your priorities in life are not to live as a consumer but to live an evolved spiritual life, then your lifestyle will not put any pressure on the environment and you can easily live a healthy and blessed life in simplicity and humility. A simple lifestyle will always fulfill your basic material needs for a successful and meaningful life.
A simple and spiritual life will lessen your karmic burden and will not cause any harm to the environment. This is how you can live in harmony with nature. However, because of your employment, it may not be always possible to move away from city life but you can shift your center of living. Try to move to a location that has a peaceful and green neighborhood; as far as possible, stay close to nature.
Q) By practicing a simple lifestyle, we not only stay focused on our path to spiritual evolution but also save our environment. Will our industries like the idea of a simple and spiritual living?
Shiva) You have created a growth model based on material consumption alone. Therefore, the industries and the politicians will not like the idea of simple living; they need your material desires and city lifestyle to fuel their growth. And, they will exploit Mother Nature to fuel their growth and keep you in the complete darkness of the matter-paradigm.
However, this game will not work anymore. Planet Earth has entered the higher energy-consciousness field. Forces that are detrimental to the environment or work against the spiritual growth of the human species will not survive. However, these changes will happen in due course of time.
As an individual, you should not waste any opportunity to move away from the matter-paradigm and start a spiritual living. The creation of bad karma or evolution to a better life is in your hands. 
As you live the wrong life, you create bad karma. This bad karma creates bad energies that affect you individually and collectively. When the karma comes into play, the good energies replace the bad energies. This is the equilibrium in action: the Dynamic Equilibrium.
The Creator will always maintain the equilibrium in his Creation by the law of karma.
( Dialogue 14)

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