Dialogue 13: The creation is in a grand harmony; do not intervene in the process of creation and cause disequilibrium in nature

Q) The galaxies and stars are born and destroyed when the flowers sway in the monsoon showers on Earth. The sun paints the meadows with light when the cosmic dust settles down to form galaxies, stars, and countless solar systems. How is the creation of such a perfect balance?

Shiva) This is the play of energy-consciousness vibration: the background of all creation. If you could dive into this energy-consciousness field, you will experience the grand Oneness of Everything: The Integrated Wholeness.

It is this energy-consciousness field, the Integrated Wholeness, which manifests the creation in different frequencies of energy-consciousness vibration. Therefore, we all are part of the same energy-consciousness field, which you call as God: the Source of all creation.

The Source holds the creation in all details: the gentle grass in your garden to the creation and annihilation of galaxies and star systems. It is the power of the infinite energy-consciousness field, which holds this entire process of creations-preservation-destruction in a perfect balance by an act of idea alone. 

You should know that the creation is infinitely grand in her beauty and splendor and you cannot fathom this in one dialogue; you need to experience it. What you are observing on Earth is only a physical phenomenon that has many limitations and boundaries. However, when you move to the higher dimensions, the endless beauty of nature will mesmerize you.

The Integrated Wholeness is the principle of the Universe, which holds all the dimensions of the creation in perfect balance and harmony, including planet Earth. If you study the scientific findings, you will understand the oneness of human life and Mother Nature: the Integrated Wholeness of the Creation.

Q) But humans on Earth are causing serious damage to the harmony and balance in the entire ecology. Why does the Source allow this to happen?

Shiva) The Source will not intervene in the freedom of your choice. You have the freedom to evolve in your understanding of life and the creation. All your acts will result in individual and collective lessons for future generations and this is how you evolve. The process is cyclic. You make mistakes; you learn and then grow. In the illusion of time and space, you forget your lessons and repeat the same cycle of making mistakes, learning and then growing.

This cyclic wheel continues until you evolve to come out of the illusion and awake to the grand harmony of the creation; now you are free from all the bondage of birth and death; you have cut the cord of illusion.

However, it will take time to cut the cord: a long time in your scale of evolution. Therefore, have patience and move with the flow of creation.

Q) Does this mean that the innocent citizens will remain as the bystanders to this looting and rampaging our Mother Nature.

Shiva) For the innocent citizens, who feel helpless in the exploitation of Mother Nature, remain steady on your spiritual path. Do not waver from your love for God and Mother Nature.

In the original design of the Creation, nature plays the most important role in your evolution: nature teaches, cares, protects and supports your growth in abundance and joy. Above all, she absorbs the negative energies released by your bad actions and relieves you from bad energies.
But, your greed takes over the main goals of your lives and you forget the importance of Mother Nature and start looting and destroying her. Therefore, the innocent citizens should treat Mother Nature with love and respect and should not cause any harm to her, directly or indirectly, by any act of greed and negligence.

Understand that the engine of material growth, that boasts bigger markets and higher growth rates, are misguided concepts that are responsible for accelerated decay and destruction of Mother Nature. Be warned that you are steady on your course to heavy natural and man-made disasters.

Q) What should we do when the industrialists, governments, and greedy people are exploiting everything to create markets to sell their goods and services? This is seriously damaging the equilibrium that the Source has created. How long will this continue?

Shiva) As I have said, move with the flow as desired by the Creator. When you follow the principles of spiritual living, you are in harmony with nature and, therefore, you do not cause any harm to the equilibrium; you are in the flow as desired by the Creator.

However, when you move away from the true purpose of your life and love to grow only in your material ambitions, then you will fall prey to many vices that will cause your fall. This is how your industrialists, governments, and greedy individuals are causing harm to the equilibrium.

The model of consumption-based-growth is wrong for all practical purposes. The culture of consumerism is destroying not only the natural resources but also ruining your creative and spiritual growth. Such a civilization, that has forgotten the main purpose of life and living, is causing serious damage to the equilibrium of the creation.

As an individual, you have the power to change the goal in your personal life. When you follow spiritual living, your actions will offset the harm caused to the equilibrium. If this gains a little momentum and reaches a critical mass, say 20 percent of the population is living high spiritual life, then it can change the course of earth’s evolution. The structure and motive of the market forces will change for the better. YOU WILL LEARN TO LIVE IN HARMONY WITH NATURE.

Therefore, indeed, the individuals can change the course of Earth’s evolution.

Q) However, most of the Earth’s population is complacent and sleeping with their eyes open. Where are we heading?

Shiva) The way your civilization is moving, you are heading towards a dangerous situation. This will take the shape of physical and natural disasters; this is how nature finds the equilibrium.
Remember that the creation will always find its equilibrium by changing the energies that are causing disharmony to the Integrated Wholeness.

Planet Earth has entered the higher energy-consciousness field. Expect all the lower energies that are causing the disequilibrium to make way for the higher vibrations. Therefore, all the God-centered souls on Earth should move with the flow of the creation and remain steady on their spiritual path. The Creator will manage the show.

(Dialogue 13)

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