Dialogue 12: Change the ‘Vision of Life’ to evolve to the higher dimensions

Q) The central theme of this website is to awaken people from this dream world of the physical dimension and to enter the higher dimensions. Therefore, to repeat the same question, what we should do to wake up to the higher dimensions?
Shiva) Stop watching all the gross entertainment; stop all your obsessions for material success; stop worshiping the Golden Calf. This will be a great paradigm shift in your life. It will shatter many of your conventions and the  modes of engagement with the society and your relationships with your near and dear ones will change.
This is a very challenging task, especially when planet earth is totally under the grip of the lower energy forces. When the successful people, who are in the leadership positions, are obsessed with their material growth and worship the Golden Calf, when humankind is spending most of their time in gross entertainment, then it is truly a difficult time for the majority of mankind to understand their divine-self.
However, those of you who can break the conventions and implement the new paradigm in your lives will be rewarded beyond your imagination. You should know that life in higher dimensions is so unimaginably beautiful, blissful and loving that nothing on earth can compare with that life. Therefore, to evolve into an eternally beautiful and blissful life, you need to get into spiritual actions.
And, I have repeated in almost all my dialogues that unless and until you make God the center of your thoughts words and deeds, you cannot even start your spiritual journey.
Q) We have so much economic depravity, emotional distress and sorrow in our lives that at the end of the day we are unsure about our future and clueless about the purpose and meaning of our lives. What is missing in our lives and how do we get permanent happiness?
Shiva) People on earth are very industrious and intelligent; they have all the leadership qualities to manage people and other resources. However, what is lacking is the right Vision of Life.
When you see life through the prism of 75 years of physical existence on Earth, then your Vision of Life will be very narrow. However, if you understand that life is a series of embodiments in various dimensions across time and space, and you are on planet earth to complete your lessons to prepare for your next life, then your Vision of Life will increase in dimension and scale.
Therefore, in the final analysis, what is missing is the Grand Vision of Life: you are always on a spiritual journey to evolve to the highest dimension of a blissful and eternal life.
Q) What do we need to do to have the Grand Vision of Life?
 Shiva) You need to start your journey with a different meaning and purpose of your life. First, you need to understand that you are living in a lower dimension on planet earth because you have to work out the karma that you have created in your past lives. Therefore, essentially you are here to learn the lessons, redeem your past Karma, and to make very good karma to evolve to the higher dimensions.
When you evolve to the higher dimensions, you will continue your spiritual growth to evolve further until you become one with your Higher-Self and become one with the Creator.
When you make this fundamental knowledge as the backbone of your life then all the facets of your life and living will become harmonious for your spiritual growth. And this will help you in having the Grand Vision of Life.
After you have the Grand Vision of Life, you will find the purpose and meaning of your life-changing; you will move away from your material obsession and make spiritual growth the main purpose of your life so that you can evolve to the highest dimension of the creation.
Q) We make vision based on our understanding of our life and its purpose. And, in both areas, we have wrong perceptions. How do we move from the matter paradigm to the energy-consciousness paradigm?
Shiva) When you see life through the eyes of the physical dimension only, then you are living in the matter-paradigm. You observe birth and death as a physical phenomenon that has an average lifespan of 75 years on earth; beyond the 75 years of earthly life, there is no ‘before and after’.
When you experience the creation only as a physical phenomenon and life as an accidental output of genetic mutation, you are missing the Big Picture. The fallout is the obsession to survive and grow in a material world where physical resources are limited. This breeds competition and war at all levels for the supremacy of material and racial growth.
Therefore, your understanding of life is limited and your vision of life has become narrow because you are looking at life from the matter-paradigm.
On the other hand, in the energy-consciousness paradigm, you see the creation in the grand scale of multi-dimension existence across different time and space zones of the creation. You experience life as a continuation of the journey through various dimensions to evolve to your highest level of existence to become one with your Higher-Self.
Therefore, your vision of life broadens to go much beyond the physical phenomenon of the creation; you learn to see the Big Picture of the meaning and purpose of your life. Instead of competition and jealousy, there is harmony in caring and sharing of the resources for the greatest good of all; there is love, peace and joy and life becomes more meaningful in scale and dimension. You make the journey to Infinite Creation, which is beyond human comprehension.
Now, relate the two paradigms in your life to understand where you stand. If you are in the matter-paradigm, then you need to go a long way to evolve into the next higher dimension. However, if you are comfortable in the energy-consciousness paradigm, then stay away from the material madness and remain steady on your spiritual path. You will see your life evolving to the higher dimensions at a greater pace. The choice is yours!
Q) Many people are living in the energy-consciousness paradigm and living spiritual lives. What is the future of these people?
Shiva) Many people are living a spiritual life and doing their bit to evolve faster than the rest. However, you must understand that the individual has to redeem his karmic debt and complete all his spiritual lessons to evolve to the higher dimensions.
You are on a giant train named ‘evolution’. Some of you will travel very far to evolve to the highest dimensions and most of you will get down at the nearest destinations because of your karmic burden.
Nevertheless, you should not give up and board the train again to move further. Therefore, the fate of the people who are living in energy-consciousness paradigm is very positive because they will reach their highest destination because they are having the Big Picture in their mind and making efforts in the right direction. 
Q) And what is the fate of the people who are living in the matter paradigm?
Shiva) When you look around, you will see that technology and science are driving your life towards the matter paradigm. This is because of your obsessions for material growth that has chained you to the lower dimension on earth.
You are not making any efforts to balance your scientific development with spiritual growth and therefore, do not understand that you are in a very big mess. 
You have neglected your spiritual growth and failed to understand the Big Picture in your life! Therefore, be prepared to harvest the negative karma of your material obsessions in your personal life and social life at large.
My final advice to all the earth citizens: take the actions! 
Read the scriptures and spiritual books; bring back all the traditional family values in your lives.
Practice these values in your personal and professional life for maximum benefit- Patience, Silence, Humility, and Simplicity. Always look through the eyes of compassion and forgiveness. You should have a love for all and be courageous in all your endeavors. Any dishonesty, greed, and jealousy will cause a great burden of negative karma in your lives.
You must practice meditation for a minimum of one hour every day. Above all, make God the center of all your thoughts, words and deeds.
( Dialogue 12)

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